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8th August 1986
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Page 9, 8th August 1986 — aa St Mary's

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Organisations: Altrincham Girls School, Sir Roger Manwood's School, St Augustine's School, St John Payne School, Exeter University, Dane Court Grammar School, Fitton Technical College, St Edmund's School, Edlington School, St Ursula's Convent School, Henry Box School, Matthew Boulton Technical College, Brigidine Convent School, Windsor Boys' School, St Aloysius College, St John's' College, Wellingborough School, Ursuline High School, Bishop Ullathorne School, Christ College, Convent High School, St Bernard's Convent High School, London Oratory School, Warley College, Bayside School, John Fisher School, Eastbourne College, John Mason School, St Paul's School, High School for Girls, Verulam School, Mount St Mary School, North London Collegiate School, St Michael's College, Falmouth School, Claremont Fan Court School, Mountfitchet School, Suffolk College, Medina High School, Northumberland Technical College, Bishop Douglass School, St Joseph's College, Adeyfield School, Coloma Convent School, Derefield Comprehenive School, St John's College, St Mary's IN College, Hove & Sussex Sixth Form College, Plessington High School, Brooklands Technical College, Maiden Erlegh School, Joseph Leckie School, Blackpool & Fylde College, Notre Dame High School, Campion School, Pallottine College, Salesian College, Comprehensive School, Sacred Heart High School, Haggerston Girls Secondary School, Mary School, St Edmund School, St Bede's School, St Ignatius' College, Croydon Technical College, St Joseph's School, St Leonard's Mayfield School, SionManning School, Maidstone School for Boys, Harrogate School, Hounslow Borough College, Dudley College of Technology, St Martin's School, St Wilfrid's High School, St Columba's School, Austin Friars School, St Catherine's Senior School, Northwood School, Bishop Thomas Grant School, Penwortham Priory High School, Boston College, St Mary's Convent School, Stafford College of Further Education, St Peter's School, Bishop Walsh School, Lady & Pope John School, Holy Cross College, Southdown College, Clapham College, Bellerive Convent School, St Bernard's Convent School, London Freemen's School, South London College, Ashcombe School, St Anne's Convent School, 6th Form College, St Marys High School, Sixth Form College, Uckfield School, Brecon High School, University of Surrey Bachelor of Arts, Thomas Rotherham College, Ursuline Convent High School, Bolton Technical College, Hayes School, St Bede's College, Loreto Convent School, Cardinal Wiseman High School, University of Leyden, Rotterdam, St Brendan's College, Windsor & Maidenhead College of F.E., King's School, St Chad's High School, St Veronica's School, St Philomena's School, Plater College, Bonus Pastor School, Gumley House Convent School, St Edmunds Arrowsmith High School, Brokenhurst College, Bishop Douglas School, St Angela's School, St Angela's Ursuline Convent School, Didcot Girl's School


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aa St Mary's

IN College,

College Twickenham

Degrees awarded by the University of Surrey Bachelor of Arts with Honours

Class II: Division 1 Addison D K, (Southdown College, Havant); Alabone H C, (Brighton Hove & Sussex Sixth Form College); Body, M G, (John Ruskin H.S., Surrey); Corrigan S L, (Bishop Walsh School, Sutton Coldfield); Evans P G, (Chilwell 'Comprehensive School); Fewkes S C, (Derefield Comprehenive School, Reading); Forsyth A, (Hounslow Borough College, Chiswick); Geeson N M, (Ursuline Convent High School, Brentwood); Harrison S A, (Bonus Pastor School, Bromley); Hope T N, (Wirral G.S. for Girls); Jones A B, (Austin Friars School, Carlisle); Leaver F A, (Matthew Boulton Technical College); Lee K J, (Wirral G.S. for Girls); Martin C M, (Notre Dame High School, Plymouth); McGlynn S J, (Wirral G.S. for Girls); McGrath T, (Our Lady & Pope John School, Corby); Medhurst P A, (Brooklands Technical College, Weybridge); Merwood N H, (Bishop Luffa C of E School, Chichester); Meyrick C C, Joseph Leckie School, Ws.hal); Montrose A R, (St Edmunds Arrowsmith High School, Blackburn); Norris M J, (Hayes School); O'Dwyer P J, (Pallottine College, Co Tipperary); Oxley L M, (Bellerive Convent School, Liverpool); Powell R F, (Wirral G.S. for Girls); Regan M B, (St James H.S., Edgware); Roberts T B, (Barrow-in-Furness Sixth Form College); Sexton T J, (Notre Dame High School, Norwich); Shipsey C T, (De Paul House, Co Kildare); West A J, (Northumberland Technical College); Wright M, (Wirral G.S. for Girls).

