Page 8, 7th November 1941

7th November 1941
Page 8
Page 8, 7th November 1941 — "ASTROLOGERS—

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Ronald Frankau


No flavour of propaganda marred the Foyle " astrological " luncheon. It was a completely individual show with Ronald Frankau (in the chair) calling the astrologers " those brilliant comedians ", Mr. Naylor admitting he was wrong (or the stars were) over

the Hitler-Stalin prophecy and Gipsy Petulengro reviving (and, it must be added, scouting) the base rumour that when the astrologer's copy does not arrive in time, editors often set to and write the prophecies themselves!

Lyndoe who, perhaps, has the most feverish following of them all, had stayed at home in his Welsh fastness—thus preserving at least one " mystery."

More than that, we began the luncheon with the Catholic Grace said by Father de Ternant—the first time I have heard it said at a public secular junction for a long time.

Benign Mr. Naylor called Lyndoe an optimist. Now what did he mean by that? These astrologers keep identifying themselves with the stars.

But surely the stars cannot lie or even exaggerate, Or can they?

But Mr. Naylor says much wise things himself that he could easily run a column on his own and let the stars go hang, " When this war is over," he said, " we will be in danger of dictatorship of the scientific hierarchy."

" Keep your eye on the shipping and see that the shipping scandal after the last war which has no parallel in history is not repeated."

Sterile women is another danger, Mr. Naylor secs in store for this country.

Petulengro spilled some rare beans such as the tit-bit about the editors. " They can't do that to me," he said, " because I write my own column a month in advance!" And in a single sentence he disclosed a mystery that has baffled the human race from the beginning. " Ladies," he said, " if you want your children to be boys, don't eat sugar. If you want girls, then plenty sugar!" , It is as simple as that.

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