Page 9, 7th March 1958

7th March 1958
Page 9
Page 9, 7th March 1958 — p salms at

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Organisations: Edgar Fleet Quartet
Locations: London


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p salms at

the Albert

Hall • • •

'C.I I.' Reporter recording of eight of the 24 psalms contained in their wellknown booklet "24 Psalms and a Canticle".

At the Albert Hall performances, mime and movement in the chafacteristic Grail manner, will form part of the programme. and will illustrate the psalms.

The record just completed, Which is long playing, will cost a little over 30s., and it is sung by monks of Downside, children from the neighbouring village school, and with the collaboration of three other groups of singers.

These singers are a section of the Westminster Cathedral Choir, directed by George Malcolm, who sing the psalms " My Shepherd is the Lord," and "Out of the Depths." Also, the Edgar Fleet Quartet, singing Psalm 41, " Like the Deer," whose members are Fr. Wilfred Purney, and the TV singers, Edgar Elect, Jean Mlister, and Patricia Clarke.

The monks and children from Downside are responsible for the remaining psalms. which include Psalm 99, " Cry out with joy to the Lord." sung in four different ways to demonstrate the four traditional ways of singing psalms.

Both the Edgar Fleet Quartet and the monks and children were directed by Dom Gregory Murray. a monk of Downside.

The Gelineau booklet of psalms, which the Grail publish. has had a remarkable sales history. It is so popular, that it finds its way even to Protestant colleges where ministers are trained. A second book, comprising 30 psalms, 'is now being prepared.

The Downside children who sing in the long playing record rehearsed in Downside itself, and then travelled to Grail Headquarters, in London, by bus during the recent blizzard, and there they finally made the record. " For many of the children," I was told by a Grail spokeswoman, "this was their first journey to London, and it was both long and exciting. Twice the coach was forced back by impassable roads, once it ran into a snowdrift. At Maidenhead it broke down and all the passengers had to be transferred to another bus.

'At length. after nearly 11 hours on icy roads. they arrived at the Grail, unsubdued and ready to make up for all the meals they had missed en route. We got bored with seeing snow,' they said?'

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