Page 16, 8th April 1938

8th April 1938
Page 16
Page 16, 8th April 1938 — HOLY WEEK FOR LISTENERS

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From now until Easter the radio programmes from the Continent and from Ireland will be specially devoted to broadcasts of a religious nature. A great deal of religious 'music seldom, if ever, heard in this country will be available for listeners, besides talks and lectures connected with the Passion of Our Lord.

All the programmes below are obtainable even on moderate radio sets. Though smaller sets may find difficulty in finding foreign stations, practically any set will get them after dark.


sisnsose (Rtmo EineAss): 9.0 p.m., Talk by Michael de la Bedoyere: Christian Theory and Practice in International Affairs.

HILVERSUM (r1: KR() PrOgrAIIII.De. 11.0 AID., Fr. Perquin, 0.1'. 7.55 p.m., Meditatiou on the Passion by Abbe do (reeve, with Music.

Luaramosso : 8.15 p.m., Festival of French Music. Guest conductor: Gaston Poulet.


ATHLONE : 3.30-6.0 p.m., National Celebration of the Fr. Matthew Centenary. Relay from the Mansion House. Dublin. Presiding : An Taoiseach Mr. de Valera, T.D. Address by Mgr. Lyons. Bishop of Kilmore. Speakers : J. A. Costello, S.C.. G. McGowan, T.D. Musical Interludes. 6.10 p.m.. Talk by Michael de la Bedoyere: Family Mottoes. 7.55 p.m.. " The Sight of the Blind "-Play (Rev. Dr. Lord, S.J.) from the Fr. Mathew

Hall. Dublin. 8.25 p.m., Talk by Hugh O'Neill: How Vocational Organisation would promote Social Justice. 10.30 p.m., Five Minute Appeal : The Sick Poor Creche, Meath. Street, Dublin.

Beeomrssres: 10.0 a.m., Studio Service; Old Italian Organ Music. 8.40 p.m., Hreurstab Cantata (Ba(h). 9.10 p.m., Mass in I) minor

( (Klose, a pupil of Anton Bruckner, is in the front rank of Swiss composers and has contrite:lea a great deal to contemporary ullarc,11 music).

BRussus (1): 7.0 p.m., Mgr. Picard: Royal Progress.

Bergsma (II): 6.30 p.m.. Fr. Van Geste], 0.P.: The Mystical Sufferings of Christ.

Ilitvessust : 10.25 a.m., High Mass from Haaren Seminary. 3.40 p.m., " The Living God "-Passion Play (Cita and Suzanne Malarel)-Part III, Good Friday. 4.55 p.m., For Hospitals. 8.30 p.m., Fr. Hnf,

9.10 p.m., Concert. 11.20 p.m., Choral Epilogue. 11.40 p.m., Talk in Esperanto. LuxEmeouno : 11.30 a.m., Address by Fr. Celton : The Passion.

MILAN Gaoler) 11.0 a.m., Missa Cantata from the Basilica of the Annunciation, Florence. 12.0 noun, Reading and Explanation of the Gospel. P.1515 (PTT): 2.30 p.m., Plays: (a) " The Story of Little Greta Gotte " (Comert); (1)) " The Living God "-Passion Play (Cita and Suzanne Malard)-Part I, Palm Sunday. PARIS (Itsrso-Paass): 10.45 a.m., " The Little Flowers of St. Francis " (Lawrence). 11.30 a.m., Organ Recital. 12.0 noon, Fr. Carre. 12.20 p.m., Records: Sacred Music. 5.0 p.m., Lenten Sermon by Canon Chevrot from Notre Dame. 8.30 p.m., " La Croisade des Enfants "-Oratorio (Pierne). 12.25 p.m., Address by Fr. Alby, O.P.: The Our Father -Give us this day our daily bread.

Rome: 11.0 a.m., See Milan. 5.0 p.m., Sacred Concert, with " The Annunciation "-Cantata (Alderighi) and Kodaly's Te Deum. &TITERS: 11.15 a.m., Organ Recital by William Mon tillet.

STRASBOURG: 11.30 a.m., Address in German. 5.0 p.m., See Paris (Radio-Paris).

VIENNA: 7.30 a.m. (for all German Stations), Mozart Mass from Salzburg.


