Page 8, 7th March 1986

7th March 1986
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Page 8, 7th March 1986 — BISHOPS ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: Ratctiffe College, Archbishop's Council, C. School, Diocesan Council, St Andrew's Church, Seturdor Diocesan Justice & Peace Committee, Lally Council, Mender Council of Churches for Wales Commrtiee, Bow Hospital, Deceit College, Haryinglon Heil Committee, Cuthbert Mayne School, FridayrSatwder Bishops' Conference Bio-Ethics COmmittee, Council of Pnests, Diocesan Laity Commission, Besford Caen Special School, U. C. St Paul Church, St Igneous College, Roman Catholic Committee, Social Welfare Committee, Pansh Council, Timber Standing Committee, Notre Dame College, St Stephen's Pastoral Centre, Lenten Penitential Service, Mender Standing Committee, Lower School, Hagley High School, Mender Hierarchy Standing Committee London, Schools' Commission, C. Christ Church, &Murder C. Oratory School, Blesses Children's Society Office, St Joseph's School, St Edward's Primary School, Hierarchy Standing Committee, Nugent High School, Finance Committee, Council of Priests, Standing committee, AGM University Chaplaincy Fund, Greater Manchester County Ecumenical Council, Kent Ecumenicai Council's Standing Committee, Governors' Standing Committee, Ecumenical Commission, Bishops' Standing committee, University Service, Middlesbrough Mender Meeting Horne Mission Committee at Nottingham, Mender Diocesan Finance Committee, Ushaw College, DedicatiOn United Reformed Church, Cardinal Wiseman School, Catholic Beeprp Society, Newman College, Franciscan Study Centre, Diocesan Property & Finance Committee, Association of Chartered Secretanes, Council of Synod Rome, SI Joseph's Parish Centre, St Bonitace College, Pastoral Council, Diocesan Youth Commission, General Hospital, University Chaplaincy Fund, SI Columba's College, Advisory Committee, National Catholic Fund


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0 e Ordination. le e Mass, V = Viaitation. C Confirmation

Cardin& Hurne, Archbishop of Westminster Monday: Bishops' Standing committee Meeting, 1 larn. Council of Synod Rome. prn Friday; M. Warwick Street. 6_30pre Saturday, Corrymeala Seneca, Westminster Cathedral, 3n. M at Allen Hall Sem nary, 6pm.

Archbishop Bowen of Southwark Monday: Bishop's Conferee. Standing Committee meeting. Archbishops House. Westminster. 11.30arn. Meets pas: and present Provincial Grand Knights Province 12, Knights of St Columba, Archbishop's House, Stire ?weeder C. Sutton, 7 30pm Wednesday, Diocesan Council or Priests meeting. Amigo Hall. 11.30am. Thursday: Opening et an Reception, John Paul II School, Wimbledon Common, 7pm Feder Meetings. Archbishop's House. Diocesan Laity Commission meeting Archeisnope House, 7.301im Archbishop C.v. de Murrill., of Birmingham Sunday, & C SS Gregory & Augustine. Oxford. Moncley: Committee 01 Hierarchy, Westrninstere tram Wednesday: M for 6th Form. Hagley High School. 1 tarn Haryinglon Heil Committee. 2 30pm. Thursday, M for School Chaplains, Maryvaie Friday: M & C Old Palace, (Word, 12.15pm Saturday V & Ct SI Patrick. Dudley Road, Birmingham Archbishop Were of Cardin Monday, Meeting of Standing Committee of Bishops Conference, Westminster Tuascley, Chapter U. St David% Cathedral. 1 lane Wednesday. Station M. St Mary. Canton, Cardiff, 7.30pm, Thereby, Station M, Oot Lady of Penrhye, Ferndale. 7 30pm Friday: M lot Lower School, Lady Mary School Cardiff. IS 45arn Council of Priests, Namreth House. Cardiff, 2_151MIArchbistop Wee-lock of Lhreepool Sunday: Lally Council Meeting. Motherwell. arn Monday: Bishops' Standing Committee, Archbishop's House, Westminster. I tarn National Catholic Fund, 2.30prn. Timber Standing Committee. Ushaw College Wednesday, Tyne Tees Television, 10.30am Lunchtime Address. St Andrew's Church, Newcastle, 12.45pm Thereby: MIchaelinass Group, JM Centre Elam ON Swan Deanery Meeting. Archbishop's House, 12 30pm Governors Meeting. Christ's & Notre Dame College. 4_30pm Friday, Archbishop's Council Meeting. Curial Offices. lOarn Merseyside Enterprise Forum, pm. Meeting of Serra Clubs. Lowe HOuse. St Helens. 6.30Pet

