Page 6, 8th February 1946

8th February 1946
Page 6
Page 6, 8th February 1946 — Catholic Information From Abroad VATICAN CITY

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Catholic Information From Abroad VATICAN CITY

The Pope received in private audience Auxiliary Bishop Bernard Sheil, of Chicago, who has just concluded a six-weeks tour of Germany and France surveying the conditions and problems of youth in both countries.

The Pope will announce at the forthcoming Consistory the nomination of Bishop Emanuele Silveira d'Elboux as Bishop of Ribeirao Preto. in Brazil. and of the Rev. Arnaldo Aparicio, M.S., as Titular Bishop of Ezani and Auxiliary to the Archbishop of San Salvador.

Archbishop Emilio Castellani, Papal Nuncio to Guatemala, Archbishop Luigi Centoz, Papal Nuncio to Nicaragua and Costa Rica. and Mgr Luigi Punzolo, charge d'affaires of the Papal Nunciature in Haiti, are to leave Rome shortly for their posts.

Vatican Radio has denied that the Pope had any fore-knowledge of the attempt on Hitler's life. Allowing that the Pope had several diplomatic channels of knowledge of various political movements of resistance to Hitler, it was denied that in any of these communications that there was any mention Of an attack on Hitler's person The Marquess Pasquale Diana has been nominated Italian Ambassador to the Holy See. When the last Ambassador, the late Count Galeazo Ciano, Ieft the post in 1943, it reverted to a Ministership which was filled by Signor Francesco Baduscio Rizzo, who recently left to become Italian Ambassador to Eire.

The deaths of three bishops is reported from Rome. Archbishop Natale Gabriele Moriondo. Titular of Sergiopole one time Apostolic Administrator of Tiflis, in Georgia, birthplace of Stalin, died in Turin Mgr. Perez, Bishop of Cordoba, Spain, and Mgr. Cambiaso, Bishop of Albenga, Italy, died in their dioceses.

AUSTRIA As a result of the Austrian People's Party success in the recent elections, there are Catholic Governors in seven out of eight provinces in Austria.

Acceding to the request of Cardinal

innitzer, Archbishop of Vienna, the Red Army has returned 550 church bells, recaptured from the Germans during the fighting in Vienna.


The newly-appointed Belgian Ambassador to the Vatican Mgr. Prince de Croy, left Brussels for Rome, where he will attend the ceremonies in connection with the forthcoming Consistory.

The Catholic Social Party. said a speaker in Flemish from Brussels Radio. will win the coming election because it opposes Freemasonry. which is directed against Belgium's national interests ; because Belgian youth is for it, because honest non-Catholics have joined it; because other countries— France with its M.R.P., Austria and Luxemburg—have set an example; because, by their attacks and intrigues. the other parties have shown how much they fear it and how powerful it is, The Communists have named the C.S.P. as " Enemy No. 1 " BRITISH GUIANA

A life-size portrait by Van Dyck of Fr. Jean Baptiste Van Bisthoven, Si., famous 17th century educator, has been presented to Georgetown University.

CANADA A demobbed Canadian Wren has applied for her re-establishment credit (war gratuity) to enable her to become a nun. She is Eileen Elizabeth Carroll, 33, recently demobilised after three years' service CHINA

Mgr. Boisguertn, of the Society of Foreign Missions of Paris, has been appointed by the Pope, as Vicar-Apostolic of Sui-Fu in the province of SzeChwan, China. Mgr Boicguerin, who is 45 years old, is thus placed in command of a mission field where he has worked since 1934. In the vicariate of Sui-Fu there are 28,000 Catholics, 27 missionaries and 61 Chinese priests, and 102 established churches and chapels.

CZECHOSLOVAKIA Two Slovak Bishops, arrested seven months ago, have finally been released.

They are Bishop Jan Vojtassak, of Spis, and Bishop Michael Buzalka, Auxiliary to the Administrator Apostolic of Trnava. The release of a number of other priests. held in captivity for a long period. has also been reported from Prague.

German monks are leaving the monastery at Broumov. Czechoslovakia, to return to Germany Their places will be taken by Czech-Americans from the Abbey of St Procopius. near Chicago. The Abbot there is Fr, Prokop Neusil, a Czech, who is well-known in political and ecclesiastical circles in the U.S.A., and one of the chief organisers of U.S. relief for Czechoslovakia.

EIRE Mr. J. P. Walshe, at present Secretary of the Department of External Affairs in Dublin. is to replace Dr. T. J. Kieran, the present minister to the Vatican, as Eire's first ambassador to the Holy See, Dr. Kieran is to be Fire's representative at Canberra.

GERMANY The world-famous Canisianum College, which is conducted by the Jesuits at Innsbruck, Austria, has been partially re-opened. Classes have been resumed in the original college building, whence the Jesuit Fathers had been expelled by the Nazis.


A record of the Dutch Catholic Bishops' resistance to the Nazis is given in a recently published book by Fr Stokman. O.F.M . The Resistance of the Dutch Bishops against National Socialism and German Tyranny The book quotes ntany original documents and relates the full history of the Bishops' vigilance as early as 1937 and the highly successful resistance campaign of which the Catholic Bishops, headed by Archbishop Cardinal-Designate de Jong, of Utrecht, were the acknowledged leaders. A copy of the book has been presented to Mgr, Griffin. Archbishop of Westminster.

According to the Dutch Catholic Radio, the Catholic weekly. De Nieuwe Few, hopes that before the General Elections the Labour Party and the Catholic People's Party may agree on

for the forthcoming Government's period of office, an as to ensure this programme being carried through. " This would be a blessing for our people—certainly a shock for the reactionaries."

HUNGARY The Pope has intimated. through the British Minister in Budapest, that he wishes Mgr. Rotta, former Papal Nuncio to Budapest, to take up the post as Papal Nuncio to the Hungarian Government. now vacant.

ITALY Italian Catholic circles are surprised at what the Italian Radio term "American propaganda for divorce." kt a meeting held last week in Turin, attended by 5,000 people, divorce was ttlscussed, a Jesuit defending the Catholic viewpoint, while an Ameremn colonel pleaded for the introduction of divorce In Italy.


Mgr. Enrique Pla-Y-Daniel, Primate of Spain and Archbishop of Toledo, had an interview with General Franco on Monday last before leaving with the other Spanish cardinals for Rome by plane, placed at their disposal by the Government.

It is announced by Madrid Radio that General Franco has waived his privilege, as head of the Spanish State. of investing the new Spanish Cardinals with their red ham THE ARGENTINE

The Spanish vessel " Neptuno " left Buenos Aires recently for Naples, carrying the first consignment of medicines and food, which Argentina is giving to the Holy See for distribution among Italian war sufferers.


Dr. Lise Meitner, one of the world's foremost physicists, is to be on the teaching staff of the Catholic University of America at Washington, according to an announcement by Mgr. P. J. McCormick, rector of the university. Dr. Meitner, an Austrian, is a sister-in-law of Dr. Rudolf Allers, professor of psychology at the Catholic

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