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8th December 1939
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Pontifical Academy's New Session

From Our Own Correspondent VATICAN OITY.

On Sunday Plus XII solemnly inaugurated the Academic Year of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences. The ceremony took place at the Casina Pin IV, in the Vatican gardens.

This year, owing to the war and travelling difficulties, many academicians were absent. These, however, sent to the Chancellor, Dott. Comm. Pietro Salviucci. warm telegrams saying that they would 'be present in spirit and asking to be kept informed of all proceedings.


This academy is new and ancient at the same time. It has been revived by Pius XI with a Motu Proprio dated October 28, 1936. in the seventeenth century it was called Accademia de; Lineet. The founders, Federico Cesi, Giovanni Heck, Francesco Stelluti and Anastasio de Finis. were all between the ages of 18 and 20. The academy was founded on August 17, 1603, thus preceding the foundation of the Paris, London, St. Petersburg, Berlin and Bologna academies.

The object of the new institution was the fostering of modern naturalistic research according to Aristotelian philosophy. From Rome contacts were made with the scientists of the whole world. England, France, Germany and Holland soon sent representatives to the Eternal City. In 1610 Galileo became a member of the academy.

FOUNDED 1N 1603 The original Pontifical Academy became the Pontificia Accadernia Romana del Nuovi Lineet in 1902, protected by the Cameriengo, and, finally, Pius XI named it Pontificia Accede/ilia dello Scienxe.

Leo XIII brought the number of the members up to 40, but Pius XI extended It to 70, not including the Honorary Pontificial Academicians. Among these are several Cardinals and Prince Chigi, Grand Knight of the Order of Malta. Of the 70 original academicians three are English, Lord Rutherford of Nelson, Professor Charles Sherrington and Professor Edmund Whittaker. Fr. Agostino Gemelli, Rector of the Catholic University of Milan, is president of the academy.

The academy includes Protestants and Jews as well as Catholics.

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