Page 3, 7th July 1939

7th July 1939
Page 3
Page 3, 7th July 1939 — CATHOLIC UNION OF GREAT BRITAIN Prayers for King, B.B.C. Discussed in Annual Report

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CATHOLIC UNION OF GREAT BRITAIN Prayers for King, B.B.C. Discussed in Annual Report

The annual general meeting of the Catholic Union of Great Britain was held in the Hall, 114, Mount Street, London, W.1, on Thursday, June 29, Viscount FitzAlan (President) being in the chair.

" Some concern was felt," the report states, " when, last year, Sir John Reith resigned the post of Director-General of the British Broadcasting Corporation by remarks which appeared in the Press discussing his possible successor. It was stated that ' every position in the B.B.C. is open to a Roman Catholic except the Director-Generalship,' and, further, that this statement had been approved by Sir John Reith himself.

"A correspondent of the Union has made a careful enquiry into the truth of these statements, and has learned, from an authoritative source, that no reason whatever of policy is held to prevent a Catholic being appointed Director-General, and that Sir John Reith on his retirement favoured the appointment to the post of the present Deputy Director-General, who is a Catholic."

PRAYERS FOR THE RING Cardinal Hinsley, Archbishop of Westminster, has given his warm approval to a suggestion made by the Union concerning the prayer for the King sung after Mass on Holidays of Obligation and other special occasions. The report states: " When on a recent ceremonial occasion the National Anthem was sung after Mass in Westminster Cathedral the fact was reported in the Press in a manner which suggested that to pray for the King in a Catholic church was something notable and unusual. On the suggestion of a member of the Union, the Council submitted to the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster, for His Eminence's consideration, a wish that the prayer for the King should be recited in English after every Parish Mass. It is said that cbmparatively few people, when it is being recited in Latin, know that it is a prayer for the King. The hope was also expressed to His Eminence that, if the suggestion met with his approval, he might find it possible to take an opportunity of consulting the Hierarchy, with a view to their Lordships, if they also approve, being pleased to give instructions that the prayer may in future be said in English after the Parish Mass.

" The suggestion had His Eminence's warm approval, and he promised to issue a notice to the Clergy of the Archdiocese at the earliest opportunity. He has also replied that the suggestion would be put before the other members of the Hierarchy of England and Wales."

NOMINATIONS TO COUNCIL The Council has nominated Colonel Thomas B. Trappes-Lomax and Mr Christopher Dawson to fill two " accidental " vacancies on the Council. Apologies for absence were received from the Earl of Kenmare, Admiral Lord Stafford, Colonel J. A. R. Herbert, Sir Michael O'Dwyer, LieutenantColonel R. Chichester-Constable, Colonel Sir John J. Shute, Miss C. FaudelPhillips and Mr Christopher Dawson. Viscount FitzAlan was re-elected President, the annual report was adopted, and other business transacted. Among those present were MajorGeneral Sir Cecil Pereira (VicePresident), the Earl of Iddesleigh, the Viscountess Gormanston, Lord Howard of Glossop, Lieutenant-Colonel the Hon. Richard Preston, Captain the Hon. FitzAlan Howard, Lieutenant General Sir George Macdonogh, Sir James D. Connolly, Colonel Charles J. Vaughan, Mr H. A. Scrope, Mr H. A. Norman and Mr J. S. Franey (Secretary).

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