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8th April 1938
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Locations: Geneva, Budapest, London, Rome


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A Famous Jesuit, A

Famous Novelist

The Catholic Herald has made very special arrangements to secure the vividest accounts of the Eucharistic Congress at Budapest.

Fr. C. C. Martindale, S.J., and Evelyn Waugh will be the Catholic Herald Special Correspondents there. The congress opens on May 25.

Despite rumours that events in Central Europe will affect the Congress, no change whatsoever in plans has been made, and M. Husza, the former Hungarian Prime Minister, who denounced the German refusal to allow German pilgrims to go to Budapest as " a decision of extraordinary gravity," has just stated in a speech: " Let us keep our congress free from all political or sociological strife. The International Eucharistic Congress goes in for no politics."

Cardinal Hinsley, accompanied by other members of the British Hierarchy, will attend the congress.


Fr. Martindale, who covered, con gresses in Buenos Ayres and anila for this paper, needs no further introduction. He will deal especially with the purely religious aspect of the congress. At present he is attending the Jesuit General Congre gation in Rome and it is conceivable that he will be prevented from attending the opening of the congress.


Mr. Evelyn Waugh is not only one of England's most brilliant and popular novelists and satirists., he is also an experienced journalist. As such he acted as special core respondent for a great London paper during the Abyssinian war and the previous coronation of Haile Selassie.

His despatches, describing the scenes in Budapest, the splendour of the ceremonial and the meaning of the congress as a great international act challenging the disunited and quarrelling world, will be read not only by Catholics but by the thousands to whom his personality and writing appeal. He will bring this wonderful Catholic function to the notice of England.

Readers of the CATHOLIC HERALD will do a genuine apostolic work in interesting their non-Catholic friends in the congress and e:xplaining its significance, especially in the world conditions of today.

100,000 Pilgrims Expected Over a hundred thousand pilgrims from all nations united in soul, mind and body in a capital at the very heart of our lamentable national rivalries! What a demonstration of the way in which true religion can transcend national differences and make mankind brothers again!

How incomparably more effective this demonstration will prove to be than all the legal bargaining and moralising that go on in Geneva and the capitals of Europe! It will prove an object-lesson that the ideals in the hearts of so many good men can only be accomplished from the very opposite ends from those they hold dear. Not by statesmen, not by bargains, not by trying to create a new standardised empty culture, but by an active union of spirit and mind in all that we hold in common as men created by God, will the reign of peace conquer.

" Not a Word to Offend"

The paradox of Budapest is that its very freedom from politics makes it a potent influence for political good.

M. Husza, ex-Hungarian Prime Minister, speaking last Sunday in the ancient coronation city of Hungary, said:

" During this congress we shall not utter a single word which might hurt or offend anybody. Let us keep the congress free from all political or sociological strife. We are not arranging the congress to expose the faults of others, nor do we intend to use the doctrine of the Eucharist and Divine Love as a weapon or a shield against those whose ideals and conduct are anti-Christian and purely materialistic. The International Eucharistic Congress goes in for no politics. We ask everybody, both on the right and the left to refrain from trying to embroil the congress in politics."

Force for Peace

Yet the congress will prove the most potent force for peace, and political regeneration, spiritually and even physically, in the year 1938.

Those who cannot go personally on pilgrimage will possess in the accounts written by Fr. Martindale and Mr. Evelyn Waugh in the CATHOLIC HERALD the best substitute for personal attendance.

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