Page 8, 7th June 1985

7th June 1985
Page 8
Page 8, 7th June 1985 — BISHOPS ENGAG ENTS

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Organisations: SI Bonitace's College, Committee for Ministerial Formation, Finance Committee, Archbishop's Council, Catholic Guild, Standing Committee, Uphollanil Northern Institute, Art Architecture Committee, Bishop's Council, C. St Thornaa Morns Church, Regional Broadcasting Council, Secondary Headteachere SI Theresa's School, Diocesan Pastoral Council, Sacred Heart Church, C. St Alban's Junior School, Kendal, Si Charles Senate, G. St Thomas Moro Church, Sixth Form College, Willed Reform Church, Social Welfare Committee, Pastoral Action Management Committee, St Mary's College, Hens & Beds Ecumenical Committee, Head Primary School, Millanve Centre, Mission's Garden PartY, Ecumenical Service, Diocesan Finance Committee, Upholland Northern Institute, SI Mary's College, Catholic Children's Society, Schools' Commission, Service of Thanksgiving Bishop Sheppard, Upholland Standing Committee, University Chaplaincy Fund, Catholic Scout Advisory Council In Birmingham, ChIrst Church, Churches Consortium On Industrial Mission, Pax Christi International Council


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0Ordolation. M e Masi, CConfirmation, V= Visloadon.

Cerollnal HIM*, Arelibishop of wosteansloi elandey-Friday: Priests Retreat London Caaney Arehbishop Come de Murano of Birmingham Sunday: V & C Warndon worcester 'Tuesday: C Our Lady 6 SI Hugh, Wilney, 7pm Friday: M for 150th nnlyersary of Sacred Heart Fathers. Droltwich. 7pm Saturday: V IS C Arshblehop Ward of Nadal Sunday: Corpus Christi Procession, and M, Cardiff National Stadium Teesday: C. St Patrick's. Newport, pm Wednesday: C. St Alban's Junior School, Carrell, 7.30pm Theratay: Final Profession Poor Clams Convent. Meath, 11.30arn. folday: M ol Thanksgiving 15015 Anniversary of Arrival ol Rownimans In Archdiocese Sr Paler s. 'loath, Cardiff 7.30pm. Saturday: Opening of 25th Anniversary Event. Welsh National Catholic Junior Schools Athletes Championship Tall Vale Park. Tratorest 12 noon.

Archbishop Warlock of Liverpool Money: Silver Jubilee M for Fr 30M1 Thompson. SI Francis de Sales. Walton 1.30pm Tuesday: Governing Body Meeting, Upholland. 12 noon Evening Lecture, Upholland Northern Institute. 8pm wedresdayi Archbishop's Council Meeting, Curial ()dices, 10810 Service of Thanksgiving Bishop Sheppard's 10 Years In Liverpool Anglican Cathedral Friday: Preseal Deanery Clingy, Arshbishop's Moues. 12.30pm, Fr Willacy's 511001 Jubilee. SI Theresa's Sutton Manor 7 30pm Saturday: ralk in Malcolm Sisters. Notre Dame Ecciesion, 2 15pm B ishop Alexander of Clifton Sunday: V SI Joseph's, Wroughton. Preaches at all M Tuesday: Father Francis Meagan's Golden Jubilee Celebrations at St Teresa's, Cm sloe ID noon. C at SI John Fisher. Wellington, 7.3Cprn. Walneadey: Art Architecture Committee Meeting. London. Thursday: C at Si Michael's. Tabery. 7.30pm. Friday: Vitale. Clifton Students at Campton House. Crawley Dedicates New Alla, at Sacred Heart Parish. Westburyon.Trym At:ands Parish Diane!, 6 30tn. Saturday: Hospital Nurses League Reunion Odslock 11.45am M for meeting of Sisters 01 Zion, Ammerdown, 6pm.

