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8th February 2008
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Page 16, 8th February 2008 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: Carstaks State Hospital, Council of Priests, West Council, Archbishop's Council, Commission for Justice and Social Responsibility, Christ Christ College, Youth Assembly, Bishop's Council, Northampton University, Pastoral Resources Centre, Bishop's Board of Consultors, Diocesan Pastoral Council, St Anne's School, Archdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation, Hull University, Honorary Graduation CarmonyAl-Maktoum Institute, BBC Radio Four Daily Service, University College, M011,111 Cannel School, Liturgy Commission, Commonwealth Club, Liturgy Committee, London Chest Hospital, Carlisle PI, Formation Sub Committee, Patrimony Committee, Diocesan Finance Committee, Alchbishop's Council, Parish Church, Scotus College, Rampton Hospital, LIFE Centre, Gillis Centre, Council of Priests meetingiCottege of Consultors, Clap Study Day.liverpoolAmblixosan Centre for Evangelisation, College of Consultors


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February 10 to February 15

Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor (Westminster) Sun. Celebrates Mass, Chutrh of Our Lady of Perpetual Help_ Stephendale Road. Fulham. Lomion. 1 lam; ockbrates Rite of soution, Westmin.sier Cathedral 3pm. Moo Interviews and engagements. Archbishop's House. Tut: Celebrates Mass and attends day for Relitous oldie Diocese..Archbishop's House. I I 30am. Thu: Interviews ardcogagetnems.Ardibishop's Home Fn. Meets with Archbishop's Council, Archbishop's Home. 93(km. Sat. Celebrates Mass in Honour of Our Lady of Louides for Sick and Healthcare Weaken, Westirmeser Catitairal, 3pm.

Archbishop Kelly (Liverpool) Sem: Visitation Mass.Our Lady Queen of Martyrs and Si Swithin. Croxtern, 830am: visitation Mass. Our Lady, Queen of Martyrs and Sr Swill:Lin. CTOXIeth, 11.15am RCIA Rite of Election. Menopolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, Livemool. 3pm. Mon: Main fix the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes. Christ the King. Liverpool. 730pm. The Visits HM Frisian, Walton. 10am; 'Now is the dine to draw the line' Right to life meeting.Liner Hotel. Liverpool. 730pm. Wed, Seavim of Celebration for the life and work of Dr Fred Preetnan.Liver, pool Parish Church. 2pm: Liturgy Committee meeting. Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, Livapool, 630pm, Thu: Visits HM Prison. Altcourse, 10am. Fri: Clergy Staly Day. Liver pool Archdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation, lOnin: Lenten Talk. St John. Wigan, 730m Sat 'Women Seeking Asylum in Liverpool' Conference LIFE Caine, West Derby. Liverpool. 10am: Visitation Mass. St Teresa of the Child Jesus, Norris Green. Li serpoel , 6pin. Fri: Clap Study Day.liverpoolAmblixosan Centre for Evangelisation. 10am. Sat: 'Women Seeking Asylum in Liverpsx4 Conference. LIFE Centre, West Derby, Liverpool, Warn.

Archbiahop McDonald (Southwark/ Mon The: Meeting of the Bishops of the Southern Province, West Mailing. Wed: Council of Priests, am: meeting of College of Consultors. pm.

Archbishop Nichols (Birmingham) Sun: Rite of Election, Si Chad's Cathedral, 3pm Thu Lasmdi of CES Community Cohesion Publication and Leadership DVD. London, 4pm. Fri: Archbishop's Council meeting. 930am; visit to 13irmingham Centrist Mosque, 1230pm. Sat: Youth Assembly. lthun.

Bishop Arnold (Auxiliary. Bishop of Westminster) Sun: Chaplaincy Oxford. I lam Fri: Archbishop's Council. Archbishop's House. 930am. Sat: Our Lady of Lourdes Mass with Sacrament of the sick, Westminster Cann:dud, 3pm.

Bishop Budd (Plymouth) Sun: Rite of Ekedoe. Cathedral, 3pm. Mon: Bishops Provincial meeting.Wed: Counal riPrksts, Bishop's House, I lam. Thu FM Overnight Lenten meeting. Cornwall Deanery. Sat: Visitation, Penitence. St Ives, Hoyle.

Bhhop Bunn (1-PVI Forces) Sim: Confirmations, Notre Dame de France. London. Mon, Meeting. Eccleston Squair. 2pm.

Bishop Coney lArnndeI & Brighton) Sun, Rite of Election. Anindel Cathedral, 3pm. Mow Province meeting. Toe: Appointments. Dabeee, 'pm. Wed: Working Sim visit Fri: Day for Re/igloos. Worth Abbey.

Bishop Doyle (Northampton) Sun: Rite of Election. Cathedral. 230pin; boo-illation of Mau, gond Chancellor of Northampton University. Northampton. 6pin. Mon: No official appointments. Tue: Chapter Mass and Lunch. t I _Mans Wed: Slough Clergy Deaner). meeting and lunch. Holy Family, Slough. I lam: meeting .ith Finance Director. St Tesesa's Beaconsfield. 3pm. Thu: Tribunal Lunch, Bishop's House, Ipm. Fri . Liturgy Commission, I lam. Sat: Diocesan Pastoral Council. Sr Edwaid's, Milton Keynes, 10.30ane visitation to Our Lady, Luton, pm.

