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7th March 2008
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Page 14, 7th March 2008 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: Liturgy Department, St Gregory's School, Council of Priests, CTS Committee, St Francis Family Centre, Heythrop College, Diocesan Education Council, St Mary's School, Archbishop's Council, SpiritualI0 Committee of the Bishops, Standing Committee, Baptist School, Parley, Liverpool Archdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation, Diocesan F1121CC Board, Bishop's Council, Pastoral Resources Centre, Si Augustine's Printery School, Diocesan Finance Board, Service for Reconcilits, College of Cotundtors, Children's Society, Newham Hospital, St David's Secondary School, Deaf Committee, Lawside Academy, SEN Committee, Bishops' Conference Standing Committee, CAFOD Board, John Paul Centre, Sacred Heart School, St Bernard's Cathohc High School, Visit St Margaret Clitherow School, Ministry of Acolyte, Pastoral Centre, St Mary's College, Alerts' Penitential Service, St Dominic's Catholic Primary School, Newlanda School, Sc David's Children Society, Scottish Parliament, Parish Centre, Foundation for An and Creative Technology, Pastoral Council, Diocesan Chapter, Board of Governors, St Albans College, Buckley Parish Centre, Seotin College, Union of Catholic Mothers, St Patrick's Coomicheasive School, Saints College, Bishops Conference Standing Committee, Archbishops Council, Assembly Management Committee, Sr Paul's Church, Scotus College, Education Commission, St Francis School, Gillis Centre, Holy Family School, Bishop Brown House


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Bishops' Diaries

Page 14 from 20th October 2006


March 9 to March 14

Cardinal Morpity-O'Connor (Westminster) Sun: Celebrates Mass. Westminster Cathedial. noon. Mon Meets with Standing Cammittee. Archbishop's Roam. The: Lunch with Sick and Retired Priests, Vaughan House,

Archbishop Kelly (Liverpool) Sun: Visitation Mass. Blessed Sacrament. Aintree. 1030am: visitation Mass. Blessed Sacrament. Aintree, 5pm. Mon Bishops Conference Standing Committee. Westminster. 1020am. The: Visits Foundation for An and Creative Technology, Liverpool, I lam; Churches Together in the Meneyside Region meeting. Quaker Meeting House. Liverpool, 3pm; Service for Reconcilits. don. Metropolitan Cathedrar of Christ the King. Liverpool. 7pm. Wed: '2008' meeting, Archhilt° 's House. 2pm. Thu Fri: Northern Church Leaders' Retreat, Hinsley Hall, Leeds. Fri: Service fat Reconciliation, St John. Wigan. 7.30pm.

Archbishop McDwiald (Southwark) Mon Standing Committee meeting. Thu: On-Going Formation. Frie Holy Ghost School Blessing. Balham. am.

Archbishop Nkhols (Birmingham) Sun: Mass, Wedoesbury. 0am. Mon: Standing Committee. London .The: Birmingham (Cathedral) Deanery Visitetion Closing meeting, 7pm. Wed: Opens Caritas Conference, Cathedral House, 1020am:40th Anniversary, BBC Stoke', In Praise Programme. Sacred Heart. Hanley. 7.30pm. Thu: CES Managements meeting; Wolverhampton Deanery Visitation Closing meeting. 7pm. Frt, Archbishop's Council meeting , 920ani; Livesiroply event.Manchertet, pm.

Bishop Arnold (Auxiliary Bishop of Westminster) Sun: Parish visitation. Sudbury. Mon: Media workshop. WC2, 10am 12.30pm: Talk Oct Reconciliation to parents. Hammersmith. 7pm.11ar: Presentation of Benenserenti, 7.15pm_ Thu: Penetential. Ruislip. 7.30pm. Fri: Archbishops Council, Archbishop's House, 9.30am: Live Simply Conference. Manchester, 3pm

Bishop Brisk (Salford) SunPastoral visitation and celebration of Mass. Sc Joseph's. Reddish. 9tini The: Lord Mayor's Prayer Breaks fast. Manchester Town Hall, 7 45sim: meeting of Bishop's Council, Wardley Hall. 11.30am. Week Pastoral visivaion of St Francis School. Gorton. 113.3.0arn; Pastoral visitation of Sick and Housebound. Sacred Heart and St Francis Parish. Gomm, I 30pre. Thu-Fri: Northern Church Lead ers' Retreat Hanley Hall, Leeds. Livesimply event, New Century Hall. Manchester. 7pm.

