Page 8, 7th October 1983

7th October 1983
Page 8
Page 8, 7th October 1983 — Bishops Engagements

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Organisations: Maidenhead College, Anglican Church, Finance Committee, St. George's Catriedret, St Mary's School, Laity Commission, Ecumenical Society of Blessed Virgin Mary, St Aelred's High School, Bishop's Council, Gunnersbory School, Radio Cleveland Advisory Committee, Thunder Council of Resta, Brandon's College, Oscott, Annual Legal Service, Plymouth Catholic Marriage Advisory Council, PinanCe Committee, SI Francis' Society Council, Diocesan Council of Priests, Prients' EuChariBlIC League, St Bernadelle's Church, Civic M. Church, Civic Ecumenical Service, Comprehenalve School, Tharess's School, Wine and Ch08110 Party, Cotton College, St. Peters School, Lancashire Ecumenical Church, St Anthony's Church, Franciscan Study Centre, Colton College, St Mary's College, End Youth Centre, Social Welfare Commission, Bishop Chationer Comprehensive Boys' School, Catholic Teachers' AssoCiatIon, St Edmund's College, Wiseman Association, Vialts Pope Paul School, Maricourt High School, OlooeSan Council, New Hall School, St Anselm's College, Saints Pastoral Centre, St Thomas's Church, Ecumenical Society of the Blessed Virgin Mary, King Church, St Joseph's School, Bishops Committee for the Deal


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Bishops Engagements

C CorifIrmatIon. M Man. 0 Ordination. V Vlsitaticm.

Cardinal Hume, Archbishop ol WeelMiriater Synod of Bishops. Rome. for the whole of this month

Archbishop Iowan ol Southwerk. Farley: Youth Chaplaincy SuPPort Group. Weal Croydon, pm. Sunday: C, Cheseington, 3.30. Monday: Anniverury SA f or ArChbishop Cosygeruy, St, George's Cathedral, 7 30 Wednesday: Anniversary M, Metropoliten Catholic Teachers' AssoCiatIon, St. George's Catriedret, 530 Thursday: C, Cranbrook, 7 30

Arehblehop Coen de MunrIlle of Birmingham. Seturday/Sundey: V and C, Sacred Heart, Tipton Sunday: Preaches at Opening ol Term Service, Liver. pool University, 7, Monday: Wiseman Lecture. 00000 College, 4 Tueedsy. NI, Newman Collage, 11.30. Wednesday: kl and visits St. Peters School, Solihull, 11. ThUraday kSG Golden Jubilee M and Dinner, Newcastleuoder-Lyme.

Archbishop Ward al Centel. Friday: Arch diocesan Coo of Priests, Nazereth Hoary. Cardiff. 2.15 Saturday: M, Convent of Holy Ghost, Pontypool. 3.30 Sunday: Annual Legal Service. Lien11811 Cathedral. it. WedneSday: Celebration Lunch for Golden Jubilee of Fr. J. Brennan. Newport, 12.30.

S leliop Alexander of Clifton. Friday: St. joseorfs Scheel, Devizes, 10 30. Wine and Ch08110 Party at Si, Brandon's College, Bristol, in launch the Friends Of St Brendan's. 7.30 Saturday: V. St. Joseph's. Devizes, Sunder V, immaculate Convey. lion, Devizes, C 11, Preaches at all Masses. Tuesday: Chapter Meeting, Cathedral HOulte, Clifton, 11. C. St. Osmund's, Salisbury, 7 Wednesday: M, Si. Samuel. his Comprehenalve School, Whitchurch, on no. cesiOn of 25th Anniversary of opening of school, 7.30 Saturday" C, Si Joseph's, Wroughfon, 7.30

B ishop Brewer, Auxiliary ol Shrewsbury. Friday, Golden Jubilee Celebration, St Anselm's College. Birkertheed. 7.30. Saturday: Addresses Wolverhampton Branch Of the Ecumenical Society of the Blessed Virgin Mary, 3 Sunday: 01 110101 Opening of new church, TelfOrd M, St Ambrose Deanery Pastoral Council Holy Year Pilgrimage, Shrewabury. 4. Wednesday: meeting of OlooeSan Council tor Social Waif ere. Maim, T Thursday: PA and presents Miss Vera Davidson with Bene Marenti medel, Stockport, 7.30.

