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7th July 2006
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Page 14, 7th July 2006 — BISHOPS' DIARIES

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July 9 to July 15

Cardinal C Murphy-04Cormor (West m i n. story Sun: C'elchnitcs Mass for 1910 Aunts ersary Our I ady. Immaculate. Chinch. 1 I .15. Limehearat Mon: Interviews and Engage merits Tue. Interviews and Engatements. Wed: VAIN St lkiminie's Si Nth Form College. 230pm. Hamm. Thu: Celebrates Mass for the Centenary of St Josephs nod English Martyrs Church , 730pm. Bishop's Stratford Fri Meets ss ith Archbishop's Counci1.930am.Arch. bishop's House: Meets Jesuit Ordinunds. 4311pm. Kai: Attends Festival of Open the Tasirs, Arlen ton, Westminster Cathedral: Celebrates Muss for 'timer Hamlets Deanery l'or Open the Doors Festival, pm. St Anne's, I Inderwocal Ittud Archbishop V Nichob (Birmingham): Sun; 1 lam Mass. Si Maria Gonad. Rueknuil Tee: Copm nag. London. Wed, 1 230por Lunch vs ith prietas.Archhishop's HVLISC. 7pm C'onfirmations. f't rpm Chriau,Wolvethampon. Thu. 103(1wm Chicon Trustees wig; 320pm Min. rule Council mtg, 7.30pm Mass, Bishop Walsh school, Sutton Cddtield. Fri: 930am Archbishop's Council wag. 2pm On the Way 10 life ring. Archhishop's House; 7pm t iniverskyof llirminghun degree congregation di nner..Sat. (iptil Mass, St Nicholas's, Botdmere find presentation of Papal Honour. Archbishop P Kelly t 1.iverpool): Sun: Mass Of , thanksgiving fur the (..itilden Jubilee of Fr 1 au rence Wylie, St Ostmdd,Coppull 1030am. Mon: Bishops' dm of recollection. Leeds. Toe Clergy interviews.Archtishop's House 930am: Clergy intcreiews.Archbishop's House 2pm; Mass of thanksgiving far the Silver Jubilee of Fr John Bradley, Si Anne, Freshfield 7pm. Wed: Archbishop's Council .Liverpoui Arcludiumson Centre for Evangelisation 10.15am. Thu. V Nugeni Care Establishments: Remotion for Metropolitan Cathedral Stuff: Archbishop's House 4pm; Opening of now Cafcd office. Liverpool 7pm. Fri: flerg} imerviews: Archbishop's House 930am; Clergy interviews Archbishop's House 2prn. Sat Permanent diaoonate interviews: Archbishop's House am. Archbhthop K McDonald (Suuthvouic): Sun: confirmutiom, St Ethel ben's, moss* 1230pm. Mon: Archbishop's Council.Archbishop's House 4pm.Tue; Mo.Artithistav's House; Wald' ngbani Seekers' Mtg pm. Wed: On-going-formadon-Aylesford 1030-3pm. Thu: Mtg at ArchNshop's HMV, Wcsiminster lam. Sat: Permunent diaconate interviews. An.-hhishup's HOUSC 10i1I11.

Bishop K Corry (Arundel & Brighton): Sun: ()pen Air Mass at St Wilfrid's Primary School. Burgess Hill; Ordination to the Permanent 1)iaconate of Gerard Irwin at Si Paul's. Haywards Heath. Mon; Rented Clergy Lunch. Tue: Dictutnan Trustees' Messing Wed; Visits St Edmund's Catholic Primary, ( iockdrning; Meets with 'Under. es' Clingy. 1 he: C'elebrutes Mato fur St Wilfritl's School at The Friary, Crawley. fii: Visits Sr firegory's School. Tombridge Wells; Silver Jubilee Mass for Fr Willitun Drivem

Bishop D McGoup,h (Wham aux ile 12pm Meeting with church leaders, Crewe. Wed 2pm V St Anne's primary school , Stafford; 7pm ( onfirmutrons. St Anne's Sodford.Thu: 1030um ()sou trustees' mig. 7pm Confimattions, English Martyrs, Illackheath. I 930am .Archhishop's f'ouncil mtg: 2.15pm V St Mary's primary school , Wolter hampton; 7prn Confirmations, f)ur Lady of Perpetual Succour. Wolverhampton. Sat 12pm Ordination to 11w diaconate: Brother Paul ('ole. roan . i reyfri res. Oxford.

