Page 10, 7th May 1971

7th May 1971
Page 10
Page 10, 7th May 1971 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Bishops' Engagements 1

Page 8 from 8th June 1973


Cardinal Heenan of WestminsterFriday: Council cL Priests' meetingSaturday: Attends 40th anniversary celebrations al Society uf Mary. St. Albans, Holborn, 3. Monday: Visits Kings School, Canterbury, 1. Wednesday: Mass and confirmation, Our Lady of Lourdes. Acton. 6 10.

Bishop Butler, Auxiliary of Westminster-Friday: Senate of Priests.

Car lisle Place. 11. Lectures, Bristol Theatrs. ..I Sur lety, B. Sunday: Preaches at all Masses fur visitation and gives Confirmation. Reribourn. Tuesday. Con firmatinn and flenedii Lion, Dioswell, 7.30. Wednesday: Administration meeting. Archbishop's House. 11 Thursday. Theologicai Commission meeting. Osrott College, 11 Friday: Governors meetine St, Edmund's College, 11 Old FrImundian Committee meeting. 7 30 Bishop Coastal'', Auxiliary of WestminSter-Friday: Gives Diaconate. The Immaculate Conception, Farm Street, 6.15. Saturday-Sunday: Visitation. Our Lady Ot the Rosary. Maryiebone Monday: Liturgical Commission meeting. Archb.shorOs House. 5. Tuesday: Presents mires. The Immaculate Heart of Mary, Hayes, B. Wednesday: Catholic Univr,iity ChaPialorY. Gower Street. 5. Thursday, Mass :rid Confirmation. Our Lady at Fatima. White City. 7.

Bishop Mahon. Auxiliary of West minsterSaturday: Confers Minor Orders, St. JOseph's, Mill Hill, 5.45. Sunday: Confers Subdiaronate. St. Joseph's. Mill Hill, 9.30. Monday: Conlei s Minor Orders, Sr Edward's T.iesclay Soea's at Rovsi Cant

rormwrallin So( lety .SO. Wednesday: Council of Administration. 11 HrAnit.4 Review Committee. Carlisle Place. fr: Thursday-Friday' Just e ono Prate tont erenc e. llshase College

Archbishop Dwyer of eirminehamSendme Confirmation. St. Joseoh's,

Ne-hills, 3.31. Preaehes, Sr. r 11.0's Cathedral, 6.30. Monday: Governors' meetirin Newman College. 2.30, TueSday, _While.: Mass. Cotton College, 11.30 Wednesday: Visits sick and

hoots, Holy Family Parish. Small Heath, 10.30. Thursday: Theological Commission meeting.

Bishop Cleary. Auxiliary of Birmingham-Sunday: mass and preaches. Unlyersitv Charlialncy. Oxford. 10.15. Mass and Confirmation. University Chaplaincy. Oxford. 11.45. Presides at Lourdes celebrations, Hednestord. 4. Monday: Y.C.W. Chaplains' meeting, Trustees. meeting, Archbishop's House, 2.30. Tuesday: Jubilee Mass, Cotton College, 11.30.

Risher. emery, Auxiliary of Illirminoham-Saturday' Mass following all ninht vigil of Legion al Mary, All Souls. Coventry, 6.30. Sunday: Mass and Con ermatien, Thyme. 12. Monday: Governors of Newman College of EdurstIon meeting, 2.30. Tuesday: Jubilee Mass, Cotton College. 11.30. Wednescloy: Visits srhools and sick, Bicester. lhurtclay: c oncelebrates Mass, Westminster Cathedral.

Bishop Gray. Auxiliary of Liverpool-Saturday: Annual Mass for HsrtritrapPed ChIldren, Syr red Heart. Charley. 3 Sunday. Mass. Churrh of Twelve Apostles, Leigh. 9.30. Confirmation and Benediction, Confirmation St James'. Orrell. 5.30 Monday' Courell of Administration meeting. Curial Offices. 11. Tuesday: Mass of Silver Jubliarians, Colton Coiione, 11.30. Wednesday Annual 0SrOtian mesons, osrott col. lave, 12. Thuredav: Visits schools and sick. St. James's Parish. Bootle, 10.30 Confirmation, 7.30.

Archbishop Cowderay of SouthwarkThursday: Mass for Dim Schools Pilgrimage. Aylesford. 11.30. Mass to Henn Lir the Fauns') Mai tyrs. StroOd. Kent, 7.30.