Class II: Division 11

Baggott S L, (Maiden Erlegh School, Reading); Ball D L, (Eccles Sixth Form College); Bartlett C A, (Wirral G.S. for Girls); Batin G F, (St Edmund's School, Portsmouth); Sorrel D C, (Haberdasher's Askes); Brady B A, (Sacred Heart High School, Liverpool); Brown S F, (St Bernard's Convent School, Slough); Bryant S C, (St Catherine's Senior School, Twickenham); Butler S J, (High School for Girls, Gloucester); Channer A M. (Exeter University); Coggins A I, (St John's College, Portsmouth); Cosens P C, (Loreto Convent School, Altrincham); Delaney S L, (Salesian College, Battersea); Desborough J L, (Hounslow Borough College); Dunn S E, (Edlington School); Evans W E, (Christ College, Brecon); Fleming J T, (St Brendan's College, Bristol); Flynn S A, (London Oratory School); Gristwood D S, (Cardinal Wiseman High School, Green ford); Halliday J, (Dane Court Grammar School, Broadstairs); Hill C T, (Ursuline High School, Ilford); Holness M A, (Dudley College of Technology); Huggins C L, (The Ashcombe School, Dorking); Hughes S A, (Bishop Douglas School, Finchley); Jakeman K J, (King Edward VI College, Nuneaton); Jones E R, (Campion School, Liverpool); Kelly C A, (St Edmund School, Wolverhampton); Lasok C P, Mount St Mary School, Exeter) Magee F L, (St Brendan's College, Bristol); Martin A M, (Boston College of Further Education); Martin M, (St Peter's School, Southborne); McCarthy K T, (St Columba's School, Kent); McCumiskey M C, (Wirral G.S. for Girls); McDougall M P, (Didcot Girl's School); Mills M, (SionManning School, London); Moffett F J, (St Ursula's Convent School, Greenwich); Mollaghan E E, (St Angela's Ursuline Convent School, Forest Gate); Mulcahy P M, (St Joseph's School, Newport; Murphy D, (Sacred Heart of Mary School, Upminster); Nicholas V B, (St Brendan's College, Bristol); Nolan C P, (St Bede's College, Whalley Range); O'Flynn S A, (Blessed George Napier, Danbury); Parker M J, (Wirral G.S. for Girls); Petherwick S J, (Selhurst High School for Girls, Croydon); Power A M, (Ursuline High School, Ilford); Pratt, J J, (Northwood School); Rainer F J, (Cowes H.S.); Rice M G, (St Martin's School, Essex); Ridley

D A, (King George VI School, South Shields); Ridley D M, (St Angela's School, London); Riley S M, (St Chad's High School, Runcorn); Rose J A, (Collyer's Sixth Form College, Horsham); Rowley C J, (St Mary's Convent School, Cambridge); Roxburghe-Jarvis S J, (Eton); Thompson L A, (Fitton Technical College, Bristol); Tomaney G, (St Bede's School, Durham); Trafford A J, (Medina High School, Newport); Turck H M, (Sacred Heart of Mary School, Upminster); Tyler A B, (Southbrook, Daventry); Vernon M J, (Penwortham Priory High School, Preston); Walker P G, Bolton Technical College); Watal R, (Stanmore 6th Form College); Weber G P, (University of Leyden, Rotterdam); Wootton W H, (City Lit. (Fresh Horizons), London); Young H L, (The Ashcombe School, Dorking). Class III Beales J M, (Wirral G.S. for Girls); Bird A P, (South London College); Carne A J, (Wellingborough School); Connolly J A, (Convent of Mercy, West Derby); Ellis M A, (Blackpool & Fylde College); Evans M .1, (Adeyfield School, Hemel Hempstead); Harrington D F, (Coloma Convent School, Croydon); Ibe D M, (St Angela's Ursuline Convent School, Forest Gate); Inglot R J, (Lady Verney H.S., High Wycombe); Keane S C, (Bishop Ullathorne School, Coventry); Kinzett G J, (St Augustine's School, Trowbridge); Lewis S J, (Windsor Boys' School, Windsor); McBride P H, (St Brendan's College, Bristol); McCarron L M, (Plater College, Oxford); Notley R M, (St John's' College, Portsmouth); O'Boyle C, (John Leggott Sixth Form College, Lines); Philip C A, (Clapham College, London); Ruane J F, (Verulam School, St Albans); Welsh C J, (St Leonard's Mayfield School); Worsey N J, (King Edward VI, Bartley Green); Wynn-Davies D P, (Stonyhurst).