Atrium P Parader ( fl' ham aux11): Mon: LOW, des (mottle Mtg. Cathedral 730pm. Tue. V school , Walmley; 71n11 Confirmarions. Wain). Icy. Wed: 2pm V school. Coleshill: 7pm Confirmations, Coleshi II .1 Mc 1030urn Oscou trustees' nag: 3 .45pm Maryvale Council Mtg.. Fri: 930am Archbishop's Canal mtg. Sat: 12pm Ordinauon tu Cr' primthood Peter Melon, St Austin's, Stafford.

Bishop T McMahon (Brentwood): Sun: Pastoral Visitation & Cnnnlimwlien,Barhing side. Tue: Masi ngsfl mervimvs,Cathedral I-louse; Mass for Priest's Si I ser Jubilee, Loughton 7pm. Wo.L. Visitation & Confirmation, St I ake & Holy Com, Harlow. Thu.: Celebrates Mass, Golden Jubilee of St Joseph's School . Canvey Island. hri; 'onfi muttons, St John's School . (hip, el I . 2pm

Bishop D Lang (Clifton): Tire: 730pm Confirmotion, St Peter's. Cirenoester Sat: 11 30 imo. Onlai ns Jonathan Ager and Dominici Bocci to the Pemoneni IXaconate, Clifton Cuthednd , Bristol.

Bishop M Evans (Eau Angliai7 Mon: Cathedral trustees mtg ul Poringlimd 2pm; Confirmations a St lvm 730prn. Wed Leavers Muss at St John's First School .nonvich frpm. Thu: Diocesan council of priests mtg at Poringland 11 am; Chancellor's dinner ut Llniversity of East Anglia 8pm. Fri. Diocesan youth service support group mtg 7pm. Sat: Mass at St John's Ca*.tral with prmentation of clioceaut mrtifi • cares I I run; Confirmations at Clare 5pm.

5.Bishop Rawstborne (Hallam): Sun: St Theresa's, Sheffield I lam; litter-diocesan pilgrimage to Padley 3pm. Men:Ftillorks'mtg, Leeds 1045arn; Confirmation St Mary's High Green 730pm.lue: Meeting of Dams. pastoral mar I lam; Conflorurtion. Si Mary Magdalene, Maids} 730pm. Wed: Mth. Children's Hospital 1230pm; C'omminee for Mission and Unity. pastern' centre 2.15pm; Diocesan justice and p:ace messing. pa.storal centre 7pm. Tier Confirmation. St Patrick's. Harsoxth Brous 7prn Sut: Meeting of deacons, Conley I030am; Mass, Ramptun Hospital 2pm; V. Si Vincent's, Sheffield 6prn.

Bishop P O'Donoghue (Lautacier): Suit Confirmation. St John the livangelist. Kirkham, 1030am. Mon: Bishops' meeting. Leeds. Fur. Diesesmi frusioes' meeting .6pm. Thu: Good Shepherd lksy for Primary Schools, Cathedra/ , lOarn. Mom for Ill Klima! Reuther, St Winefricle's Bispham, 7pm . Fri r flood Shepherd Day for Secondary Schools, Lancaster I Inivemity, 10am. Stephenson Trust. 5. Pastond ('entn:. 2pin.