Bishop Budd Plymouth) Sun: Visitation.. BrixhamiDartmouth. Mon, Visit St Margaret Clitherow School. Bnitham. 9.30am: visit St John the Baptist School. Dartmouth, 120pm. Wed: Deans meeting Bishop's House. Thu, Trustees meeting. Honoon. 10.30am. Thu Fri. Overnight Lenten meeting. Exeter Deanery.

Bishop Borns (14M Forces) Mon Wed, Scottish Bishops' Conference. En: Meeting, PRCC (Army) and Chaplains, 7.15prn.

Bhhop Corny (Arundel ik Brighton) Sun: Mass and Opening of new Parish Centre, St Joan of Arc. Farnham. 11.15am; visits West Byfleet Youth Group. Mon: Meet with Bishop Christopher Hill. Guildford. The: Meet with Bishop John Hind. Wed: Good Shepherd Celebration, Werth Abbey; appointments, High Oaks. Thu: CAFOD Trustees meeting. Fri: Diocesan Trustees' meeting, StCuthmans.Sar Visits PIMP Downview.

Bishop Doyle (Nonhammon) Star %Agitation continues. Sacred Heart, Luton. Mon rue, Coeference of Catholic Chaplains in Higher Education, London. Wei: Vozations" team meeting,8 ishop's House. Ilam: monis to Confreres of Catholic Chaplains in Higher Educetion. London, pm. Thu: C'ES Managemeat Committee meeting. Etekston Square, London, Ipot; Heads' Conference. Mans and Dinner, Missenden Abbey. nom Fri: High Wycombe Clergy/Deanery meeting and lunch, St Teresa's. Beaconsfield. Ilam. Sac Duns Scotus Celebration, Cathedral, noon.

Bishop Draisey (Middlesbrough) Tue Thu, Pastoral visit to Northem Vicariate. Toe: Celebrates Mass, St Clare's. 9arn; visit to Sacred Heart School. Ftedear.10.15arn; visit to St Mary's School, Grarigetown. 2pm: meets with Religious. St Clam's. 4pm; attends Altar Servers meeting, 630prn. Wed: Visit to Deerholt Prison and meets with Prison Chaplain. 10ane Lenten Station Mass, Sacred Heart. Middlesbrough, 7pm. Thu: Visits St David's Secondary School. Middlesbrough. 10am: visits Newlanda School. Middlesbrough. I .15am: visits St Mary's College. Middlesbrough, 1230pm: meets with Mayor c(Mtdelle0aough.2put visits St Patrick's Coomicheasive School. Thomaby, 4pm: meets with Priests, 630pm. Fri: Lenten Station Mass. John Paul Centre, 12.10pm.

Bishop Evans (East Anglia) Surc Mass World Youth Day preparation session. Newmarket, moon. Mon: Bishops' Conference Standing Committee. Archbishop's House. Westminster, Wed: College of Cotundtors, Poringland, 4pm, Thu: Visit St George's Norwich. Confirmation Group, 7.30pm. Sat: Lay Ministers' Commissioning Day, I lam-3pm.

Bishop Hendricks (Auuliary in Soudswark) Mori Diocesan Finance emoting, London. 11 am: CTS Committee, London. 5pm, Tee: SEN Committee, r.inai, Children's Society, Parley, Warn; Churches Together in South London Enabling Group. London, 2pm. Wed: London Churches Group for Social Action. London, 130pm; Deaf Committee meeting. London, 5.30pm. Thu: Ongoing Formation Day, West Wickham. Fri Sat: Churches Together in England Enabling Group, Swanwick

Bishop Hine (Auxiliary Bishop ol Southwark) Mon: Visit to Si Augustine's Printery School, Tunbridge Wells, 1.15prn. Wed: Amends Churchea Together in Kent West Mailing. 10am; Marriage turn Family Life Committee meeting, Eccleston Square. 2pm-4pm. Thu: On-Going Formation of Priests meeting. West Wickham, 1030am 330pm Fri: Chairs Inspection Board meeting.Archbishop's House. I lam, Sat: Attends "Line Simply" event, Manchester.

Bishop Hollis (Ponsmouth) MOB: Bishops' Conference Standing Committee meeting, London, Want The: Diocesan Education Council meeting. Bishop's House. Portsmouth, Open. Wed: Earl Hendred Charities meeting, East Hendred. am, Thu: Bishop's Council meeting. Winchesmt. 10am-10.30ant Fri Sat: 'Livesimply' Conference. Manchester.

