Page 4, 7th March 1986

7th March 1986
Page 4
Page 4, 7th March 1986 — Individual conscience

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Individual conscience

WHAT kind of family can ask it they should "inform" upon the priest who has married and who attends Mass with his wife and who also receives Communion, Feb 21.

Clearly, you need do nothing. He is not a criminal on whom one can "inform". Those who marry outside the Church, for whatever reason, are legally husband and wife and quotation marks around words like wife, married, etc., are inaccurate, and offensive.

Leave the entire matter in their hands and do not interfere but pray for them and for the many thousands of married priests worldwide. The situation will not disappear but is steadily increasing. Any "scandal" is the result of insensitive and intolerant attitudes which must change. Some 20 or 30 years ago a divorce or an illegitimate child in a staunch Catholic family would have produced the same unworthy reaction. Certain correspondents vilify individuals who have written on the subject of married clergy, but who prefer anonymity. I have therefore decided to take refuge in the same unpalatable ploy; not from cowardice but so that others may expereience the sense of frustration felt when one is put in the intolerable position of being unable to defend oneself.

(Name and address supplied)

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