B ishop Brewer of Lancaster Sunday: M, AGM St Vincent de Paul Society, Kendal. 2.30pm Monday Preaides at Medial; ol Committee for Ministerial Formation, Westminster. 2pm. Tusaday, Meeting of Standing Committee. Upholland t2 noon Presides and preaches at BI.Centenary Celebrations, SS Thomas & Elizabeth. Thurnharn. 7.30pm Wednesday: Presides at Cathedral Chaplet M I lam. Preades at Annual M tor Diocesan Housekeepers. Cathedra, 2.30pm. Presides at Centenary M. St Patrick's Barrow, 6.30pm. Thurater Meeting of Department of Chrtstian Doctrine 4 Formation, London, 11am Saturday: Mission's Garden PartY, Carlisle. 2Pol Bishop Burke, Auelliary for Salford SunrayMandel: V. M Our Lady 8 SI Benedica, Kemal. II 30am Tuesday: Upholland Standing Committee Meeting, 12 noon. Wednesday: Concelebrated M, SI Thomas of Canterbury Hr Broughton, 7.30pm. &ahem Clerk of Rest Angus Sunday: In Dublin, All H allows, ordains David Finnegan Monday: Returns from Dublin Saturday: Starlet V al Wondbrldee. Bishop Emery of Portsmouth Sunray: St Columba. Bridgenery Parish V & C Tuesday: Immaculate Conception. Portsamod C M, Iran, Thursday: London Meeting or the Dept of Cleo/Can Education and Formation. 11.15301 Bishop's House, Portamouth Religious Prmsts Working in the Diocese Gel-Together. 7.15pm Friday: Sr Michael's, Talley C. M Torn. Saturday: St John's Cathedral. Portsmouth Altar Servers Rally.

Bahop Bray of Shrewsbury Sunday: M. St Luke's Frodsham, 11am Conducts civic service to mark commencement in office of Chairman of Vale Royal District Cored! 3pm M for KSC, SI Gralumbes, Chester. 6 15pm Monday: Meets Diocesar, Vocations Directors. St Wilfrid... Norlhwich. 11am Tuesday: PA to mark Silver Jubilee ol Fr John Nolan. St Mary's Home. Moshan, Manchester Wednesday: Meets personnel of Radio Shrophlre, Prince Raped Hotel, Shrewsbury. 12 noon Confers C, SI Chad's. Cheadle, 7 30pm. Thursday: Bishop's Council Meeting. Curial Offices 11 am. Blesset and opens new Senile Homes, Rodney Street, Birkenhead. 2.30pm Diocesan Rescue Socials, Meeting, St Joseph's, Melee& 6.30pm, Friday: Blesses St Hugh's, Millanve Centre, 2 Park Road South, Birkenhead 12 30pm. Confers C. St Theresa's Wilmslow. 7.30pm Salurdey: Centers C, SI Joseph's_ Stockport 12 noon

Blasop camarelft, Auxiliary lot Wesmanste Sunday: M al Me Sick, Cathedral, 12 noon. lipeoday lower Hamlets deanery social evennig, Underwood Road. eprn Wednesday: C, Clapton Park, 7.30pm.

▪ huNdayssateday: Pax Christi International Council, Bruges_ C Haverslock. Spin.

Bishop Hannigan of Mama Sunday-Monday: V & C, Tenby. Tuesday: Silver Jubilee Celebration ol Fr Toole, Old Colwyn, N. pm Thursday: Department or Christian Doctrine arid Formation, London. 11.15am Seturdey: Golden Jubilee M. Holy Family Sisters, Wrexham, 3pm Start of V to Colwyn Bay. pm. Bishop Harris of Middlesbrough Sundry: C, SS Mary & Joseph. Bedale. 10 30am. M. Sr Columba s, Masher,. (Presides 8 Preaches). gam Ternary: Meeting. Uphollanil Northern Institute. Wednesday: C. St Thornaa Morns Church, Middlesbrough. 1pm. Friday: Sever Jubiree Celebrations of Fr D Hynes and Fr P Ryan. St Mary's Cathedral. Middlesbrough M. 30pm,

Bleep Haney, Auxiliary for Westminster Sunday: C, The Five Precious Wound, Slonebridge. 10am C, English Martyrs Wembley Park eorn Tuesday: Harrow Deanery Meeting, tram. C. Sacred Head 8 Mary Immaculate, Mill Hill. 730pm. Wednesday: SI Dominic's Sixth Form College. Harrowoethe-Hill, Caro Friday M. Sacred Head Primary School. Whetstone, e_30arn Meeting, Social Weller, Committee of Bishop's Conference, 6.300m Saturday. Social Welfare Committee. C, St Freels de Sales. Tottenham 7pm Bishop Nendereon, Auxinary for Southwark Sunday: V, Stockwell 9are7pm M 8 G Stockwell, liaam Monday: Diocesan Finance Committee, 11am, V. Stockwell. 1 15-9 :wpm. Tuesday: Meets recently Confirmed West Norwood. Spits Wednesday: PA of Thanksgiving for Silver Jubilee of Priesthood. Lee.

7 30pm. Thursday: Meeting with Secondary Headteachere SI Theresa's School, 10am. Celebrates :A ler the Catholic Guild ref Ilse GIG, 6pm, Saturday: Careen*, Association Presence No 7 Banquet, Maidstone.