Bishop Alexander of Clifton Sunday: V. St Lawrence. Chipping Sodbury Sr Past's, Tate. Preaches at all U. C. St Paul Church, `fate 10am Wednesday, Taunton Deanery Confernce at St Ambrose Leigh Woods, new Service of DedicatiOn United Reformed Church, Boulevard. Weston-super Mare, 7om Thereby: Council of Priests' Meeting, Newmae Hall. Westbury-onerrym I lam. Friday: Deceit College, Sutton Goldfield Saturciar Meets candidates studying for esthetic Certificate in Religious Education at Emmaus House. Clifton. 'tarn, M for HCPT St Augustine's. Doweend, 2am. V St Patrick's. Dorsharn Preaches at M.

Bishop Budd of Plymouth Sunday: Dedication of new Church, Totnes. 4.30pm Tuesday: Meets Clergy of Torbay Deanery. Patentee, 10.4Sam Adult Education Talk, Cuthbert Mayne School, Torquay. 7 45pre Thureder te. St Bonitace College, Mission, Plymouth Guild Hall, 7.30pre Saturday: V. Our Lady and SI Pale., Teignmouth, SA, I tarn C, 30m. Bishop Burke, Auxillery for Sallord Sunday, V. SS Peter and Paul, Bolton, 1 lam C. 3pm Friday Our Lady and St Paul, Heywood Bishop Clark of East Angus Sendayahurecter Diocesan Ministery to Priests retreat, Harborne Halt Birmingham Feder Begins Pastoral V. St Peter and Alt Souls. Peterborough. Meeting with Pansh Councillors or Peierborough Parishes, 10am. V. Peterborough General Hospital. 3ren Celebrates SI Peter and All Souls, Peterborough, 8.30prn Bishop Cleary. Auxiliary for Birmingham Monday: ExeCLItIve Meeting. Friends el Newman, Birmingham Oratory. 4 15pm Tuesday, Deanery Conference, Wolverhampton, tram,, M P. C. St Francis Otdbury, 7 30pm.

Bishop Emory of Portsmouth Sunday. Holy Trinity, Church Crookharn. Parish V & C PA Tuesday: LSLi College Chapel, Southampton Southampton Deanery Lenten Penitential Service, 71:em Wednesday: St Edmund House. Portsmouth Diocesan Finance Meeting. 3_30pm_ Thurber St John's Cathedral, Portsmouth. Portsmouth Deanery Lenten Penitential Service 7pm, Friday: Our Lady ot Lourdes. New Milton, New Forest Lenten Penitential Service, lpin Saturdey: St John's Cathedra! Centre, Bishop Gray of Shrewsbury Sunday. V & C. Christ Church, Heald Green. Monday: Meets with clergy of St Hilary's Deanery, 6an Celebrates Deanery PA, Sacred Heart, Moreton, 1 30pm Wed PreeiCiee at meeting of Diocesan Trusteee, Canal Offices. tram Meets with clergy of St Anselm's Deanery. 6pm Celebrates Deanery M, SI Paul's, Hyde, 7.30pm. Thereby: Meets with clergy ol St Thomas Aquinas Deanery. Open. C,etebrates Deanery M, St Joseph's. Birkenhead. 7 30pm. Friday. Presidee at concelebrated M. St Joaeph*, Melees, to mark Golden Jubilee of arrival at Sacred Heart Fathers in England. tram.