Bishop A Roche mils): Sun: Diocesan pilgrimage to Loonies. Mon: 1030am Northern Bishop:* mtg. Bishop's House. Tue. 10am Rani of GOV ernors mm,Trinity and All Saints, Horsforth: 7pm Fr Johnisimmun's Anniversur) Masts. St A c;ceph's. maned. Bishop V Malone (1:pool autili: Sun; V St Joseph .Andenon. Mon: Bishops' day of recollection. Lads. Tee; ant V St Mary '5 RC primary schtn1.(horley; pm V St Joseph's RC primary school.Andcrton.Wcd: 10.15 am Archbishop's Council. (is erpoul Archdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation; 730pm Confirmation St Joseph, Wrightington. Thu: Celebrates Mass on the closure or Our Lady of Site ROW!? RC primary school. Leigh 730pm. Sat. Liverpool LIM, ersity Convocation and friends Ws: Liverpool 10 30am: V Mass St Mary Chorley 630pm. Bishop T Williams frpool twang Sun: V Our I ad} Star tit' the Sea. Seaforth. MUCI: 131}111.41ti di]) rf recollection. LeeJs. fee: Litheritual Deanery CleroMIg. Our lady Queen nt Peace, iltherland I miii w Clergy Whitothapel Ceram. Liverpool 9ant; ArchNshops Council. LACE 10.15am.Thu. Cuntii. notion rot Our Lady of Sorrows and St Philomena's parishes, St Phithmenaliverpool 7.30pm. Fri: V Cafral Cane, I iverpool 2prn. Bishop I CrowleY (Mickliethrough). Sari SprinebtranLArriplefottla. Mon: Meets with northern bishops, Hinsley HALL:Ws tunipm; Attends Middlesbrough Interfaith Forum 7pm. 'rue: Mats tO Celebrate nelv school of St Benedict Rialcar 1030ate, Celebrates Confirmation. Our lady of Loonies, Resale 7pm. Wed: Pastoral visit to Si Patrick's primary school. Thornaby am; Attends reception for retiring head, Christ the King primary school .1homaby 7ren. Thu: Diocesan Innerbpard 10311am. Fri • Bishop's Council. Bishop's House amipm. Bishop P Doyle (Nonhamptony Sun 1 prn Farewell Mass for the Bernath nes, S longh. l'ue: 1 1 Morn Pastoral Stnnegy intim, Coffee [tali. hthon Keynes. %xi, 1030tm InterDeanery ?vtoeting. Luton and lloafon.1 1 /caneries, Holy; Ghost, Lutist; 730pm . Confirmation:St Edivanfs.Kettering.11ua: 10.30am inos-Dearrery Meeting.11igh Wycombe and Slough Deaneries, Gerrards Cioss; 730pm Conti rmatatti. Our Inch's. Great Billing. Fri:1230pm Deallt1) Lunch to celebrate 60th Aimiversary of Onlination of Fr Jerry Jordan SCJ,Saensl Heart Westin Fav ell, Nortlammton; 730,m 'onfirmatit se St

Gm ;'s, Northampton. hut. 10 Otkve. Meet. iris kepresentritives of the Sahomas it Becket Founekthon,langley.

Bishop IVI McMahon N■ n &WI I; Still: CrICbrateS Mans for the Golden Jo hi of the parish of St Penick and St George. si P ;.■ Forest Town, 12 MUM Mon; Confin,,,, Mary 's. Brigg 7pm. Tue: Celebrate, Ma, t., matt the 20th anniversary. of St Benedict's school Assembly Rooms, Derby 1pm. Wed Trustees meeting, Willson House I lam. Thu: Celebrates M at Bishop Ellis primary school. Leicester 1 0.30tim ; Attend,: awards eveni ng , St Bede's. school, Scunthorpe 7pm. Fri: Bishops' Reference (ameo, Archbishop's House , Birmingham 2pm. Bishop C Hollis (Portsmouth); Sun St lliornas of Catarrhal), Cotves.Isle of Wight • Parish Visitation: ClIfam, Bishops' Meeting pm. Mom Clifton, Bishops' Meeting um-. St. John's Convent. Kiln Green , %Amt.% (lathed ne Tle:Corpus Christi, Weld ngham. Conti on; 700 pm. Wed Winchester hnplemeraini Steeling Group Meeting 2_10 pm; Salisbury Cathedral -Service of Thanksgiving to mut the Retirement of Fr T Stuckey 730 pm,Thu. Bishop's House, Ptiil.smonth DiOeffettli TreSteCE/Fillallee Meeting am; Bishop's House. Portsmouth Clew RetirementFund Meeting pri. S.rerest Hem. Waterleswille, Confirmation or I tar* Deanery 730 pm Sat: St Edmund. tudiamptun -Ordination of Kevin Holies to the priesthood 1 I 00 am.

