Page 6, 8th April 1938

8th April 1938
Page 6
Page 6, 8th April 1938 — HOLY SEPULCHRE BASILICA

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People: Philip Daubigny
Locations: Jerusalem, Bridport


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Plea for British Action Sip.,—In several of my books I have referred to the disgraceful state of the fabric of the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, and I am afraid that 1 have not spared blame to the people who are responsible for this shameful and shocking state of affairs.

After twenty years of British Mandatory Government, the holiest shrine in the world is now so unsafe that one takes one's life in one's hands to pay one's devotions at the spot where Gad offered Himself_ upon Holy Rood. Let us leave recriminations and accusations aside and DO something to remove this foul blot from the fame of our own land.

At long last the British Government is disposed to do its duty, but it baulks at the expense, a mere £100,000, and it will do nothing unless we unite to force it. Let thinking men and women, C:atholic and Anglican, Nonconformist or even Agnostic, unite to badger their local Members of Parliament by letter, postcard, interview and telegram, to press on with putting this Shrine of Shrines into repair. It seems that we are soon to lose Palestine; all the more reason why we should leave a monument that will endure for centuries to mark -the passage of our Crusade. To the doubter who questions the fact of Calvary being beneath the Crusader Dome, let him remember that the souls of two million men who died in the Holy War, went out of their bodies with the last aspir ation, " Save us Holy Sepulchre." The only identified Crusader tomb lies at the door of the Basilica—that of an English knight, Sir Philip Daubigny. Let us recall that first of all the Crusaders to set foot in the Holy Land were English sailors, and let us be first to set to rights the Place for which they warred.

Let us disregard the intransigeance of Eastern Churches—our duty is to restore the monument built over the spot where the good was planted to save us -it seems little enough appreciation for all that happened there.

should be glad to enter into correspondence with any who are interested.


Steort Hill, Shiptan Gorge, near Bridport, Dorset.

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