B ishOP Burke, Auxillery of Selleol. Friday. Begins V of Carpus Christi, Miles Petting. Blessing and Opening of new infant School, St Josepna, Heywood. 7.30. Saturday: Youth Pilgrimage Reunion. well End Youth Centre, Blackburn, 8, Sunder V. 10 30 C. Corpus Christi. Mlle* Platting, 3. Wed • C, St. Clare's, Bloc k ley, Manchester B ishop Clot of Feat Anglia. Sunday: Pri, Aldeburgh. Tuesday: G, Sudbury.

B ishop Cleary, Auxiliary ol ISIrmIngham. Friday: Meeting Damascus House, Landon, 715 Saturday: Meeting ol Ecumenical Society of Blessed Virgin Mary, 3. Sunder Civic M. Church of ths Good Shepherd, BlurtOn,Stoke-on.Trent, 10.30. Tuesday: Executive Meeting. Friends of Cardinal Newman, Birmingham Oratory. 4.15. Wednesday. Con. celebrated H. Patron& Feast, St Wilfrid's, Colton College. Thunder M and G, West Indian Chaplaincy. Birmingham, 7.30.

Bishop Emery at Portsmouth. Friday: C, Our Lady at the Assumption end Si. Edward, The Confeseor. Lyndhurst, pin. Unbar V. Our Lady, Fleet. Tuesday-. Maidenhead College, 12 noon C. St. Francis Ascot, 7. Thunder Council of Resta Meeting, Bishop's House. 10 30 Bishop Foley ol Lancaster. Saturday: commissions Extraordinary Ministers of Iris Eucharist, BlehOna House, 1 t. Sunday: Preaches tor Annlver. miry of Cathedral Dedication, 10.30 Tuesday: Meeting for Area Vocations Promoters, Blehop's House. 11 Wednesday Church Leaders' Meeting. Bishop's Heuer', Blackburn. 2.30. Meeting for Diocesan Charities Evening, St Joseph's Preston. 7.30. Thursday: Misaiona Commiertion Meeting. Cathedral House, 7.30.

B ishop Grey. Bishop of Shrewsbury. Friday: Celebration Dinner, Woodhey Hotel, Ledsham, 7.30 Saturday; Performance ol local theatrical group. Floral Pevilion, New Brighton Tumidity: Bishop's Council Meeting, Curisi Offices, Birkenhead, 11. Presides Cl Blessing and Opening Ceremony, Bishop Chationer Comprehensive Boys' School, Birkenhead, 7 30 Wednesday: Presides at Catholic Social Our. vices Meeting, Melees, 7.

B ishop Ousztalll, Bishop In East London.

• Laity Commission, 9.30 Sunder Meets conflo mandl, Upper Holloway, 11. M, Highbury. 12 15 M end Inscription of C candidates, Kentish Town, 630 Monday: Talk 'The Christian in Politica", St Mary's College, 8. Wednesday: C, Upper Holloway, El Bishop Herds of Middlesbrough. FridaytSidur • day: Meeting of Social Welfare Commission, London. Sundry: Preaches at Judgea' Service, York Minster. Tuesday: Chairs Meeting of Radio Cleveland Advisory Committee, 11 Civic Ecumenical Service. Town Hall, Middlesbrough, 7.30. Thursday: C, St. Heddaie Church, Eglon Bridge. 6.30. Bishop Harvey, Mahan In North London. Friday: Meeting, Social Welfare Commission, pm. Saturday: North London Area Day, Turkey Sheet, Enfield.

B ishop Henderoon, Auxiliary of Southwerk. Fader Diocesan Bishops' Meeting, 10 NI, new Dominican Missionary Sisters Convent at SeekenhaM, 8. Saturday: H. 2nd Anniveraary ConseorallOn of Church, Orpington, and Promotion of Catholic Press 10.30, Address Meeting of Friends Of the Ferncombe Community, Maidstone, 2 SundayfThursday: Ecumenical Conference, Rome, B ishop Hitchin, Auxiliary of Liverpool. Sunday: V. Holy Grose St Helene Tuesday: V continued Wednesday: Lancashire Ecumenical Church Leader,' Meeting. Blackburn, 2.30. Sams Meeting, Maricourt High School, Meghull, 7 45.

