Page 7, 7th November 1941

7th November 1941
Page 7
Page 7, 7th November 1941 — Obituary

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Dom G. HobsonMatthews, O.S.B.

DUNKIRK HERO: DEATH NOW OFFICIALLY RECORDED The War Office has now officially recorded the death of Dom Geoffrey Gervasse Hobson-Matthews, 0.S.13,, C.F., who remained behind on Dunkirk beach.

Many stories of the heroism of this Downside priest have been told since the British troops were evacuated from France, all of which confirm his coolness and perseverance in the fulfilment of his priestly duties among the wounded and dying that lay exposed to unremitting enemy fire.

His diary, in which he recorded his experiences up to the last, was found by a Belgian peasant, who gave it to a British officer, who in his turn brought it to England and showed it to another officer, who had been educated at Downside, and who recognised the hand-writing.

The Abbot of Downside, Dom R.. S. Trafford, speaking to a newspaper man, said that the officer to whom the peasant gave the diary sent it to the War Office. " I wrote to Whitehall, but was told that unfortunately the diary had been lost. Since then the body has been found and identified on Dunkirk beach," added the Abbot.

Sister Patrick


The sudden death of Sister Patrick, of the Convent of the Holy Trinity, Kidderminster, will come as a great shock to her many friends and acquaintances throughout the district. For thirty years she has minisMed to the sick and poor of Kidderminster. Her name is a household word and her familiar figure could be seen daily in the streets and alleyways of the town. She was held in the highest respect by everyone, as witnessed by the fine response to the annual effort in the Town Hall each St. Patrick's night to raise funds for her work.

Born in Tipperary eighty-three years ago and after spending twenty-five years at Lyons in France, she undertook a course of hospital training and nursing at the Convent of her Order and came to Elderslie with the Community when all Religious orders were expelled from France. The body was brought to the parish church on Wednesday till the Solemn Requiem Mass on Thursday at 9.30, followed by the internment in the Catholic portion of the Kidderminster Cemetery.

Mr. L. W. Cafferata

DIES SUDDENLY AT STIFFKEY By the sudden death of Mr. Louis William Cafferata, of Stiffkey, Old Hall, Norfolk, NM., Norfolk's meagre 'Catholic population loses a generous and valued member.

Mr. Cafferata, who died on Friday, of last week, was born in 1875, the son of the late Mr, R. Cafferata, of Harrowby House, Grantham, and Newark-on-Trent. He went to school at Stonyhurst.

For many years, Mr, Cafferata was in business at Newark-on-Trent. He had a house in Sheringham, Norfolk, and about four years ago, he bought Stiffkey Old Hall, the fine embattled house next to Stiffkey Parish Church, built by SO Roger Bacon, son of Elizabeth's Lord Keeper' and brother of Francis, the essayist.

The Requiem Mass was said on Monday in the Catholic Church at Wells-next-Sea, Norfolk, by Father A. T. Brewer, parish priest, who since the coming of the Cafferatas to Stiffkey had offered up a regular Mass in the private chapel of the Hall. The interment followed in Wells Cemetery.

Mrs. Randall


Mrs. Elizabeth Randall, mother of Fr. W. J. Randall, C.M.S. (Editor of the Catholic Gazette), and widow of the late John Randall, of Liverpool, died last week at Northwood, Middlesex. She had celebrated her ninetieth birthday last July

The Requiem Mass was said by Fr. Randall at St. Matthew's, Northwood, and Fr. Owen Dudley (Superior, C.M.S.) officiated at the grave.

Mrs. Randall had been a frequent reviewer For the Catholic Gazette until shortly before her death,

Miss Pauline Perry

AVON DASSETT BENEFACTRESS The death has occurred at Bitham Hall, Avon nesse% Warwickshire, of Miss Pauline Marie Therese Perry, at an advanced age. The deceased was a liberal patron and helper of all good causes in the village and benefactress of St. Joseph's Church.

The Right Rev. Abbot Leonard, 0.S.B., celebrated the Requiem Mass in St. Joseph's Church, Avon Dassett, built by Miss Perry's great-uncle in 1854, and the burial took place in the family vault in St. Joseph's Churchyard.

The Archbishop of Birmingham was represented at the Requiem by Father F. W. Stanbridge, Vi:,, of Leamington, and others present included Lord and Lady Ilkeston, Lord Saye and Sele, Colonel and Lady Victoria de Trafford, Baroness Profumo and Miss Profumo, the Hon. Mrs. Hansbury, Canon Feist (the Anglican Vicar), Colonel and Mrs. Worrell and Mrs. Weld.

St. Joan's Alliance Annual Requiem

The Arinual Mass for the repose of the souls of members, associates and benefactors of St. Joan's alliance was offered at St. Patrick's, Soho Square, on Sunday, November. 2, at 10.30. On every second Sunday of the month, Mass is offered at St. Patrick's at 9.10 for Peace and for all those fallen in the war.

The annual Requiem for past lecturers, students and benefactors of St. Mary's College, Strawberry Hill, will be sung on Wednesday, November 19, at II a.m.

The sum of £82 135, 7d. has been subscribed by Catholics of Nottingham towards the National Air Distress Fund, a collection for which was made in the city churches on October 19.

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