Page 6, 7th March 1958

7th March 1958
Page 6
Page 6, 7th March 1958 — WORRY IN SINGAPORE CAT HOLICS in Singapore are worried about

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WORRY IN SINGAPORE CAT HOLICS in Singapore are worried about

the two forthcoming elections which local Communists are boasting they will win.

In January. the Communistdominated People's Action Party (PAP) won 13 of the 32 seats in Singapore's first municipal council elections.

Before P.A.P. entered the elections it reached an understanding with the Labour Front Party, which contra; the colony's legislative assembly. According to the agreement each party was to tell its supporters to vote for the other party's candidate in those districts where they were not in competition As a result, the P.A.P. which did not keep the agreement came away front 14 contests with 13 seats. The Labour Front, which

did, won only four out of 16 contests.

Next month, elections are scheduled to take place in the colony's three rural districts to name a total of 36 persons for three councils. Communists are boasting that they will win these contests also.

Late in the summer another election will he held to name delegates to the colony's legislative assembly. This is considered to be the crucial contest between democratic forces and the Reds in Singapore.

Most politicians are talking about a rightist front in opposition to the left-wing parties. It is felt here that this is the only alternative to complete Communist domination of this 224 squaremile island off the tip of the Malay peninsula.

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