Bishop T Brain (Salford): Sun; Ordination to the Priesthood of William Hole). Christ the King.Newton Heath 1 1 arn. Mon: Northern Bishops' Meeting, 111 nsley Hidl.Lecth 1 0_30um: Luc. Caritas Social Action AGM, Icindon 12 noon. Wed: CCM Meeting. London 1 I am.Thu: GMCF Presidents' Meeting L0.00um; Meeting of Hospital Chaplains. Woolley Hall 7,3ft1an, Pri vaie appea n Iments,Wardley Hall. Sae Ordination to tlit. Priesthood of Monough O'Bricii, tmnn,nnnti,nn Angels, Run 2prn.

Bishop B Noble (Sluewsbury ): No engagement, Bishop P Hendricks 1SW ark Ansi!). St inCordirmaticos, Ham 3pm Mom Finance Mtg C'athedral I lam; Archbishop's COuntil . Antbishop's HUUSC 4pm. Thu !Nig regal-cling the neocatechumenate, Westminster I lam. Mahon J Hine (S'svark Audit): Mon: Archbishop's CO(U)Ltil mtg. Sltutliwark 4pm. Tue. Attends St Mary 's Abate} West Mailing fore celehration Orl the solcmniry of St Benedict 1 lurn. 1-ri: Attends mtg of Catholic schools of Tunbridge Wells area at St Gregory 's ancon; Concelebrates Mass at Cimvesend for Fr lee Smith's 400 anniversary of (intimation 7pin. Sat: Ordination to the priesthocd of Defrost Pachard Hearne at Sr Laurence of Canterbury, Sidcup Moon.

Bishop PLynch (S'wark Aux dr Sun: pilgrim.. age to Aylesford; Celebrating gilts with people with disabilities. Mon: Archbishop's Council, Archbishop's House 4pm. Tee: In Ireland until July 28.

iah7A Hops (W' mi aster Altai!): Sun: 2 noononfirmton,

St Plus X, St Charles Square: 5.00 pm ("carman on. St James', Twickentaun. Mote Engagements Archbi shop's House; 430 pm. Visit to the SIRICIR of the Resurrection, beling.Tue: 1030 am. attends Hillingdon Winery meeting. South Ruislip; pm engagements Archbishop's I louse:Mu: F.ngagements Archbishop's Holm. Hi: Archbishop's Council ineering,Ardthishors House um; pro engagements Archbishop's Ili tare; 731i pm Confirmations Our Lady. and St Cluistooiler. Cranford. hut 7pn celebrates Mass at Our Lady of Kiln L Carmel , Enfield. Bishop T Burns (Forces): Sun: Ann* Naval Mass Portsmouth Baptism. Mon: Meeting Clifton. Tue. 1 pm Notre Dame de Howe Meeting 1 richlon Wed:Army Chaplains Conference Talk and Mass, Amport. Thu; Prize Giving St Christopher's School Staverton. Fri-Sat: Visit Plymouth including Apostleship of the Sea Port Chaplain.

WAIFS Archbishop P Smith (Cardiff): Sun: Archdiocese of Cardiff family day at St Joseph's High School, Newport I lam. Mon: C'onfernil of Caitiff University Himorary Fellowship in St David's IL111 , Cardiff 430pm. Tic: Day el nxoficction Anglican Sudety of the Holy Cross. Wed: Anlidioeme of CmdiffTrustem Meeting in Archbishop's House I Wm; b:avets Mass in Archbishop McGrath High School, Tondo, Bridgend 7pm. Thu Council of priests meeting in the pastoral resources centre, Cardiff I lam. hi: Leavers Mass, Year Six. in St Joseph's High School, Newport 9 3flam. Sat: Annual Mass for St David's C'hildren Socret} in Nacareth House, (:unliff 2pm.

flbstop E Regan (Wrexham): Sun Diocesan

Family Duy,Pumasuph. Buckley Jubilee WoJ.. Chapter Mass and meeting Thir4-6pin lOmpunions for Change' I Jandrindod Wells Fri: 2pm On the Way to Life' Reference (Mop, Birminghtun. Sat:Visitation ArnbcchfBenIkch, KC3 M-Mass l'-Contionation V-Visitation 0-Ordination Mtg-Meeting Sch-School Fs Leumenical Service.

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