Page 1, 7th June 1940

7th June 1940
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Page 1, 7th June 1940 — Portugal Begins Celebration of 800 Years' History

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Organisations: Congress, National Assembly
Locations: Venice, Lisbon, Rome


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Portugal Begins Celebration of 800 Years' History

From a Special Correspondent The Duke of Kent is to represent the King at the Congress of the Portuguese World which is to be held next month at Lisbon in connection with the celebrations of the eight hundredth anniversary of the founding of the Portuguese State.

On Wednesday the Archbishop of Braga, titular Primate of Portugal, Mgr. Martius Junior, celebrated High Mass, in the presence of the Cardinal Patriarch of Lisbon outside the walls of the keep of the old Portuguese capital, Guimaraes. The six months of celebration which are to mark the 800th anniversary of the founding of Portugal and the 300th anniversary of the restoration of her independence, began on June 2. The bells were rung in all the churches of the land and of the empire. The Papal Bull that recognised the Portuguese kingdom in 1140 was read and the Te Deans was sung. In Lisbon Cathedral President Carmona, Dr. Salazar, the Ministers of State, and the foreign diplomatic representatives attended a Mass celebrated by the Patriarch of Lisbon, Cardinal Goncalves Cerejeira, who entered the cathedral between ostrich fans, while a soldier in chainarmour held aloft the reputed sword of Affonso Henriques, the founder of the kingdom. After Mass there was a ceremonial meeting of the National Assembly, and simultaneously solemn sessions were held by every town council of the country. The day was also marked by bull fights conducted in the Portuguese bloodless manner. On Wednesday Mgr. Martius Junior, in the presence of Cardinal Cerejeira, sang High Mass in Guimaraes, the old national capital, where the President hoisted the flag of Affonso Henriques on the keep of the castle. The pontiflest

blessing was given to the immense crowd after the Mass.

Mgr. Junior, whose see of Braga dates back to 350, enjoys the title of Primate of Portugal. The see of Lisbon, which was made into a Patriarchate in 1716, at first depended on Braga. Rome, Venice and Lisbon are the only patriarchal sees in Europe.

The full celebrations of the anniversary will be marked in various ways by `he re-enacting of the medieval history of Portugal, by the entertaining of visitors from all parts of the " Portuguese World," and by local festivals; ending with particular celebration of Portugal's Baroque glories of the Braganza period.

(See Leader, Page 4)

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