Page 7, 7th November 1941

7th November 1941
Page 7
Page 7, 7th November 1941 — Notes for Ransomers

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Organisations: Police Force, Catholic Church
People: Ransomers There


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Notes for Ransomers

Keywords: Badge

There was a Policeman in Brighton—

My notes about wearing the Ransom Badge three weeks ago, brought me the following very interesting letter:—

" I am wondering if I may proffer a spoonful of jam to accompany the mild pill of correction you have administered to defaulting Ransomers re badges?

" The following is an incident which occurred during my last summer holiday before the outbreak of war.

" I had made a solitary excursion into Brighton for the day, and near one of the entrances to the Pavilion I paused to study a map, in order Cu decide whether I could find nty way unaided to the first objective, quite unaware that I had been under police observation while doing so. (No, this is not a sensational spy story, though it may read like one).

" I finally enquired of the genial inspector who approached me the best way to get tn. Bristol Road. ' Which end did you want?" Well,' I replied, ' I understand there is a Catholic church there, and I should like to make a short visit if possible." Ah,' he exclaimed,' I thought you would want to know something like that when f saw your budge. I am a member of the Guild of Our Lady of Ransom' and he directed me accordingly.


'' Brighton has had a hot time in the blitz since then, and I have thought of him several times and wondered as to his fate. Has any Brighton reader of the HERALD any information, I wander, as to who he can have been, and if he has survived?"

So you see, wearing the Badge enables Ransomers to help one another and even obtains the assistance of the Police Force.

It might lead to many nice acquaintances or perhaps friendships with kindred spirits, who would never have known they had anything in common, but for the wearing of the badge.


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