Page 6, 8th December 1989

8th December 1989
Page 6
Page 6, 8th December 1989 — The significance of Advent wreath

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The significance of Advent wreath

Religious Round-Up

Scripture & Liturgy A Key to the Old Testament by David Edwards (Collins Fount, £3.50). Based on recent biblical and archeological research, this simple introduction to the Old Testament brings to life the people of the Bible with their stormy history, laws and literature, the background of the development of their faith in the one true God.

Candles For Advent by Pauline Webb (Collins Fount, £2.50). The symbolism and significance of the lighting of each of the five Advent wreath candles are explained and related to the present customs of various communities celebrating the coming of Christ. The Resurrection by J.I.H. McDonald (SPCK, £15.00). A thoughtful and scholarly study demonstrating in theological terms that the fact of the resurrection enters into everyday existence; vital to the entire message of the New Testament, its power transcends the hoplessness of the human condition, opening up limitless possibilities of faith and hope.

Theology Life Giving Spirit by Alwyn Marriage (SPCK, £7.95). Rediscovers the Holy Spirit under the symbols of motherhood and femininity; will help those for whom the gender problems of human language distort their vision of God and the transcendency of the Word.

Mary, Mother of God, Mother of the Poor by Ivone Gebara & Maria Clara Bingemer (Burns & Oates also Fowler Wright Books). From the perspective of feminist liberation theology, Mary is seen again as mother of the poor and oppressed. Marian dogmas are critically assessed for their relevance in today's social, economic and political climate; while the Magnifica/ inspires the prolific traditional devotions to Our Lady of Guadalupe.

The Lion Handbook of Christian Belief Edited by Robin Keely and others (Lion, £7.95). This 4 8 0-page 'pictorial encyclopaedia, to which 94 scholars, clerical and academic, have contributed, covers every aspect of Christianity historical, doctrinal, theological, devotional and apologetic. Packed with facts, statistics, diagrams and devotional quotes, it will be a useful and pleasing reference hook for school and home.


Becoming Prayer: by J.-P. Dubois-Dumee (St Paul Publications, f3.50). "Prayer: why and how?" was the original title of this well-produced translation from the French. In attempting to answer the questions, many aspects of prayer are described, copious examples of prayers, biblical and otherwise are given, and wise sayings of prayerful men and women grace the margins to arrest the reader's attention.

Praying for Others by Ronald Dunn (Marshall Pickering, £2.50). For those who feel helpless before the crying needs of individuals and nations, this book, stressing the importance and efficacy of intercessory prayer, will be an encouragement and stimulus.

Open to God: by Joyce Huggett (Hodder & Stoughton, £6.95). Containing four introductory chapters and 28 spiritual exercises, profusely illustrated in colour and line-drawings, this book fosters deep knowledge of, and openness to God, especially in the ease of new beginnings.

Authority to Heal by Ken Blue (Monarch, £4,99). Jesus went about doing good, healing all kinds of diseases. He gave His disciples the mandate likewise to iay tneir nanas on tne sick ana heal them. This book, about healing prayer, faith and the mystery of suffering and death, urges believers to continue Christ's healing ministry.

Religious Life

The Prophetic Horizon of Religious Life: by Diarmuid O'Murchu MSC (Excalibur Press). A panoramic view of Christian and other religious consecrated life, throughout the centuries and in all places. Describes its origins, growth and development; surmises the reasons for its present widespread decline and suggests ways and means for its future revitalisation. Biography A Life of Bishop John A.T. Robinson by Eric James (Collins Fount, £5.99). The full biography of one of the most outstanding and forwardlooking churchmen of the century, author of Honest to God, scholar, pastor, prophet, missionary traveller and family man, by one of his closest Friends.

Hilda by Anne Warin (Lamp Press, 14.99). Part fact. part fiction, this story of St Hilda, first abbess of the monastery of Whitby, is told against the background of the religious and political conflicts of seventh century Britain.

Anthology One Heart Full of Love Edited by Jose Luis Gonzalez-Balado (Fount, £2.99). Excerpts collected from the addresses, interviews, comments, correspondence and prayers of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, radiating her love of God and of all His children.

Sr Miriam ODC

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