Bishop Bakst Auellany for Southwark Sunday: V Sheemens pariah.: Monday: Training day for priests West Melling, 11am. Tuesday: Meeting 01 Churches Consortium On Industrial Mission, 11 30am C in Canterbury Oath, 7.30pm Wednersdsy: Schools' Commission Meeting al Springfield, Maidstone 2 30pm. C at Maidstone, Brim. Saimaa: V Canterbury parish Benediction and sermon al UCM Pilgrimage. Ayiesford 3pm.

'Whop Kelly of Sakai Sunday: V & C, St Whitelteld Monday: V Engle?, Collects, Valladolid, Spells B ishop KOpelenl, Auxillay Mr Weserranstrx Sunday C,Stephendale Road, I tam. Monday: Justice and Peace Group Meeting, Si Charles Senate. 6pm Tuesday: Deanery Meeting. Farm Street, Ilan London University Chaplaincy, 6.30pm. Thursday: Meeting Department of GI-Malan Doctrine and Formation, Eccleslon Square, 11am. M. Sacred Heel Convent. North Kensington. 6.30pm Saturday: Study Den, Social and Pastoral Action, Cardinal Manning School C. Marla Assumpta 6pm.

B ishop Ladle y of Hostem & Noterealle Sunday: V 8 C St Anne's, Gareahead. 3.30Pen. Tweedier: Meeting of Churches Regional Broadcasting Council.

• Durham, 7.30pm Wednesday: FinanCe Committee Bishops HOLM°. Newcastle. 2.30pm. Itaredisy Centenary M. Our Lady Pt SI Columba* Wellsenel, 730pm. Friday: North East Ecumenical Group, Meeting, The Bishop of Newcastle's House 11am Bishop McMahon of Ekentweed Sunday: M & C. Our Lady of Mount Cannel, Stock, 9.30am Tuesday: Interviews applicants for the priesthood. Cathedral

• House, 10.30am. Wednesday: Conceiebrattra Silver Jubilee M. Ceram Christi, Collin Row, 7.30pm.. TIsuraday: Council ca Priests Meeting, Cathedral House. 230pm. re & G. St Thomas Moro Church, 'Harlow, 7.30pm. Felder Addresaet Trinity Methodist Church Group. Chelmsford /Men Hishep Whom Auxillery lb, WasIMUISisr Sunday: Day for international Justice S Peace, St Mary's College. 11.arn. C, SI Mary's Collette, 6pm Monday, Meeting of Duane and Area Workers. 34 Wthlehall Gardena. 1 lem. luealsy: Meeting of SeCondary Headleechers. 34 whltehan Gardens. Vern. St David's Muffle, Ealing. AGM, Spro Wednesday: Social and Pastoral Action Management Committee meeting 8pm. Thursday: Governors Meeting, SI Mary's College. 9.45ern_ Reception for Rabbi Solomon, The Deanery, Westminster Abbey, 5pm. Friday: C, Hounslow. 7.30pm Saturday: hi ti Commissioning ol Specrul, Ministers, Menwell, 6.30pm Instep Mows-day ol Hallam Sunday. V 8 C at Clown, lOarn Monday. Lunch with Polytechnic. chaplains, 12 30pre Meeting of University Chaplaincy Fund, 7.30pm Tuesday-. Lourdes' golf Competition an Rentanaw. Silver Jubilee M for F, G Burke at Askern 7.30pm Walnadoy: Silver Jubilee M for Fr T lratan at Armlhorpe, 7pm Thursday: Governors meeting at TASC. slam. Friday Solemn profession at Kirk Edge I lam. C. al Dronlleld, ram Salurday: Meeting of Diocesan Pastoral Council at Crosspool, 10 30am. V. M al Spinkhill 5 45pm Bishop Mullins of Semmes Sunday: Diocesan Corpus Chesil Procession and M, Cardiff Arms Park National Stadium, Thursday: Colloquium on RCIA at lha Unlversity Catholic Chaplaincy. Swansea, 11am. Rider. Admission of New Fellows at University. Saturday: PA for the Catholic Children's Society (Wales) at the Sacred Heart Church, Mortialon, Swansea 3pnr.

Bishop MurparO'Conner of Arundel a erighowe Sunday Brighton Deanery C. Arundel Cathedral, 5pn, Friday Youth Leaders' Evening, Storlington Saturday: Dedicarlori ol AngloGerman Tapestry, Chichester Cathedral I1 30am Cathedral Deanery C, Arundel Cathedral, 4.30ern.