Bishop tionnigan el Menevis Sunder C, Llandriedod Wells. 10.30am. Celebration of Golden Jubilee of V Rev Kenneth, Gillespie OFM.VF Pansy Priest ef Llanidloes/Rhayader. 2 30pm Mond•OW•dn••day: Meeting of Schools Commissioners of England and Wales. Thursday: Lenten M. Brecon. torn Saturday V. Comae, pm. Bishop OuelbilL Auxiliary for Westminster Sunday, V. Kilburn Tubby: Tower Hamlets deanery meeting, Bow Hospital chaplains' Meeting. St Katharine's. 2pm Wednescley, Pastoral workers' team meeting. Sr Katharine's, All day Thursday: el Ursulines ot Jesus. Born. Miens Pastoral workers meeting, 10.30am. Saturday:V. Hackney. 7pm Bishop brie of Middlesbrough Sunday: V. St Mary's Grangetown. Middlesbrough, M, 9.30am

Mender Hierarchy Standing Committee London Tuesday: Pastoral Council (North) meeting. Bishop's House, 7 30pm. Wedneedir Diocesan Education 'Committee 'Meeting, truer. Diocesan Property & Finance Committee Meeting, 2.30prn Seturdor Diocesan Justice & Peace Committee meeting in York, tO 30ern

Bishop Hanna Auxidary for Westminster -Sunday, Paster-al V. The Most Precious Blood end SI ECintund, KM, Edmonton Monday: Deans' Meeting, 1 lane. Wedneedey M, St Joseph's School, Wembley, am Friday, Meeting. Social Welfare Committee. Eve Saturday: Meeting. Social Welfare Committee am

Bishop Henderson, Ausitiary for Southwark Sunder re & C. Clapham St Mary's. 3om Mender Diocesan Finance Committee. I tarn. Finance Advisory Committee, Westminster, 2.30pm Tebbe, Meeting of English Anglican. Roman Catholic Committee, Church House, !lam-7pm. Wednesday: Meeting 01 Southwark Council of Priests, Amigo Hall, 11.30am..Erlday: Meeting ol the Catholic: Media Trust, Westminster, 10.30am Saturday: Commences Pastoral V. Plumstead COrnmon. 8.30em, Bishop Kitchen, Auxiliary for Liverpool Sunday, V of Cathedral. Tuesday: V. Primary SchooliSt Nicholas'. sem Nugent High School, Pr" C. St Michael's, Delon, 7_30prn. Wednesday: Meeting with clergy, Uphollancl, item. C, Our Lady of Perpetual Succour. Widnee, 7.30pm. Thursday Lourdes Meeting, Upholiand Northern institute, 10.30arn. C. Si Rephael'a Widnes. 7.30pm Feder Archbishop'S Council Meeting. Curial. 70am. C. St Basil's Widnes. 7.30pm, Bishop Jukes. Auxiliary for Southwark Sunday: V to Clittonville ratite Monday, Kent Ecumenicai Council's Standing Committee Meeting, Archdeaconne, Rochester. 10 30are Family and Social Action Meeting. West Malting, tipim Tuesday: V. Si Auoustine's College, Westgate. Wedneday: Council of Priests Meeting. Saturday, 0 Deacons at Franciscan Study Centre, Canterbury, tram