Bachelor of Science with Honours

Class 1 Angus D D, (Queen Mary's 6th Form College, Basingstoke); Corry T A, (St John Payne School, Chelmsford); O'Brien F A, (Ursuline Convent High' School, Brentwood); Wamika C M, (Gabba National Seminary, Kampala).

Class Division I Beeton M L, (Falmouth School); Blacklock A Z, (Brecon High School); Cable R L, (City of London Freemen's School); Eastwood D J, (Henry Box School, Witney); Gray R W, (Brokenhurst College); Haigh C M, (St Bernard's Convent High School, Westcliff-on-Sea); Haran A, (Croydon Technical College); McGauley C F, (John Fisher School, Purley); Packham J C, (Uckfield School); Peet J P, (Colonel Frank Seely, Calverton); Smith D J, (Altrincham Girls School); Smith G M, (Mountfitchet School, Stansted); Walker G A, (Maidstone School for Boys); Ware A P, (Homelands Bilateral, Torquay).

Class II: Division II

Avis K A, (St Ignatius' College, Enfield); Barnes M E, (South London College); Beale M A, (Sir Roger Manwood's School, Sandwich); Burge N J, (St Philomena's School, Carshalton); Calvey M M, (London Oratory School); Cannadine J, (Haggerston Girls Secondary School, Hackney); Donnelly P W, St Joseph's College, Upper Norwood); Edwards P D, (Bayside School, Gibraltar); Foley J J, (Cardinal Wiseman High School, Greenford); Goward L J, (Notre Dame High School, Norwich); Heaphy E E, (St Angela's Ursuline Convent School, Forest Gate); Higgins S M, (Gumley House Convent School, lsleworth); Hornsey P D, (St Benet Bishop H.S., Bedlington); Jackson R B, (St Paul's School, Birmingham); Kennedy C M, (Mount St Marys High School, Richmond Hill); Loader R F, (Bishop Douglass School, Finchley); Marshall H J, (Brigidine Convent School, Windsor); Martin K J, (Notre Dame H.S., Southwark); McBreen C M, (Holy Cross College, Bury); McCauley K, (St Aloysius College, Highgate); McDonald M J, (North London Collegiate School); McGlynn H M, (Lowlands Sixth Form College, Harrow); Murrell A L, (Notre Dame High School, Norwich); O'Brien I S, (Finchley Catholic H.S.); Remedios J A, (Clapham College, London); Reynolds F C, (St Anne's Convent School, Southampton); Rigby S J, (St Michael's College, Leeds); Robson R M, (Suffolk College, Ipswich); Smith S C, (Warley College, Skethwick); Soanes J B, (King's School); Soden R P, (St George's College, Weybridge); Stanton M E, (Solihull Sixth Form College); Stapleton P D, (Clapham College, London); Stearn D L, (Claremont Fan Court School, Esher); Vidi A D, (St Ursula's Convent School,. Greenwich); Walters J C, (Lowlands Sixth Form College, Harrow); Wardley-Wilkins D C, (Uckfield School).

Class 111 Brennan J M, (Harrogate School); Callander A M, (Plessington High School, Birkenhead); Cleary P, (Thomas Rotherham College); Cunningham P C, (Our Lady's Convent High School, Stamford Hill); Dorey J J, (London Oratory School); Hainsworth A L, (St Joseph's College, Bradford); Hoyle K A, (St Wilfrid's High School, Featherstone); King J L, (Campion School, Hornchurch); Okonkwo P, (St Veronica's School, Walworth); Owens C S, (Bishop Thomas Grant School, Streatham); Price W R, (Stafford College of Further Education); Reilly P A, (London Oratory School); Sweatman J, (Eastbourne College, Eastbourne); Wegrzyk R K, (Windsor & Maidenhead College of F.E.); Wetherly S A, (John Mason School, Abingdon).

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