Page 2, 7th November 1941

7th November 1941
Page 2
Page 2, 7th November 1941 — CATHOLIC SOCIAL SERVICE Post.War Plans

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Locations: Manchester, Nottingham


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SIR, — War-time conditions have greatly extended the scope of public and social work, and it is certain that after the war the demand for workers in this field will be very great. Unless, after the war, there are trained Catholics properly qualified to fill the many

positions wetich will then be available we

shall lose a very great opportunity.'

Recognising this fact the University Catholic Federation in February last formed a Social Science Section under the chairmanship of Councillor Mrs, Kandla11 of Manchester. The objects ot this section are briefly, to encourage more Catholics to take up public and social work, and in particular to ensure that those who do so are properly trained, not only as social workers but as Catholic social workers.

During the last six months all available information as 'to the careers which such work offers, types of positions available, best means or entry, training and qualifications necessary, has been collected and circulated to those interested. Lectures have been given and pamphlets on the subject arc in preparation.

As a preliminary to further action it is now proposed to hold a meeting to review the position of Catholics with regard to public and social work, to consider the best means of securing the ends at which we aim, and in particular to discuss the training of the Catholic social worker.

The meeting will be held in Nottingham from December 26-28, His Lordship the Bishop of Nottingham hes given his special approval and blessing to the project.

The meeting will be of an informal nature. There will be noofficial speakers, but it is hoped that many Catholics promineet in such work will be present to lead the discussion. It is also hoped that all interested Catholic organisations will send representatives. It is felt that this will be a unique opportunity For Catholics to meet to discuss a subject of great uigency and importance. We invite all interested especially those engaged in any kind of public or social work to come. to Nottingham and join the discussion.

I shall be very pleased to send lull details to anyone intereetcd,

EILEEN FENNESSY. Secretary, Social Science Section, University Catholic Federation.


Sit,—I think the following words of wisdom from the leading article of the Economist of October 25 deserve to be put on record for the delight of readers of the CATHOLIC HERALD!

" First of all, belief in miracles must go Miracles happen and will happen again; but belief in them is the foundation of the Maginot mirage which leads nations to their destruction."

Joust N. BRAY.

Loreto, 132, Abbots Road, Abbots Langley, Watford, Herts.

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