Bishop Reny of Salford Sunder V & C, St VVilliam's, Bolton Tuesday, Greater Manchester County Ecumenical Council, Wardley Halt, a soar,. St Gebrieee Hall, Manchester, 2 30pm. Wedneadar St Joseph's School. Heywood, 10.30am Local Radio Live Broadcast lLenten Programme), 7.15pm FridayrSatwder Bishops' Conference Bio-Ethics COmmittee Meeting. 10.30am. V & C. Sr Joseph's, Heywood, Bishop K.:instant of Leeds Sunder M, SI Francis of Assisi. 10.30arn M, Christ the King eremite/. 6 30pm Monday: Standing Committee Bishops' COrderenee, London, tiem AGM University Chaplaincy Fund, Bradford Cnameinoy. 7,3Opre. Thurber Governors Meeting, Trinity & All Saints, 10.30arn Managers Meeting, St John's Boston Spa, 40en Fedey: Leeds Church Lenders Meetmg. learn Saturdat, ki, St Theresa's Cross Gates. 13.30pm

Bishop Lindsay of Heeham & Newcastle Sundsy, V & C, SS Peter & Paul, Longoenlon 3.30em Tueaday, Governors' Standing Committee Meeting, Ushaw College, Durham. 12 noon Wednesday, Finance Committee Meeting, Bishop's House. Newcastle, 2 30pm. Thursday: Diocesan Consultors Meeting, Bishop's House. Newcastle. 10 Warn Friday Church Leaders Ecumenical V to Benwell & SCOletood areas of Newcastle Saurday. Commissioning of Special Ministers, SI Joseph's Parish Centre. Gateshead. 10 30ern Bishop McCord., Auxiliary for Birmingham Sunday: C. Sr Teresa. Perry Bar, 3pre Mender Standing Committee of Bishops Conference. Westminster, 1 larn Gateman Dinner, Meriden, Sent Tubder Opening of ney. Sports Hall, Besford Caen Special School, 3prn Meeting St VIncent de Paul Committee, 7.30pm Wednessior V school and sick, St Catherine, Birmingham e.30arn. Therday: el & V. St Edward's Primary School, Sally Oak. 9.15am. Friday: SI Aloysius, Oxtord, 7.30em. &Murder C. Oratory School_ Woodcote. llam.

Bishop McGuinness of Nottingham Sunder Wc. St Patrick's bornst Town. Mansfield, 3pm Mender Station el, Holy Spirit, SInfin. Derby. Elorn_ Turstley CYS InterviewS, Newman College, Birmingham Station M, Holy Croee, Leicester. 8pm. Wednesday Station el, Holy Rood, Market Rasee. Linn, 8pm Thursday: Station M. Holy Spirit West Bridgford NottIngnam, Spm Saturday: C Ratctiffe College. System Leicester. item

Bishop MeM•hon of Brentwood Sunday: Celebrates M. Cathedral, 9 l5arn Tuesday: Lenten Station M. Chelmsford Deanery. Mary Immaculate. Chelmsford, 6pm Wednesday Blesses Children's Society Office, Cardinal Wiseman School, Waltharnslow, 4,30pm Lenten Station le, Waltham Forest Deanery, St Pericles, Waltharnelow, Bern Thursdays Chairs AGM Esses Churches industrial Chaplaincy. Aveley, 8pm Friday: Lenten Station M. Colchester Deanery, Great Bentley, Colchester. tarn.

Bishop Menon, Auxiliary ler Westminster Sunday. Pastoral V to St Benedict's Parish. Ealing. Chairs Cardinal Bea Memorial Lecture. Westminster Cathedral Hall, 3orn Monday: Meets Pansh Council_ Peewee parish. 8pm. Tuesday, Area Council of Priests, Ealing Abbey 10 30am. Wednesday: University Service. Westminster Cathedral, Berri Thursday Headteachers Day or Peconection,

Abbey Meets Ealing C group, 7pm Friday, Meets Young People. Ealing Abbey, per Saturday, Pastoral V to Ealing, continued M & Commissioning ni Special Miristers, Croon Perk, 630P-re

Bishop Moverley of Hallam Sunday: V & C at Hathersage. 10_30am Monday: Pe and AGM of University Chaplaincy Fund. 7 30pm Tubby: Meeting of Ushaw Governors. Sheffield secondary echoels Lenten Festival at Cathedral. 1.30ern Thursday. Meeting of TASC governors Friday:Dinner of Association of Chartered Secretanes or the Cullers' Hall, 7pm Bishop Mullins, Area Bishop in Swans*. Mender Council of Churches for Wales Commrtiee Meeting, Swansea Tuesday: M at St David's Cathedral, Cardill there Wednesday, Meeting of the Catholic Beeprp Society, London. Thursday: Lenten Station M. Dowlais. 7_30pm. Friday: Council of Pnests. Cardiff Saturday: Gyich Catholic'. Aberystwyth, 2pm.

