Page 7, 8th December 1961

8th December 1961
Page 7
Page 7, 8th December 1961 — DOMINICAN VENTURE FOR THE AGED

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AM1D-VICTORIAN HOUSE in the small hamlet of Mereshorough, near Rainham, has been rented from one of the local landowners, and has been turned into a tine centre for elderly gentlemen, run on a similar Style as the famous Cheshire Homes. The most exciting aspect behind this project, is the fact that it is possibly to be the first Dominican house in Kent, and indeed in the Southwark diocese, since the Reformation, for the man behind the idea is Bro. Duncan, Dominican Tertiary.

Bro. Duncan is being directed by the English Provincial of the Dominican Order, Fr. Henry St. John. At the Dominican Priory, Hampstead, London, Fr. St. John spoke to our reporter about this "venture-on-a-shoestring". He said: "The Bishop is aware of what is going on, but he has not, as yet, given his official approval. We have not even given the name 'Dominican' to the new house, but if it is successful, theBrothers of the community will become Dominican Tertiaries, or the Third Order of St. Dominic."


Bro, Duncan told our reporter that at present he has eight "guests" whose ages range from 91 years downwards! Helping him to run the house, are two other aspirants, Bro. Ronald and Bro. Donald. Another Brother is to join the community shortly.

Bro. Duncan himself worked for a year as domestic supervisor to one of the Cheshire Homes in Hampshire. He said that at 40 he considered himself too old to start studying for the priesthood, which had been his ambition.

"In June, this year", he said, "I heard that a large house was available to rent, here in Rainham. I didn't have a penny to my name, almost, so I wrote to lots and lots of people for donations to start this Home, and everyone was very good.

"Of course we are going to need continued support from everyone."

Most of the elderly gentlemen were out taking a constitutional when our reporter arrived at the Home, but sitting in one of he comfortable armchairs in the lounge, reading, was 87-year-old Mr. Ernest Lafarelle. He was enjoying his life in the peace and quiet of the countryside.

Meresborough House is just about full now, and Bro. Duncan is expecting a visit in the near future from the Dominican Provincial, Fr. St, John.

The house comes within the Gillingham parish boundaries, and the parish priest, Fr. Thomas Scott, told Our reporter this week: Mrs. M. Leahy Mrs. Mary Jessica Leahy, who died last Friday its her 91st year, was thc mother of three priests of the Southwark Diocese: Fr. Patrick Leahy, parish priest of St. Joseph's, Brighton; Fr, Desmond Leahy. Pads!' priest of The Holy Name. Esher. Surrey, and Fr, Brian Leahy, parish priest of the church of the Assumption, Northfleet. Kent. Her only daughter is a Sister of Charity, Sister Vincent, at Carlisle

Place, London. Her fourth son is Mr. Antony Leahy. For the last eleven years Mrs, Leahy Was housekeeper at the presbytery at Esher; before that time she was housekeeper for 15 years at East Hill. Wandswonh and at St. Joseph's, Rrighton. She received the Last Sacraments from her son, Fr. Desmond Leahy.

Mr. W. P. Murrin Less than two months after thc death of bin son. Fr, .Vineent Murrin, Mr. W. P. Muffin of West BridgIord. Notts.. waS killed in a road accident near his home, A member of the Knights of St. Columba, Mr. Murrin was employed by the Pon Office for 27 years and held the Imperial Service Medal. "I am very pleased indeed that this wonderful Home has been started in the parish. Bro. Duncan and his workers are doing a very fine job for the community, and in particular, for the old folk. I hope that they have every measure of success."


Ordinal Godfrey. Today (Friday): Sings None and Pontifical Mas.s. cathedral. 10 a.rn.; Attends Tanganyika Government Reception, Lancaster House. 5.3U p.m. Sunday: Blesses and lays foundation stone of Martyrs Shrine, Tyburn Convent. Wednesday: Presides at meeting of Cardinal Vaughan School Governors. Archbishp'n House, 11.45 am, Aressinheo Grimshaw of Birmingham.Sunday: Confirmation and Pontifical Benediction, our Lady and Si. Hubert, WarkY, 3 ram Monday; Cotton College Governors* Meeting at Cotton College, North Staffs, 11.30 a.m. Sunday (December 17): Confirmation and Pontifical Benediction, St. Edward's. Selly Park, Birmineharn. 3 p.m.