A.THLONE: 6.0 p.m., The Music of Holy WeekHubert Rooney and Choir. 9.0 p.m., The Drama of the Passion-a Plainsong Recital by the Choir of St. Anthony's Franciscan College, Galway-Commentary by Felim O'Briain. O.F.M.

BRUSSELS (1): 8.45-10.20 p.m., Cesar Franck Programme. 8.45 p.m., Talk : Cesar Franck. 9.10 p.m., Franck Choral and Orchestral 'Music. 10.0 p.m., Talk : Cesar Franck and the Church of St. Clothilde. Paris. 10.7 p.m., Organ Choral No. 3 (Franck) played by Maitre Tournemire on the St. Clothilde Organ. Lrxemaosso : 10.25 p.m., Excerpts from St. Matthew Passion (Bach) by the Cathedral Choir.

Sarre:is: 9.30 p.m., Holy Week Concert.


ATHLONE: 8 p.m., Stabat Mater (Dvorak). 8.45 p.m., Talk : Catholic Scouting. 9.0 p.m., The Drama of the Passion-Plainsong Recital by the Choir of St. Anthony's Franciscan College, Galway.

BEROMUNSTER: 8,15 p.m., Passion Music. Ilitvessrm : 12.10 p.m.. Fr. Perquin, O.P. 8.55 p.m., Lenten Service from St. Henry's, Arnersfoort. 10.55 p.m.. De Lassus, Palestrine.. Vittoria and Gallus Music. Luxemeoutto: 9.0 p.m., Requiem (Verdi).

(This Requiem was composed for the anniversary of Mansoni's death and first sung in St. Mark's, Venice. The Libera me is the one which Verdi composed originally for the

Requiem which he and twelve other composers wrote in memory of Rossini). Movie Ceseni: 6.0 p.m., Records of the Sistine Chapel Choir. 8.15 p.m., Talk : The Easter Litu rgy.


ATHLONE: 7.35 p.m.. Talk in Irish : Old Religious Legends. 9.0 p.m.. Philip Dore (Organ) from Mullingur Cathedral. 9.45 p.m., Lenten Lecture by the Rev. Hugh Kelly. S.J.

Melo LYONS: 9 p.m.. Stabat Mater (Pergolesi).

STRASBOURG: 8.30 p.m.. Concert. 9.30 p.m., " The Conversion of 34 a ry Magdalen "Play (Madeleine de Valcombe; Music by d'Estienne).


ATHLONE: 7.20 p.m., " Unto us a Son is Given " -Passion Play (Mgr. Francis Gonne). 8.50 p.m., Sacred Concert.

Boimesex-Lsesrerrs: 8.30 p.m., Orchestral Concert, with Scenes from " Eutrope de Sainte "-Play in Verse (Marvig-Pons) and " Lit Samaritaine "-Sacred Drama in Verse (Rostand).

BRUSSELS (II): 5.0 p.m., Holy Hour. 6.0 p.m., Records ; Excerpts from " The Messiah " (Handel). 6.45 p.m., For the Sick. 7.3 p.m., Bach Records. 8.0 p.m., " Mysterium Crucis "-Passion Play (Heldernberg). COLOGNE: 8.0 p.m., St. John Passion (Bach). FRANKFURT: 8.0 p.m., MASS in C. (Beethoven). HILVERSUM : 8.40 a.ns., Mass from the Domini can Monastery, Nijmwegen.

LUNEmBoURO : 10.35 a.m., Mass for the Sick from Clervaux Benedictine Abbey; Excerpts from the Office of Macndy Thursday (Clervaax Abbey Recordings).

Masts: 9.0 p.m.. Requiem (Verdi).

NAPLES: 8.30 p.m., Choir: 9.0 p.m., Passion Play. Psais (PTT): 6.30 p.m., Organ Recital. 8.30 p.m., " The Living God "-Passion Play (Cita and Suzanne Malan!). Part II, Maundy Thursday; I'art III, Good Friday; Part IV, Easter Day.

ROMS: 9.0 p.m., " The Passion of Christ "Play (Enrico Pea). 11.15 p.m., Sacred MUSIC.

RADIO NORMANDY : 9.0 p.111., The Seven Words "-Oratorio (Haydn) from St. Godard's Church, Rotten.

