Page 1, 7th July 1950

7th July 1950
Page 1
Page 1, 7th July 1950 — "PEACE OF PR1SOATS AND CEMETERIES "

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Locations: Stockholm, Moscow, Rome


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TNorth Korean People's Army, -'bound to Moscow," is attempting to bring the peace of prisons and cemeteries" to South Korea, states the Vatican newspaper OsServatore Romano. The article is signed by Federico Alcssandrini, formerly editor of Rome's Catholic Action daily 11 &MalanĀ°, who recently rejoined the Osservatore staff. He also replies to a Moscow radio comment on an Osservatore article exposing the hypocrisy of the Stockholm "peace" campaign against the use of the atom bomb.. " That the voice of Moscow, as it has done before, dares to accuse us of warmongering-and through us the Vatican; that the voice of Moscow dares to speak of an alliance between the Holy See and Fascists before and daring the war, can only be explained as impudence," it says. ',Moscow lies. and if it did not lie it could not serve its .

masters. .

"We. too, are against an atomic war, But in this struggle against the spirit of violence and destruction we cannot link ourselves to Communism. Its practices and doctrines do not permit that."

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