Page 4, 7th June 1946

7th June 1946
Page 4
Page 4, 7th June 1946 — A LAYMAN'S PULPIT

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"Three is .Company"

THERE is a type of person which, though inconspicuous, is essential for the establishment of social relations. Somehow, people who otherwise would be unable to get into living contact with each other, if an individual of this type be present, experience no difficulty. Such an individual might be described as the atmospheric medium through which they are able to communicate with each other. We say: I always get on better with X if Y is present." This is a case where " three is company " and two mean isolation. A homely analogy. perhaps, but one which perhaps may help us to understand the function exercised by the Holy Spirit in promoting intercourse between God. and man. It was" not enough that God should create us and send His Son to redeem us. It was not enough that the Son should become incarnate, should dic and rise again. If that had been all, we should be still cut off from the Source of life and sanctification. In the midst of plenty, we should starve. That is what happens when, as may frequently occur, even in Iffe presence of the Blessed Sacrament, we

remain enresponsive, dead. That is what happens, too, when the Truth is set forth with learning and eloquence hut leaves us cold; we appreciate the reasoning and admire the speaker's ability as expounder and advocate yet, nevertheless, in our deepest self, remain unconvinced. All the riches of Revelation and all the resources of the Church's sacramental ministry may fail to relieve our isolation and our desolation.

" He shall not speak of Himself' said Christ, referring to the Paraclete Whom He was to send. The selfless inconspicuousness of the Holy Spirit must not deceive us. In fact. seeing that the Kingdom of God is, even now, in our midst, that the work of our Redemption has been already accomplished, and the Church furnished with all that is necessary, it is to Him that more especially we must look. If we are deceived on this point and consequently find that our membership of the Mystical Body yields no fruit, we shall be tempted to look elsewhere, after the manner of our unhappy generation. To say. while neglecting, the Holy Spirit, that " Christianity has failed " is to show complete ignorance as to the condition of its success.


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