Page 2, 7th July 1961

7th July 1961
Page 2
Page 2, 7th July 1961 — Teachers Federation Problems

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Teachers Federation Problems

SIR,-Your correspondent of last week, veiled in the anonymity of "Catholic Head". chose to make a vague and generalised attack on the Catholic Teachers Federation, stating it had not been his experience that referring one's difficulties to the Federation hears much fruit.

I would challenge him to write to me and give me the actual dates and occasions on which he has referred to the C.T.E. and wherein we have failed.

Obviously this cannot be a correspondence conducted through your pages but I suggest that as the charge was made therein this challenge should also appear to offset some of the possible harm done to the C.T.F. by this uncalled for attack.

I would add that as far as the officials of the Federation are concerned every possible help is given to people with problems but often the advice given is not the one blissfully expected.

A wide experience of "problems" has made us a little more realistic than the people with the problems and advice is given with the intention of being really helpful and not merely to pander to wishful thinking. It is the fate of most advisers to be ignored.

I feel that "Catholic Head" may be yet another of those who thought to get the advice he hoped for and received instead something different and, therefore. in his opinion fruitless. If he accepts my challenge I shall be interested to see if I am right. Or is it possible he has never referred his "problem" to us?

Some weeks ago another attack was made on us by another anonymous writer "Retired Simmarian". but as I made a personal guess as to the identity of the writer from the tone of hi% remarks. I did not bother to write to you. knowing full well that I gave this gentleman very lengthy and careful consideration through several letters.

I know I did not satisfy him but it is doubtful if Solomon himself would have fared better.

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