Bishop Holland of Salford. Friday: Continues V, Antonia Saturday: Confessions. Mulberry Street, Manchester, 11. Sunder V, St Anne, Ancosta, 11 C, Si Anne, Ancoals 3. Walnaader Begins V, SI Michael's. Ancoats, Manchester North West Church Leaders, Blackburn, 2 30 Open Alex Group Home, Accrington, 5. Thursday: V. SI Thomas, Higher Broughton, Sall ord. Bishops Committee for the Deal, Green Hays, Manchester, 2.15.

B lehop Jukes, Auxiliary of Southwark. FrIdeeitsrbey: V, Canterbury Parish, Friday: Gives lecture at Catholic Teachers' Conference, Everslay Collage, FolkentOne. B. Saturday: 0 to diaconate at Franciscan Study Centre, Canterbury, 11.30. Sunder Participates in Augustinian Pilgrimage, Canterbury, principal celebrant al IA, St Thomas's Church, 3. Monday: Chaim Deans' meeting, Waal mailing, it. Celebrates UGH Rally Si, St George's Cathedral, 7.30 Tuesdar M. St Mary's Convent, Dover. 11.45. V. Sr Etheibert's Ramspale. Wednesday: Schools' Gommiasion Meeting. 10,30 Induction Of Parish Prep' al Rainlem, Park Wood, B Bishop itonsLant, Bishop In CenInd London. Friday: IA for Sion Manning School Jubilee, St Charles Square. 7.30. Safurdayillundey: V. Fulham Parish. Monday: Meeting 13th Form College Principals, St Philip's, Birmingham, 30,30. Tuesday: Westminster Deanery Meeting, 10 Wednesday: Meeting Farncombe Community, Sponsors GOcialming, It,

Sistine Lindsay of lifixtern and Newcastle. Friday: North East Ecumenical Group Meeting Auckland Castle, 2.30 Saturday: .0, Rev Peter Leighton, St Bede's, Newcastie on Tyne, 11 *under C, St Isturc Dramlington. 330 Wertheaday: PinanCe Committee. Bishop's House. NewCallite on Tyne, 230. B Whop McCartle, Auditory of Birmingham. Friday. Vietnamese Clamors! Centre, 2. Award, Papal Decoration, Stretford on Avon, 7.30. Saturday: Prt, Coventry RandleaPPed Childien's Fellowship, S. Sunday: M. St Joseph the Worker, BelordonAvon, 11. Enrolment of C candidaten. Our Lady. Cowley, 6.30. Monday/Tuesday: National Conference of UCM Swanwick. Wednesday: St WI Ilrld's Day. Cotton College, 8 Thursday: meeting at Buford Court Governors, 2. Presentation of Papal Awards, Si Patrick, Coventry, 730.

B ishop McGuinness of Nottingham. Friday'. Bleeses Extensions at Kirby Musick 3.30. Saturday: M for Disabled, Corpus Christi, Clifton, 3.30 Sunday: C. St Bernedette's, Scunthorpe. a Tuesday: Chapter Miele°. Wednesday: St Joseph's School, Cleelhorpas C, Cleeltexpes, 7. Thursday, AGM, Prients' EuChariBlIC League, Leicester. 11

Bishop McMahon ol Brentwood. Friday , Pk and bi new building, New Hall School, Chelmsford, 1045 Sunday:Judges' Service, Brentwood Bishop Mahon, Bishop in West London. Saturday/Mondry: V, Staines Thunder M for Caring Church Week. Gunnersbory School.

B ishop Merrrthy at Hallam. Sunday: C Kira Sandell. meeting thOss engaged in marriage preparation, Rotherham, B. Wednesday: School M end parish V at Woodiende. Lourdes' reunion. Rotherham, B. Thunder Opening of nursery school at Rettord.

