Page 2, 7th July 1950

7th July 1950
Page 2
Page 2, 7th July 1950 — SWEDEN AND CATHOLICS

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Locations: Moscow, London, Stockholm


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Site-Your article on June 23, "Sweden keeps harsh laws," does indeed make sorry reading. Instead of Stockholm, you might have been writing of Moscow for all the difference it makes. Technique, more or less.

Until Sweden has heard or the Freedom of Conscience. the Freedom of Religion, she should be cordially invited to stay out of the United Nations. It is now 1950, and about lime she quit grinding down our Swedish fellow Catholics. I.ike the rekt of us, they wouldn't happen to be the greatest opponents on earth to Communism'?

There is apparently full freedom to mass red flags, and stage badlyacted twaddle, so-called pageantry, alfresco, in Skansen's arena. But 17,000 Catholics in a population of 7 millions do seem to bother the governing folk quite a bit, as if they constituted a catching disease, to be guarded against, and stamped out if at all possible. Let Sweden pack up this humbugging once and for all, and let the world see a bit of that for which it hungers. Fair Play. Those responsible for the Government Report might like to bear in mind that their own ancestors went to Mass in Stockholm's Riddarholmskyrkan, now the Pantheon. or the Storkyrkan. the Head Church and oldest in Stockholm, or one of the very many Catholic Churches in the country. until King Gustav Vasa got cracking. Then the people got that for which they did not ask.

If those in authority have time to spare, I should have thought they would busy themselves in getting the people to go back into their Lutheran Churches. rather than spend that time in bothering about a mere handful of Catholics, widely scattered at that. What fuss about a body so small!

As Herr V. Hammarling. Press Counsellor of the Swedish Embassy here in London wrote in your issue of Jan 20, 1950, everything in the garden is lovely. Just listen; " To pretend that the Catholics in Sweden live under any sort of oppression really is no use." We are not all Joe Muggins here in the British Isles, and elsewhere for that matter. But the Swedish Press Counsellor will have to " tell that to His Majesty's Marines." I'm afraid.


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