Bishop Hopes (Westminster) Sun: Pastoral Visitation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Hayes. More Engagements, Archbishop's House; celebrates Mass and presents certificates. Heythrop College. 645pm. Ten: Day of Recollection for Sick and Retired Priesh of WeStillinster Diocese. Vaughan' House: engagements. Archbishop's House, pm. Thu: Engagemems, Archbishop's House, am: chairs Committee meeting for the Welfare of Sick and Retired Priests. Vaughan House.] A/pm:Easter Concert. Sr Paul's Church. Harangerenith Broadway, 7pm. hi: Archbishop's Council meeting. am; engagements. Archbishop's House. pm; presides at Mass and unveiling of memorial to Canon Peter Moore. RIP, Our Lady Queen of Apostles. Heston. 7pm. Sat: Travels to St Albans College, (Real Colegio de bettors), Valladolid. Spain.

Bishop Heaney (Birmingham) Sum Confirmations. St Tnoinas More, Coventry, I Ion. The: Deanery meeting. Charlbury. 1030am; Conti:mations, Our Lady and St Anne. Ceversham. 7pnt, Wed: Mass. Cardinal Wiseman School. Coventry. I I am: Confirmatiors, St Elizabeth,

Coventry. 7pm, Thu: Dedication of Altar, St Gregory's School. Oxford, 7 300n. Fri: Archbishop's Council, 9.30am: Mass. Jubilee Assumpoonist Sisters, Oxford, 7pm. Sat Day ol Recollection. Knights of the Holy Sepulchre. Douai Abbey. Iftam

Bhbop Lang (Clifton) Mon: Cumberlege implementation group meeting. London, 10am. The: Deans meeting. Bristol, 11.30am WedTrustees marine, Bristol, 10.I5pm. Thu: Schost: Committee meeting. Bristol, 10.30am: Paroh Pastoral Couraal Lenten group, Clifton Cathedral, Bristol. 7.30pm.

Bishop Lougley (Westminster) Sum Celebrates Mass.& Earromtes, Millwall. 10am. Mon: Bishops' Conference Standing Committee meeting. Archbishop's House, 1(1.30arii. Wed: Hackney Deanery meeting. Si Monica's. Huxton, Ilam: amends "Thnebrue" Patsiontide Sequence, Westminster Cathedral, 7pm. Thu: Visit to St Francis Family Centre, Poplar, 10 30am; Day for Life meeting. Archbishop's House, 2pm: visit to the Vincentian Community, St Vincent's, !Acworth, 7pm. Fri: Archbishop's CounatArchbishop's House. 930am Bishop Lynch (Auxiliary in Southwark) Sum Confirmations. St John Fisher, Thames-. mead South. 10 30am. Mon: Visit to Migrants' Rights Centre, Islington. The: Confirmations, St Paul's. Thamesmead Central., 7.30pm. Wed: Meeting of Pastoml Development Group, Archbishop's House, 4pm. Thu: Confumations, Holy Rosary Parish, Blackfett. 730pm. Fri: Easter Production. Holy Family School. Kutbrooke, dpm. dal. Sacrament of Reconciliation. Lewisham. II.30am.

Bishop McMahon tBrentwood) Toe: Meetnes/Interviews, Cathedral House. Wed: Attends Newham Deanery Conference, Chig well Convent, 1030am; anoints meeting, Newham Hospital, 2.30pm. Thu. Attends meeting of Diocesan Finance Board. Cathedral House, 10.15am Fri: Meetings/Interviews, Cathedral House, Sat: Attends Diocesan Gift Aid Annual General meeting, Cathedral House. 2pm.

Bishop McMahon (Nottingham) Sun Fri: Lenten Retreat, St Mary's College, Oscott. Sat: Celebrates Mass, Si Mary's, Derby, Ilan).

Bishop Malone (Liverpool) Tao Confirmation. St Mary Magdalen. Petwortham. 7.30pm. Wed: Confirmation. St Teresa. Penworttuun, 7.30pm. Fri: Retirement of Mr Stan Coffey. Liverpool Archdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation. Spin.

Bishop Noble (Shrewsbury) Toe: SpiritualI0 Committee of the Bishops' Conference, London. Wed: Interview Marning.Curial Offices. am. Tini-Fri: Northern Church Leaders' Retreat. Leeds.

Bishop O'Donoghoe (Lancaster) Sun: Visitatioa. Our Lady of the Waylide. Grasmere and St Philip Howard. Glenridding. Mon: Meeting. 10am Tue: SPUC meeting. llaim Deanery lunch, St Joseph's, Lancaster, noon Wed: Meeting, 10am. Thu: Visit Holy Family School. Preston; Mass, Holy Family. Preston. 6.30pM. Sac Mass, Our Lady of Assumption, Black-pool and °peeing of refurbished hall, Opni.