Sorress: 8.45 p.m., 15th and 16th Century Psalms. 9.15 p.m., Seventh symphony (Schubert). 10.0 p.m., " The Drama of the Passion " (Godoy).

STRASBOURG: 8.0 "Parsifal " (Wagner) from the -Municipal Theatre.

VIENNA : 5.55 p.m., " Parsifal " (Wagner) from the State Opera.


BEROMUNSTER: 11.0 a.m., Choral Music. • 1.50 p.m., Missa solernnis (Beethoven) (Records). 5.0 p.m., Bach Concert. 7.55 p.m., Adolf Vogtlein reads his story: Das beilige Brat. 8.25 p.m., "Lazarus "-Easter Cantata. 9.40 p.m., Reading from the Gospel of St. John.

Baussess (I): 1.30 p.m.. Organ Symphony. La Passion (Maleingreau) played by the Composer. 2.0 p.m., Holy Hour vondueted by Fr. Loslever, O.P. 5.0 p.m., Stabat Mater (Pergolesi). 5.30 p.m., " Jesu h mal "-Play (Desmet). 6.5 p.m., " Les Georgiques chretiennes "-Poem (Jammes). 6.15 p.m., Palestrina and Bach Records. 6.30 p.m., " The Living God "-Passion Play (Cita and Susanne IdalaY(I). Talks and Records in the intervals. 10.10 p.m., Tenebrae from St. Andrew's Benedictine Abbey, Lophemlez-B rages.

Baesssts (IT): 2.0 p.m.. Scenes from " Christus verworpen " Passion Play (Vuysters; Music by Van Beuninglien). 8.30 p.m., Excerpts from " Jesus of Nazareth "

(Verhulst). 10.10 p.m., Old Neth erlan ds Music.

Fassaretras : 9.10 a.m., Requiem (Mozart) (Recorded).

Ilmveassx: 11.40 a.m., Talk by Fr. Huf, S.J., with Music: Good Friday. 3.40 p.m., Report from Nijmwegen : The Station of the Cross. 5.10 p.m., Stabat Mater (Pergolesi) (Records). 7.55 p.m., Talk by Fr. Heerkes, S.V.D.; The Good Friday Procession in Flares. 9.10 p.m., " The Passion and Death of Our Lord "-after the Oberammergau Passion Play. 11.20 p.m., Records: The Good Friday Liturgy.

LEIPZIG : 5.30 p.m., "Parsifal " (Wagner). (This opera is being broadcast by most German stations and several foreign stations, either in its entirety or in part).

Lrxesmorsa : 11.30 a.m., Address by Fr. Cel ton : The Mother of the Crucified. 11.45 a.m.. Sacred Songs.

Lyoss (lismo-Lyuss): 9.20 p.m., Service from the Church of St. Joan.

MONTE CENERI: 12.40 p.m., Concert. 8.0 p.m., Music for the Passion of Jesus Christ in Four Mysteries for Violin and Continuo (Mhos). (Diber, 1644-1704, was High Steward and Conductor of Music at the Court of the Prince-Archbishop of Salzburg for many years. and was also a violinist of considerable note). 9.40 p.m., Two Scenes from " 11 Campo del Sangue "-Passion Play (Calguru.

NAPLES GROUP: 8.30 p.m., Sacred Concert. 9.30 p.m., Special Service for Night Workers from Turin Cathedral. 10.30 p.m., Sacred Music.

Ness (PTT); 4:15 p.m.. " The Way of the Cross "-Poems. P.O p.m., Colonne Concert -Beethoven Music with Thibaud (Violin).

RADIO NORMANDY : 12.25 p.m., Address by Fr. Alby, 0.P., The Our Father-Forgive us as we forgive others. 9.0 p.m., Good Friday-. Gregorian Music from St. Wandrille Abbey (Maeterlinck bought the ruined abbey and restored it).

RADIO PARIS: 10.30 a.m., Organ Recital. 3.15 " The Holy Sepulchre "-Readings from Chateaubriand. Flaubert and Loti. 4.15 and 6.0 p.m., Sacred Songs. 7.30 p.m., Address by Fr. Carre: The Passion. 8.30 p.m., " St. Louis "-Play in Verse (Romain Rolland); Music by Haudebert. 11.0 p.m., Concsrt.

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