Bishop K O'Srien, Aulleara Iry Middiesbanseh Sunder C at SI Mary. Queen of Martyrs, BranshOlMe. Hull. 5.30pm. Monday: Give Plymouth Clergy Retreat al Beeklaal Abbey. Tuesday: Give Plymouth Clergy Retreat at Buckles! Abbey Wednesday: Give Plymouth Clergy Retreat al Buckles' Abbey. ThwedepFriday: Give Plymouth Clergy Retreat al Bucktast Abbey.

Bishop O'Brian, Auxiliary toe Windmills-ler Sunday: C at St Edmund's College Ware. 10.30arn Ecumenical Service an Willed Reform Church. Elrookmans Park. 6.30pm Priorday:C at Convent 01 St Francis de Sales, Tring. 7.30pm Tuesday: Hens & Beds Ecumenical Committee at Verustain House, Silver Jubilee Mass wen Fr Bernard Scholes at Holy Rood, Watford. ID 15arreprn Wednesday: SI Albano Deanery Pastoral Council et Cuthbert Mayne School, Hemel Hempstead. flprn Friday: C at Sacred Heart Church, Bushey 7.30pm. Saturdny Juallee S Peace

Committee al Archbishop's House. 11 am, Admission to Candidacy at Allen Hall_ 6pm.

Bishop O'Connor. Auxiliary for Liverpool Sunday: V 6 C Si Lan's WhiStl”. Fr D Meehan's Golden Jubilee celebrations Holy Rosary, Aintree. 7pm Monday: C St Darthotornewe, Rangel / 30pm. Wedneadey: Archbishop's Council Meeting, Corral Offices, roam Notre Diane Governors' Meeting 4.15pm. UCM PA, Metropolitan Cathedral, 8pm Thursday: Meeting at Atlantic House Hardman Street, I lam Fr G Walacy's Silver Jubilee celebrations, 7.30pm SI Tnareaa's, Sullen Manor Friday: C SI Jerome's. Formby. 7 30prn Saturday: C Our Lady's, Eldon Street, 11am.

Blahop Renonnhorne, Auxiliary too Liverpool Senday: V SI Anselers.Chorlay Monday: V continued SI Anselm's. Chodey. C, St Austin's, SI Helens, 7.30pm. Tuesday: Governing Body Meeting, Upholland. C SI Auslin's, SI Helens 7 30pm. Weideasder Archbishop's Council Meeting, Curial Offices, 10am Thursday. Depareneat for Christian Doctrine 8 Formation Heeling. London. I I 15am-2.30pm G St Patrick's. St Helens. 7.30pm Friday: Meeting re Permanent Diaconate. Upholland, 10am C St Vincent's, SI Helens, 730pm. Saturday: Adult cnrisiran Education Meeting, Upholland.

B ishop Roaleaux of Plymouth Sunday: OA and Foal Hole COmmunton, ChIrst Church, Estover, 13.30arn Annual Procession In honour ol the Blessed Sacrament. SI Bonitace's College. Plymouth. 3pm. Mender M. Schools Muelc Festival, Bucklast Abbey Meader fa, 301h Anniversary of Episcopal Ordination. Cathedral. Plymouth. 7 30pm. Wednesday: ts4 & V, St Thomas More Southway, Plymouth. 10 30am 3pm Bishop Swinellehurst, Aleatory IN Mechem & .Neemerstle Wednesday: Finance Committee Meeting. Bishop's House, Newcastle, 230pm Theroday, C St Bede's, Stocklon, 7pm. Friday: North East Eeumenreal Group Meeting. The Bishop of Newcastle's Monte, 1 lam

Wallop Thames of Northampton Sunday: Handicapped M Dunaloble, Youth Contacts Day, Houghton Regis. Mandel,: G. Wellingborough, 7.30pm Wednesday: C, Our Lady of Grace, High Wycombe. 7pm. Thursday. Dept Christian Doctrine 8 Formation, 0, SI Anthony's. Slough, 11.3prn. Friday: Open Unieersity. C St Wirlslanal High Wycombe. ?pm. Saturday: V, SI Joseph's Luton.

filehop Tripp. Auxiliary for Seethe/ere Sunday; C at Thornton Heath, awn Monday-Friday: Vestry penal establishments. Southwark Diocese. Steadier Meeting 01 Catholic Scout Advisory Council In Birmingham.

Bishop Wellesley OM Foment 8UndeirtMonder Lourdes, Saturday: RAF Bentwaters, Sulloft. Sem

B ishop Wheeler of Leeds Sunday: 0 Sarni Ansterno. Rome.

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