Bishop Pargeter ri3irtninglourn The: Birmingham (Cathedral) Deanery Visitation Closing meeting. 7pm Wed, Pastoral Council meeting, Coleshill, 1030am. Thu: Visits School, Hall Green. 2pm; Confirmations, Hall Green. 7pm. Fri: Archbishop's Council meeting, 930an: . Sat, Mass, St Joseph's Home, Harborne. 3pm.

Bishop Rawathonse (Hallam) Sun: Visitation, Blessed Sacrament, Athersley. 1 lam. Mon: Visitation, St Dominic's Catholic Primary School. Barnsley. 9.3(lam: Rainbows Trustees. Pastoral Centre, 2pm. The: Council of Priests. Pastoral Centre. !lam; St Bernard's Cathohc High School, 230pm; Parson Cross Lent Group. St Thomas More. Sheffield, 7pm. Wed, Diocesan F1121CC Board, Pastoral Centre, 10.45arn: Assembly Management Committee meeting. Bishop's House. 230pm. Thu: CAFOD Board and Trustees meeting, London. Fri: Live Simply event. Salford.

Blehop Roche (Leeds) Sun: Visitation, Sr Nicholae.Leecis, 10am, MCC Standing Commitme meeting. London, 10am; Liturgy Department meeting London. 2pm. Wed, Alerts' Penitential Service. St Paul's. AlWoodley, 1130am Thu: Board of Governors' meeting. Leeds Trinity and All Saints College. Leeds, I Oam. Fri: Chapter meeting. Leeds Cathedral . I I am: Confers Ministry of Acolyte on Candidates for the Permanent Diaconate, Leeds Cathedral, 530pm.

Bishop Stack (Westminster) Mon: Chairs Education Commission. Vaughan House, SW), 1030am, Wed-Fro Attends Primary Head's Conference. Malta. Sat: Celebrates Mass for Union of Catholic Mothers, Westminster Cathedral. 2pm.

Bishop Williams (Liverpool) Tim: Churches Together in the Merseyside Region meeting. Quaker Meeting House, Liverpool, 3pm. Wed, Healthcare Reference Group meeting. London. Mani. Thu-Fri: Northern Church Leaders' Reireat.Hinsley Hall. Leeds Fri: Confumation, AU Saints.Anfield, 7.30pm

WALES Archbishop Smith (Cardiff) Mon, Standing Committee meeting, Westminster. learn, The: Sc David's Children Society, Bishop Brown House, 2.30pm: Confirmations, St Brigid's, Cardiff, 7pm. Wed: Diocesan Strategy meeting, Pastoral Resources Centre, 4pm: Confirmations. Tiedegar. 7pm. Thu: Faith and Broadcarting Conference. BBC Wales, 9.30am; Deanery Station Mass. Newhridge 7.30pm.

Bishop Jahatle (Menevia) Mon, Diocesan Trustees Meeting, am: Diocesan Chapter Meeting. pm. The: Attending Requiem Mass for Bishop Kevin Dunn, St. Mary's Cathedral. Newcastle, noon.

Bishop Regan (Wrexham) Mon: RC/Anglican Study Day. Buckley Parish Centre. The: Cathedral Chapter Mass, noon, followed by meeting. Wed: Department meeting, London. Thu: CES Management Committer meeting. London. Fro Diocesan Trustees meeting. Sat: Dolen Cymru meeting; 14-141 Youth Retreat. Petunaenroawr.

SCOTLAND Cardinal O'Brien St Andrew's A Edinburgh) Sun: Mass marking Third Anniversary of Election of Pope Benedict XVI, St Andrew's Camedial. Glasgow. noon: meeting of Bishops' Conference at Scotland. Scotus College, Glasgow. 4pm., until Wednesday 12th March. The: Parliamentary Reception in honour of Apostolic Nuncio at the Scottish Parliament. bpin. Wed: Lunch with Apostolic Nuncio as guests of Presiding Officer at the Scottish Parliament, noon; 'Time for Reflection' given by Apostolic Nuncio at the Scottish Parliament, 230pm: =cling with Dean of Sr Giles, City of Edinburgh Deanety, St Mary, Star of the Sea .Leith. 730pm. Thu: Meeting of Vicars General, St Bonnet's, 1 lam: meeting of Trustees, Gillis Centre, Edinburgh, 2pm.

Bishop Logan (Dinikeld/Duridem Sun Wed: Bishops' Conference, Seotin College, Glasgow. Wed: Si Joseph's Feauday Mass, Lawside Academy, Dundee, 7pm.

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