B ishop O'Connor, Auxiliary of Liverpool. Sundeyr C, St Dominic's, Hoytoo, 1030 B ishop Murphy O'Connor at Arundel end Brighton. Saturday: Ecumenical Commemoration of Bishop George Ball, Chichester Cathedral, pm hi, Friary Perish, Crawley. 6.30. Sunday, V Friary Perish, Crawley. Tuesday: Meeting of Anglican and RC clergy, Arcic I. All Saints, Hove. am. Wedneeder Meeting of Anglican and RC clergy In East Sussex, Arcic I, Eastbourne, am. Thursdoyliteturday: Visits Woking Deanery Bishop O'Brien, Bishop In Hertfordshire. Friday: G, SI Auguatine's, Hoddesdon, B. Saturday: Meeting Harts Governors and Hearth:tanners. St Edmund's College, 10 30 Sunder. Pilgrimage of the Croares to Ayleeford. 230. Tuesday: Arse Clergy Day at All Saints Pastoral Centre, 10. Wednesday: Fin Green Stevenage AGM, 7.30. Thursday: Vialts Pope Paul School. Potters Bar, 11. Cathoilo Schools Co OrdinatIng Committee at Loreto Collage. 8 B ishop Kayla O'Brien, Blehop in Middlesbrough. Friday: Discussion with 6th Form, St Mary's School. Hull Preach at the Harveal Festival of St Martin's Anglican Church. 7 Saturday: Meeting of the Religious, HazIewood Castle. Monday/Friday: On Retreat, Ampletorth Abbey.

B ishop Pearson, Bishop in Cumbria. Frideerriday; Jubilee M and Celebrations' In Badalucco, Italy,

Bishop Reerethorne, Auxiliary of Liverpool. Friday: Meeting of John Paul II Trust, London, 3.30. Bolinder Permanent Deacons, St Thoreau', Waterloo, 9 Liturgy Representatives Day, St firkin's, Crosby, 10304 Sunday: V. Our Lady of Lourdes. Hillside. Tuesday: M. Feet Year parent, and Duple, St Aelred's High School, Newton-leWilloies, 7.30 Wednesday: V continued, Out Lady ol Lourdes, Hillside. Thursday: Schools Commission Meeting, Curial Off ices. 10 15. C, Sr Peter's, WOOltiton, 7.30.

B ishop Beetles,, of Plymouth. !Murder. Dedicates St Bernadelle's Church. Ensbory Park, Bournemouth, pm. Sunday: V and fit, St Anthony's Church, West MOM, Minot, 11. C, 3. Mender Hot Thanksgiving fOr Diocesan Catechelical Camps, Christ the King Church, Plymouth. 930 Tumidly: Meeting of Diocesan Council of Priests. Cathedral House, Plymouth, 230 Wednesday: AGM Plymouth Catholic Marriage Advisory Council. 7.30. Thursday: M lot Petrone! Feast, St Edward', Church, Peverell, Plymouth pm.

▪ SWIntlehurel. Auxiliary of lictium and Newcastle Friday: North East Ecumenical group meeting, Auckland Castle, 2.30. Saturday: V and C, St Peter and Paul, Stockton. Wednesday: Finance Committee. Bishop's House, Newcastle on Tyne. 230. Thunder SVP Celebration H. SI Marye. Sunderland, 7.30.

Bishop Thomas of Northampton. Friday. SI Francis' Society Council, Bishop's House Fridayeltunder V. SI Patrick's, (Alston Monday: Liturgy COMMIsslon Meeting. 10. Wiseman Association, Oscott, pm. Tuesday/Wednesday Post 0 Course, Clapham Park.' Wednesday: Visits Cotton College. Thursday: Visits Campion House baloney.

B ishop Tripp, Auxiliary of Southwark. Friday: Departs for Rome with Knights of St Columba Pilgrimage

Bishop Walmeley, Bishop of the Fames. Ikturder Leads Holy Year Military Pilgrimage, Ayles/ord, 2 Thursday: Comment., V. HMS Raleigh, "anZapm'Wbeelerof Leeds. Friday: hi, II Tharess's School. Cross Elates, Leeds, 9.30,

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