Page 2, 7th July 1961

7th July 1961
Page 2
Page 2, 7th July 1961 — A Schools Enquiry?

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Locations: Southport, Oxford


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A Schools Enquiry?

SIR,-I am amazed to find that a person signing himself 'Retired Simmarian' can ask: "Is it too much to hope for an authoritative statement on the policy that managers should apply (in the matter of appointments)?". and can suggest that: "it is not really useful for every Catholic teacher with a grievance to make it known to the Catholic Teachers' Federation."

On the first point 1. refer him to the Catholic Teachers' Journal, Volume II, No. 5, pp. 21/22 (Sept. 1959) for a full policy statement by the Hierarchy on this very point. He may obtain separate copies from the General Secretary of the Catholic Teachers' Federation. For further information of the whole aspect of this very complex problem, I would refer him to the Agenda of the Annual Conference of the CTF, 1960, at Southport, especially to le Ad hoc Committee Report oT the "drift" of Catholic teachers into non-Catholic schools.

On the second point, I knowas do many others-how fashionable it is in certain quarters to make a whipping-boy of the Catholic Teachers' Federation. Grievances, however, are always usefully brought to light, and the Federation has the right wavelength on which to beam them.

As to the advisability of forming "a national commission of enquiry", that is a very moot point. It may be of interest to "Retired Simmarian" to learn that such an issue has frequently been discussed within Federation cireles, only to be deemed "unwise".

L. P. B. StIven

19 Highfield Avenue, Headington, Oxford.

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