Page 1, 7th March 1958

7th March 1958
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Page 1, 7th March 1958 — SOUTH AFRICA:

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Locations: Durban


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'Dissolve racial

prejudice' "AS far as persons of the white race are concerned, the main objective is to dissolve by the warmth of Christian love the idea woven into them by their upbringing that a darkcoloured skin is a mark of inferiority," said Archbishop Hurley, 0.M.I.„ of Durban, South Africa, in his Lenten pastoral.

Although the current racial situation was the result of historical circumstances, Catholics could not turn their backs on it in the hope that it would solve itself. While, in terms in immediate political action, the racial problem was the affair of politicians, political action was based on public opinion. which could he changed.

Catholics had to ask themselves: "What can we do as individuals to influence public opinion in the matter of the racial problem ?" "The duty of each one of us is to take up the struggle in his own personal life," said the Archbishop.

He suggested -two most obvious steps' by which the faithful could begin to remove these prejudices. The first was to give the matter some thought: "we must think ourselves into a state of mind that will in due course make the outward expression easy and natural."

The second was the conversational approach. the friendly word, the neighbourly greeting." Many Catholics approached the altar rail to receive Communion with coloured people, but dared not say a friendly word to them outside church.

Because racial prejudice could not be reconciled with the Christian spirit, "it is therefore the duty of each on of us to eradicate it from our hearts," said Archbishop

" This, of course, will not solve all our problems. The South African situation is not as simple as that. But a vigorous effort to overcome prejudice will he a big step in the right direction."

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