Page 1, 7th September 1945

7th September 1945
Page 1
Page 1, 7th September 1945 — CANON CARDYN CALLS FOR WORLD Y.C.W.

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Locations: Brussels


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No Question of Parlour or Sacristy Movement

"There can be no question of a sacristy or drawing room JOC. We an instrument which have no use for

works outside the masses."

So said Canon Cardyn, Y.C.W. founder, at the 20th Anniversary Rally in Brussels.

In a study discussion Canon Cardyn explained that the essential Y.C.W task consisted in making up for the nineteenth century neglect of the young worker. Between the end of school and marriage every worker has a right to be helped in the choke of a job and training for it, to training for marriage and cultural development not inferior to anyone else's.

There lies the secret of the deproletarianisation of the worker.


HaussELs Speaking in Brussels, 'at the chief rally of the 20th anniversary of the Jocist Movement, Canon Cardyn began by recalling the early days of the movement, when a small group of Young Workers, many of them not knowite; how to read or write, dared to undertake a crusade to raise the dignity of the workingclasses of the world.

To the Jocists of to-day he asked whether they were prepared to carry on in the wells' of barbarism and slavery which the present regime imposed.

" Are you ready to lead this crusade ? Will you be Tonnets and Garects who died at Dachau ? Will you be the giants 'of the faith ? \Sill you be the kruilders, justifying the hopes which JOC places in you ? Will you make the world accept the statute of the Workers Youth --that statute ol liberation, where it is not a question of any printed words. but of something alive expressing itself through your very presence ?

Remember the first 13 years of the JOC Remember 1912 and 1935 when JOC was living in the catacombs ! The leaders than were giants. Inspired by faith alone, they discovered those tremendous truths : the divine dignity and the eternal destiny of every worker. Every worker has his own divine vocalion here on earth, and by this vocation no one can take his place.

" Your task is to build a Christiair world.

" The hour of the deproletarianisation cif the working class has come ; the hour of the real revolution has rung.

NO SACRISTY MOVEMENT "There can be no totestkut of a sacristy or drawing-rooth JOC. We have no use for an instrument which works outside the masses. focism must he within the factories, the mines, the offices, the workers' quarters.

" To enable you to bet the ferment required, you must deepen your spiritual lives. Christ must live in the JOC.

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