Page 2, 7th November 1958

7th November 1958
Page 2
Page 2, 7th November 1958 — An Italian Pope

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Organisations: Papal government
People: John W. Kennedy


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An Italian Pope

SIR.-An Italian Cardinal has again been elected Pope. Your comments, please.

John W. Kennedy 20, Court Lane, S.E.21.

The fact that despite a nonItalian majority ill the Conclave tor the first time the Cardinals, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, elected an Italian pope is an indication that there are considerable advantages in such a choice. it has little or nothing to do with nationality as such. Tradition and convenience, other things being equal, suggest that as for geographical, linguistic and training reasons the work of the Vatican is done in the main by Italians, the Pope himself may advantageously be an Italian. This is probably particularly the case when a worthy candidate has had considerable experience of Papal government and service. Obviously such reasons would not weigh against any candidate, of whatever nationality. who was thought by the Cardinals to be the most worthy Vicar of Christ.-EDITOR, C.H.

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