Page 5, 8th December 1978

8th December 1978
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Page 5, 8th December 1978 — THERE are numerous ways in which we all can fight

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THERE are numerous ways in which we all can fight

for human rights. For instance: * Join the Christmas Card Campaign, an annual internationally organised scheme through which Christmas cards are sent to prisoners. Write to Pax Chrisd, Blackfriars Hall, Southampton Road, London, NW5, for details.

* Help released prisoners to forget their sufferings. 'Adopt' one by sponsoring English classes for refugees or offering temporary accommodation. The Chilean Joint Working Group, 21 Star Street, London, W2 and the Latin American Centre, Hoxton Square, London, NI, will be glad to hear from you.

* Collect good clothing for all ages and send it to your local Chile Relief Committee, Greyfrairs, 31-32 Pembridge Square, London, W2.

* Organise a vigil, prayer service or Holy Hour for all who are suffering injustice.

* Organise a series of meetings or seminars to foster awareness. Invite speakers from human tights organisations.

* Show films. Concord Films,, Ltd, 201 Felixstowe Road, Ipswich, Suffolk, have a good selection of films on human rights.

* Ask your parish council or you own group to start a small library of literature and material on human rights.

* Ask your local library to get books about prisoners of conscience for example Amnesty International reports.

* Use your Church, school, college, association, union or party noticeboard for posters and information about prisoners of conscience, current incidents and campaigns.

* Write an article about human rights for your parish or school magazine. You may he able to start a regular prisoner of conscience column.

* Make use of phone-in Radio programmes to draw attention to human rights issues and campaigns.

* Form a panel to monitor the national and religious press. List any reports of human rights violations. Discuss what can be done. Write to the government / ambassador of the country concerned requesting information about the case. Write to the local press about the case.

* Consider "twinning" your

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