Bishop Ma/My-O'Connor at Arundel C Brighton Sunday, V. Seaford. Tuesday, Meeting of Diocesan PaslOral Council Correnttlee. Stortington. 6pm. Wednead•y: Meeting or Heads ol Secondary Schools, StorrIngton, 2pm, Thursday: Guest Night ot Military Police, Chichester 7.30ern, Feder Lewes Deanery Youth Evening, Siortington, 7.30pM. Steirdyy, Meeting of Diocesan Youth Commission, Sayers Common, am Bishop J O'Brien. Auxiliary tor Westminster Sunday: Hems Area Youth Day at SI Cross. Hoddesdon, Monday: Hierarchy Standing Committee meeting at Archbishop's House, tram. UCM Diocesan M at Westminster Cathedral. 8prn Tuesday: St Albans Priest's Deanery meeting at SS Alban & Stephen, St Albans. I tarn. Wednesday: Brother Eugene's Jubilee at SI Columba's College. 11 allarte Thursday: Talk to 6th Form at St Igneous College, Enfield, 11am. Lent Station M at SS Alban &Stephen, SI Albans, 8pre. Firkter C at St Thomas More. Whealhampsteari, pet

Bishop K O'Brien. Auxiliary ler Middlesbrough Mender Meeting Horne Mission Committee at Nottingham. r I am tie•an••d•y: Schools Commission at Middlesbrough. 11am Finance Committee at Middlesbrough 2.30cm Talk at St Alban's. Aeries,, 6pm. Friday V of the Sick in the Sacred Heart Parish. Hull. Wordier Readers Day at St Stephen's Pastoral Centre, Hun

Bishop estestherne, Auxiliary for Liverpool Tuesday: C. St William's. lece, 7.30mn Weete”day, C, St Sylvester's. Liverpool, 7.30pm. Thursday: Schools' Commission Meeting, 2pm Christ's & Notre Dame Governors' Meeting, 4pen. C. School for the Blind. 7 30pir Friday: Archbishop's Council Meeting, Curial Offices. 1Sam.

Bishop Swindehurst, Aueillery for Meehan, & Newcastle Sunder V & C, St PaInck's, Langley Moor Tuesday, Governors' Standing Committee Meeting, Ushaw College, Durham. 12 noon. Wednesday Finance COmMittee Meeting, Bishop's House, Newcastle, 2.30pm Thursday, Diocesan C.onsultors. Bishop's House. Newcastle, 10.30am. C N. St Bede's, Durham 7pm Saturday: Commissioning of Special Ministers of Holy Communion, Ushaw College, Dereane 10.30arn Bishop Thomas of Nerthemplon Sunder V. eowcester Monday Ecumenical Commission, 7pm. Tubby: All day. Meeting of English ARC. Wednesday Clergy Study Day. Parish Meeting, Wendover. 8pm. Friday, V St David's and Good Shepherd Schools Saturday: CINL Diocesan AGM Aylesbury, Catenian Provincial Dinner. Abingdon, 7pm.

Bishop Tripp, AuxIllery in Seethe's,* Sunday: V & C at Vauxhall Monday: V at Vauxhair Tuesday: el & AGM ol Diocesan Haneicapped Fellowsh.p at Southwark. 7 30pm Wedneeday Heeling of Council ol Priests Thursday, V to New Maiden. Friday: Celebrates M for pupils at Drees' Cleaning of John Paul ft School. Wimbledon Commol, 1i am Saturday. V at New Mettler

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