Page 4, 7th November 1980

7th November 1980
Page 4
Page 4, 7th November 1980 — The role of the law

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Locations: Birmingham


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The role of the law

MRS FAUX, October 17, draws attention to the plight of the unemployed disabled, and to employers who flout the law, Could she give us more details as to how individuals and groups, such as Justice and Peace groups, could help? For example the Idw and how it is enforced, and whether our local employers are conforming with the law, While I accept that Mrs Faux may be right in saying that we in J and P do not pay enough attention to local or national issues, actions in the name of Justice and Peace such as those taken by the Diocese of Birmingham should be unequivocally applauded.

Bob Lyons Sheffield

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