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7th November 2003
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Page 12, 7th November 2003 — Bishops' diaries

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Bishops' diaries

November 9 to November 15

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Cardinal C Murphy-O'Connoe (Westminster): klon Thu L3 November: Bishops Conference mtg (Hinsley Hall. Leeds). Thu:pm 'A Night under the Stars' concert & reception I or The Passage (Central Hall, Westminster). 1ri:10ain Archbishop's Council: 4pm: Invest Imre Ceremony (Lady Chapel, Westminster Cathedral). Sal:am V 'Towards Advent' Festival (Westminster Cathedral 11311): 6prie M for the Feast ()15t Edmund of Conti:lbw y. St Edmund's Parish Beckenham Archbishop V Nichols iBioningharn Sun: Parish Visitation coned, Stoke; 12noon: M Keck University; 4pne M for Young People of Stoke-on.Treni, Si Joseph's. Goldenhill. Mon-Thu: Btshops' November /mg, London; Thu:7pm C Cannock. Fri:7pm Launch of Worcester Partnership. Sar:2:30pm Installation of new Bishop or Lichfield: Sat-Sun 9 November: V Birmingham East.

Archbishop P Kelly (I .iverpool); SunMon: cont'd Ecumenical Theological Symposium, Stuttgart. Mon-Thu 13 November: Bishops' Conference of England & Wales nag, Hinsley Hall, Leeds. Fri:7:30pm Gala Dinner Dance, Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, Liverpool. Sat:7:30pm Gala Conceit. Mettopolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, Liverpool. Archbishop M Boren (Southwark* SUn:3.30pm C Strood. Mon-Thu 13 November: Bishops' Conference, Hinsley Hall. Sa1:3prn M if Thanksgiving for the Canonisation of St Pedro Poveda:Teresian Association, St George's Catheth al.

Bishop K Conry (Arundel & Brighton):Son-Thu 13 November, Bishops' Conference mtg, [Tinsley Hall. • Me•CiS WW1 Catholic Sixth Form ers of the Diocese. Wonersh; 7pni: Presentation Evening, St Dominic 'n Sch. Godultning. Sat: l lam Opens Catholaily Baraar, Brighton; 6:15pm V Knaphill parish. Bishop P Pargeter {B'ham auxil):Sun: V cont'd, Our Lady Help of Chistians parish, Cowley. Mon-Thu 13 November: Bishops' Nos ember mtg, London. Sat-Suit 16 November: Parish Visitation, Longion. Bishop T McMahon (Brentwood): Stin:Iltant Remembrance Day Service & fslass, Stock: 3,30pm: Requiem Mass for KSC Members. Cathedral. MonWed: Bishops' Conference, Leeds. Sat..5pm Vigil !vfass. Basildon. Bishop 1/, Lang ((linon): Mon.Thu: Bishops' Cenference, Hinsley Hall, Leeds.

Bishop M Evans (Ens' Anglia): Sun:6prn Induction of new University Chaplain. Mon-Thu 13 November: The Catholic Bishops' Conference, Leeds; ThualOpm Suffolk Church Leaders meet clergy. Haverhill. Sat:) lam3)30pm Diocesan Justice & Peace Consultative mtg, Wymondham. Bishop J Rawsthorne Mann* San: V our I,tidy of Perpetual Help, Bentley

13Iessed English Martyrs. Askern. Mon-Wed 12 November: Bishops' Conference, Hinsley Hall. Iii: V cont'd; 7pm: C St Mary Magdalene, Cudworth.

S et: lOurn Justice & Peace Day, Si Bernard's Catholic High School, Rotherham: 6pm: Sesquicentennial Mass, St Vincent de Paul, Sheffield. Bishop A Griffiths (Hex ham & Newcastle): Son:9am M St Cuthbert, Cowpen; I lam & 6pm: M Our Lady & Sc Wilfrid, Blyth. Mon-Thu 13 November: Bishops' Coact owe. Him Icy Hall. Leeds; l'hu:7pm M for Carers. Si Aloysius. Flebburn, Fri: C St Robert's, Fcnham. Sat: Main Council of Laity mtg. Ushaw College, Durham: 6pne C St Patrick's, Stockton on Tees. Bishop P O'Honoghtte (Lancaster): Mon-Thu 13 November: Bishops' Conference mtgs. hi:I 0:30am Bishop's Council mtg.

Bishop D Koristant (Leeds): Sun.leam

✓ St Clare's, Bradford. Mon-Thin CBCEW mtg. Hinsley Hall. Fri:9:30am Bishops' Council, Ilinsrey Hall; 12:30pin Annual Requiem Mass for deceased clergy, Cathedral. Sat:10am Institutes Lector & Acolytes, Minsky

Bishop A Roche (coadjutor. Leeds): S umlOant V St Theresa's, Queensbuty. Mon-Thu: CBCEW iltig, Flinsley Hall; thu:Spm Presides at Catholic Pollee Guild Annual Requiem Mass, Westminster Cathedral. Fri:9:30am Bishtips' Council Hinsley Hall; Ipm: ICEL mtg. ilinsley Hall. Bishop V Malone (L'pool Sum: V St Matthew, Liverpool. Mon-Tha 13 November; Bishops' Conference of England & Wales mtg, Hinsley Hall, Leeds. Fri:10am Liverpool Hope University College Comntittee 7:30pin Gala Dinner Dance, Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ ihe King. liverpool. Sai:3:10pm V M Sm Cecilia, liver Bishop T IVilliarns (L'pool auxi.1): Sun:10:30am Cenotaph Service of Remembrance, Liverpool. Mon-Thu 13 November: Bishops' Conference of England & Wales Mtg. HinSley Hall, LCULIS. Ell:7:30pH C Si Teresa of the Child Jesus, Liverpool. Sat:7:31)prn Gala Concert, Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, Liverpool. Bishop J Crowley (Middlesbrough): Sun: coned Parish Visitation & Confirmation: Kam: 9:30a iii & 1 I am M St John or Beverley, Beverley. mon-wea 12 November: Bishops' Mtg, Hinsley