Bishop Worlork of PortsmouthSunday-henndayConfirmation and vlsi. Satin,,. Aldershot. TuesdayFeast day celebrations. St. John's Seminary. Wonersh. 11 Wednesday' Diocesan Trustees' meeting, Bishop's Rouse. Portsmouth, 2 30.

Bishop Grant of NorthamptonFriday; Pax Chriatl. meeting, London, 6, K.S.C. Action Committee meeting. 9. Saturday: A e.m. Church Music Association. 12. Sunday-Monday. Visitation, Sacred Heart Church. Luton. Tuesday: Diocesan Priests' Day. Shrine of our Lady of WalsIngham. Wednesday: Visits Diocesan Students. St. Edmund's. Ware. Thursday: Solemn Blessing of Church of Our Lady of Light, Long Crendon, Burks.

Bishop Clark, Auxiliary of Northampton-Sunday: Visitation, Our Lady of Goad Counsel and St_ Peter. March. Carobs. Monday: Priests' Catecnetical meeting. Norwich. Tuesday: Priests' Day. Waist ngham. Wednesday: Consecration of New Altar. St. Pancras. Ipswich. Thursday: Crowning of Statue of Our Lady of Fatima, Walsineham. Friday: Reception to take leave of Bishop of Norwich Norwich Castle.

B ishop Ellis of Nottingham-Saturday: A.G.M. Union of Ca/hulk Mothers, Nuttinghgm„ 3.

Bishop Holland of Salford-Saturday: Interviews candidates for priesthood, Cathedral House, Salford, 2.30. Sunday: Visitation. 11. Confirmation, 3. St. Mary. Blackburn. Tuesday: Clergy Senate, Allen Hall. Manchester, 10.30. Wednesday. Presents Teachers' Religious Certificates. Hopwood Hall College of Education, Middleton, 11. Thursday: St. Gabriel's Governors' meeting, 3. Alien Hall Governors, 4.30.

Bishop Burke, Auxiliary of SalfordSunday: Visitation. St. Mary. Sabden. 11 Tuesday: Clergy Senate. Allen Hall. Manchester. 10.30.

Bishop Rudderham of Clifton-Sunday, Visitation, Stroud. Confirmation. 3.30. Tuesday' Attends performance by Bristol Catholic Players, Newman Hall, Rristc I. Wednesday: Mass and Confirmation. All Hallows School. Cranmore, 11. Thursday: K.S.C. dinner. Gloucester.

B ishop Restieaux of PlymieuthSunday: Mass and visitation, 11. Confirmation. 3. K inson. Thursday: PAC:Intern for Canon Charles Scanlon, Sacred Heart, Bideford, 11.30.

Bishop Casey of Brentwood-Tuesday: Mass and Confirmation. St. Antony's. Forest Gate. 7.30. Wednesday: Blesses new primary school. Shoeburyness. 4. Thursday: Mass and Confirmation, Hole Family, Deflate. 7.30.

Bishop Cunningham of Haxham and Newcastle-Sunday: visitation and Confirmation. Hayden Bridge, 3.30. Wednesday: Governors' meeting, St. Mary's College. Fenham. 2. Thursday: Finance Committee, Bishop's House. 2.30.

Bishop Wheeler of Leeds--Saturday:

Laity Council meeting, 10.30. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, Mount St. Mary's, Leeds. Monday: School Mass. Windhill, 11. Tuesday: Visitation and Confirmation, St. Peter's Leeds, 7.30. Thursday: Finance Commission meeting, 11. Friday: Mass at Colleges of Education, Horsforth.

Bishop Foley of Lancaster-Sunday: Mass and attends a g m. of U.C.M.. Priory. Workington, 1.45. Wednesday: Interviews students for priesthood. Underley Hall, 10.30. Thursday: Visitation and Confirmation, St_ Mary, Yealand, 7.

Bishop Grasar of Shrewsbury-Sunday: Altar Servers awards. Our LOY'S,

Stockport., Monday-f rider: Retreat. Acton Burnell.

Bishop Bowen of Arundel and Brighton Friday: Attends dinner in aid of eFriends of Peru" Hove. Sunday: Concelebrates Masa,. Barnham, 10. Meets parishioners. Tuesday: Concelebretts Mass, St. John's Seminary, Wortersh, 11. Wednesday: Visitation Reigate. 5.30. Mass and Confirmation. Reigate, 7.30.

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