Page 2, 7th November 1947

7th November 1947
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Page 2, 7th November 1947 — ANSWERS

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What Is the relationship of Jeremiah, Jeremias, and Jeremy?

The Douay Version presents proper names as derived from Greek through Latin. Protestant versions retain " iah " for names ending thus in honour of the Divine Name " yah "which is disguised in our form (Pope. 0.P.: Catholic Students " Aids " to the Bible).

" Jerome," from " Hieronymus," is probably responsible for the oncepopular "Jeremy." Mgr. Knox, in his recent translation of the New Testament, uses it for the prophet Jeremias." It is an approved "Christian " name.

Where UM I Sod Catholic statistics?

In the " Catholic Directory " at any presbytery.

Why was the Infant Church predominantly Jewish?

Because the Jews were the chosen people of God. Our Saviour was the " Messiah " who lived and died for all mankind. St. Paul, the " vessel of election," was the Apostle of the World. Under his leadership the promise of Pentecost was fulfilled; and " devout men of every nation " were drawn into a fold which can embrace all humanity.

Is not your Liturgy " Jewish" In its basis?

Naturally. Our Divine Saviour, a devout observer of the old law which He came " not to destroy but to fulfil," grafted the Last Supper of His Sacrificial End on to the last prefiguring Pasch. He gave thanks for its fulfilment in the very words of a Jewish Psalm, and cried out a Jewish supplication as He died for all humanity. The Roman Liturgy is a lovely embroidery on the warp and woof of Jewish worship. Your devout Jewish friend will find himself quite " at home" in our Liturgical books-and you might get some pleasant surprises in the " Authorised Prayer Book" used by Hebrews throughout the British Empire.

Are not other works of Papini available in English?

Yes; Mr. Peter Gregory mentions " Dante Vivo " (bibliography), " A Man Finished " (autobiography), "Four and Twenty Minds " (essays) and " Labourers in the Vineyard " (essays), as available in public libraries.

Can the faithful in general receive " Communion at ally time "?

No; the privilege announced in our columns and commented upon in " Points from Letters," referred to seafarers in the archdiocese of Westminster. The laity in general who laudably receive Holy Communion at late Masses must observe the rule of " fasting from midnight " under the general law.

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