Hall, Leeds. SaEant Attends J & P

St Francis of Assisi, Middlesbrough. Bishop M McMahon (Nottingham): Sun:10:45arn Annual Service of Remembrance at the War Ntemorial, Victoria Embankment, Nottingham. Mon-Thu: Bishops' Conference, Hins. Icy Hall. Leeds; Thu: 11:30am Briars Trustees mtg„ Crich. Sat:11:30ani Commissioning Mass for Special Ministers of the Eucharist, St Rarnabas Cathedra,t Bishop C Hauls (Portsmouth): MonThu 13November: Bishops' mtg,Hinsley Hall. Pastoral Centre, Leeds. Fri: Called by Christ:Clergy Formation Study Day, Discovery Centre. Portsmouth. Sat: 3prit Mass Of Thanksgiving, Terestan Association for the Canonisation of their founder St Pedro Poveda, St George's Cathedral. Southwark. Bishop T Brain (Safford): Sun: I law Remembrance Day Service, Cenotaph, Manchester. Mott-Thu: Bishops' Conference M. England & Wales,

Icy Hall, Leeds.

Bishop B Noble (Shrewsbury): Sum V St Winefride's, Shrewsbury. Mom Wed 12 Novernher: kltg of Bishops' Conference of England & Wales. Hinsley Hall, Thu:10;30am Children's Society AGM, Si Paul's, Beechwuorl. Fri:10am-3pm Mig with newly appointed teachers to the Diocese. Ramada Jarvis Hotel, Chester.

Bishop C Henderson (S'warli. Auxil ). Sunlpin Special Service for 'School Governors, Maidstone_ Mon Thu. 'hi• of the Bishops' Coact core. .. Hall Centre, Leeds. Sat:2..30plo ( ',brutes Memorial Mass for the 1.0: Roy Brennan, CSSR, founder or th. Patlaya orphanage. Westminster Cathe • drat.

Bishop .1 Hine (S'wark Auxil Sun:8:30am M Bethersden; 3prn. Commissions new seh governors, Sc Francis, Maidstone. Mon-Wed 12 November: Catholic Bishops' Conference, Hinsley Hall, Leeds. Thu:10am Opens Information Resources Centre, St Bartholomew's Catholic Primary Sett, Swanley. Err: V St Edmund's Comprehensive Sch, Dover. Sar:2-4pm Area Justice & Peace mtg, The Ilermitage, West Mall ing.

Bishop H Tripp (S.wark Auxil) : Sun:12 noon M in honour of St Martin de Porres for the Caribbean community. Si James the Great. Peckham Rye; 6:30pm Interfaith Network Remembrance Day Scusiec, BriX11.111. Sat 15111 :10:30am C St John Fisher Church. Merton; 60n. C Chinch or the English Martyrs, Watworth. Bishop A Hopes (W'Mi nster Au sil Sun: cont'd V Whitton. Mon-Tlitt 13 November: Mtg of Bishops' Confercrux, Leeds. Fri:10am Archbishop's Council tutg: pm: interviews & Engagements, Archbishop's House, Sat: Church Link, Annual Celebrations & AGM, Brook Green.

Bishop B Langley (W'minster Auxin: Sun: coned V Sr Joseph's. Whitton. Mon-Thu: Bishops' Conference, Tlinsley Hall, Leeds: Thu:12:30pm Lunch & ilitg, Kentish Town palish. 6pm: International Refugee Network nog, Vaughan House; 7:30pm "Night with the Stars" evening for The Passage at Central Hall, Westminster. Fri:10am

Archbishop's Council: V St Seholastica's Primary Sch, Sat: V St Scholastica's parish, Clapham

Bishop .J O'Brien (W'minster. Hens area): Sun: com'd V Marychurch, Hatfield. Mon-Thu; Bishops' Conference, llinsley Hall, Leeds. Fri: I nam Archbishop's Council, Archbishop's !louse.

Bishop G Stack (W'mirister area): Sun: V to Our Lady of Lourdes parish, New Southgate. Mon-Wed: Bishops' Conference nag, Leeds. Thu: Secondary Headteachers' ('onference, Sopwell House, St Albans, Herts. Fri:10am Archbishop's Council; 12pm: Mtg of Cardinal Pornpedda with the Archbishop or Canterbury, Lambeth Palace: 7:3(lpui Diaconate Ordination of Javier Ruiz, Si Bernadette's parish, Hillingdon. fiante3Opm M St Gregory's, Barnet. Bishop T Boras (FOrCCS): SUM! Remembrance Service, RAF Mariann. Mon-Wed: Bishops' Conference, 11 insley HOE Tim: Speaker Dinner In and Our Club. London.


Archbishop P Smith (Cardiff): Sun:11am C St Mary's. Stow Hill, Newport Mon-Thu: Bishops' Conference. Leeds.

Bishop M Jahale (Merv:via); MoriThu; Bishops' Conference of England A.: Wales. Fri: M St Marlin's. A motel-on lt Prep. School, Bishop E Regan (Wrexham.): MonThu: Bishops' Conference. Leeds. Fri:3.30p111 Launch of Denbighshire

Fairtrade Coalition. Denbigh Town Hall. 5a1:10Lim Diocesan Pastoral Council, Loreto, Llandudno.

Key.. M-Mass. C-Confirrnatiort.

tatinn. 0-Ordination. Mfg-Meeting. Sch-Schua ES-Ecumenical Set Vier.

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