Archbishop King. Bishop of Portsmouth.Today (Friday): Pontifical High Mass, Training College of the Immaculate Conception, Southampton. 11.30 a.m. Sunday: Pontifical High Mass. Church of the Immaculate Conception. Liphook, for the golden jubilee of the church, 11.30 a.m. Saturday (December 16): Clothing and Profession ceremony, Redcote Convent, Bitterne. Southampton, 2.30 P.m. Sunday (December 17): Pontifical High Mass at the new church of Holy Rood, Folly Bridge, Oxford, to celebrate the opening of the church, 11.30 a.m.

Bishop Ellis of Nottingham. Sunday: Visitation anti Confirmation. St. Mary's, Loughborough, 'Leics. Wednesday: Meljag of Finance Committee, RishoP's House. it a.m. Sunday (December 17): visitation and Confirmation, St. Paul's. Nottingham.

Bishop Parker of Nanhamptcon.-Sunday: Blesses new Church Of Si. Anne, Wendover, 3.45 p.m. Tuesday : Attends Concert, Sr. Marys Secondary School, Northampton. Thursday: Attends Priae-giving, Notre Dame, Northampton, p.m.

Bishop Petk of ?deny/IL-Sunday: Confirmation, St. Robert's, Longsight, Manchester. Wednesday: Attend' Pantomime.

Denbigh Cnnvent. Saturday; C.P.E.C.

Meeting. Carmarthen Sunday (December

17): Ordains at Beatimaris. 11 a.m.

Bishop Rudderham of Clifton. -Thursday: Attends annual dinner of dveltenham Council No. 231 of Knights of St. Columba at Plough Hotel, Cheltenham. 7.30 p.m.

BLIMP Cowdesan of' Soollswark.-Sunday: Visication and Confirmation, Flthant. Monday; Inducts the new Parish Priest at Eastbourne. Tuesday: Visitation and CCMfirmation, Woolwich. Wednesday: Viaitation and Confirmation, Downham.

day: Visitation and Confirmation, Botherhithe.

Siphon Wall of Brentwood. -Sunday: Visitation Mass. 11.30 a.m., Confirmation. 3.30 p.m., Clacton. Saturday (December 16): Visitation, St. Teresa'S Convent, Basildon.

Bishop Restleaux of Pbsionth, Tomorrow (Saturday): Opens parish Christmas Raraar, Teienotouth, 2.30 p.m. Sunday: Confirmation and Visitation, Holy Cron„

Plymouth, 3 p.m. Tuesday: Ordinations In chapel of St. Joseph's Home. Hartley, Plymouth. 9 a.m.; Presides at Notre Dame High School prize-giving in Plymouth Guildhall. 7 p.m. Friday (December 15): Blesses new extension of St. Michael's Hospital, Ilayle, Cornwall,


Birmingham. The following appointments have been made, effective December Or Fr, G. V. Peulevc to Chipping Norton: Fr. P. Meagher to Cresswell: Fr. M. C. Loftus to St. Anne's. Nuneaton, Northamplon.-Fr. F. Diamond, RD., has been appointed Canon of the Cathedral Chapter.

Missionaries of St. Francis of Sales.Fr. Francis Hamilton, Mission House. Whitefield, Manchester, to Mother House, Annecy, France (temporarily): Fr, Denis Breen, Holy Ghost. Yeovil, in Mission House. Manchester; Fr. Patrick Kinoultv, St. Aldhelm's, Malmesbury, to St. Joeersh's Convent. Haunton; Fr. James Lahiff. Haunton, to Malmesburv as Parish priest: Fr. Anthony McCabe, 5.T.L.. Malinesbury, to Our Lady's. Tavistock, as assistant; Fr. Kevin O'Neill from Taylatock to Immaculate Conception, Devizes, as assistant: Fr. Anhur Williams from Devizes to Matmesbury, as assistant; Fr. Edward Phythian, Mission House, Manchester. to Yeovil as assistant; Fr. Joseph Davis. S.T.L., to be superior of Seholasticate, Sutton Coldfield: Fr, Vincent Reins (Regional Superior) to be superior of Mission House, Manchester,

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