Bishop Dr:they (Middlesbrough) Sun: Rite of Election. Cathedral. 3pm. MonFri: Pastoral visit to Southern Vicariate. Toe Day of Recollection, ant/pm, meets with memters of Pastoral Councils and Catholic organisations m Hull, 730pm. Wed: ViSitS St Catherine's Residential Home: meets with students of Hull University, 730pm. Thu: Visits Southern Vicariate Deaneries, am/pm.

Bishop Dunn (Hexham and Newcastle) Sun: Rite of Election, St Mary's Cathedral. 3pm. Bishop Kevin will be represented by Canon Seamus Cunningham. Tut: Finance Committee meeting, 4pm. Bishop Kevin will be represented by Mgr Ged Lavender, Sat North East Victims Association Memorial Service, St Joseph's. Gateshead, II 30aro, Bishop Kevin will be represalted by Canon Seamus Cunningham.

Bishop Evans (East Anglia) Sum Parish visiCation. Brandon/Mildenhall; Rite of Election, St John's Cathedral. 4pm. Wed -Sat: Bishop away on Pastoral visit to Diocese of Battambang. Cambodia until 27th Ft:homey.

Bishop Hendricks (Auxiliary in Southwark) Mon. Diocesan Finance Committee, Leedom. I lam: meeting at the Bishops of the Southern Meetiag d the Bishops of the Southern Province. West Mulling, am Archbishop's Council meeting, West Mailing, 3pm. Wed: Council of Priests meetingiCottege of Consultors. London. I lam. Fri: Meeting with Deans. London, 1030am.

Bishop Hine (Auxiliary Bishop of Southweak) Sun; Meeting of Marriage and Family Life Co-ordinators, Hinsley Hall, Leeds. Mon: Southern Province Bishops' meeting, West Mailing. The: Southern Pruvinoe Bishops' meeting . West Malting. followed by Archbishop's Council meeting. Wed: Attends Council of Priests meeting, Amigo Hall, 1 I am: attends Consultors of the Diocese meeting. Archbishop's House, 230pm. Sat: Visitation. Whitstable parish.

Bishop Hai& (Port.smouth) Sum: Mass, St Theresa, Town, I lam. Mon: Meeting of Bishops oldie Province. pm. Tue: Meeting of Bishops of the PI9Vinee, Mil; independent Head Teachers meeting. St Joseph's Convent. Reading, 4pm. Wed: Overseas Committee meeting. London, am. Thu: Bishops Day with Clergy. St Bede's , Basingstoke. Sat Diocesan Justice and Peace Day, St Anne's School. Southampton, lOara.

Bishop Hopes (Westminster) Sun: Rite of Election, Westminster Cathedral, 3pm. Mow Visit to M011,111 Cannel School, Ealing. 10am. Tsar: %cid Day of Consecrated Life concelebrated Mass, NVestondster Cathedral, 11.30am Formation Sub Committee meeting, Hinsley Hall, Leeds, 630pm, Wed Thu: Liturgy Conuninee meetings, Leeds FM Archbishop's Council meeting; permanent diaconate =Cling. Vaughan House. 2pm. Sat: Concelebrated Mass and anointing of the Sick, Westminster CathedraL 3pm.

Bishop Kenney (Birmingham) Sun, Parish Visitatiom Soniiing Conunon.The: Europe Deanery, West Byfket, I lam: &rope Parish, West Byfleet Sem. Fri: Archbishop's Council meeting. 9.30am. Sat: Parish Visitation, Watlington.

Bishop Lang (Clifton) Sim: Visitation. St Mary-on-the-Qww, Bristol. The: Day for Prayers for Priests, Downside Abbey, 103fIrom Wed: Day for Prison Chaplains, BM? Erlestokes Devizes. 14am. Thu: Pontifiral Mission Societies meeting, Isonden,1030arn; Parish Pastoral Conned Lenten group, Clifton Cathestral.Bristol, 730pro. Fri, Night Vigil of Reconciliation and

Reflection for Creanon, (Stilton CaI&dt-ai.Bnsrol. 7pm. Sae Das, tar Seeking the Face of Christ Christ College. Cheltenham, 10 _3(hun.

Bishop Langley (Westminster! Sun: Celebrates Mass, University College licspital.945am: celebrates Mass. Camden Parish Mission Our Lady of Hal, Camden Town, I scion: celebrates Rite of Election. Westminster Cathedral. Spot memorial Reception in memory of Mohemna Benazir Bhutto Shatmed, Smn. The, Mind the Gap Lenten Talk for Young Adults, Corpus Christi. Maiden Lane, 7pm. Wed: Tosser Hamlets Deanery Audit meeting. Archbishop's House. 3 SsOpm; evening Lithuanian Embassy Reception. Thu. London Church Leaders Executive meeting. Method& Central Hall, 12ticon. Disability Awareness DVD Filming, Archbishop's House 2.30pm: Six Deans' meeting. Holy Apostles, Pimlieo.720prn . Fri: Alchbishop's Council, Archbishop's House. 9.30am. Sat, Celebrads Mass at the Assumption Priory. Bethnal Green, 9.30am: Pastoral visit to The London Chest Hospital, Bethnal Gwen. 1030am. Concelebrates Mies fixer 150thAmiversiry of the Apparitions of the BVS4 in Lourdes, Westminster Cathedral. 3pni Bishop Isyndi (Auxiliary in Southwark) Mots Tue. Meeting of the Bishops of the Southern Pownac, West Melling. West Council of Priest, 1030am: meeting of Meccas oldie South-East Area. Hayes Thu, Day of Recollection for the Cartnehte Friars, Aylesford; Corfumations. St Mary's, Chiskhurst, 7.10pm. FM Meeting of Vicars for Religious. Carlisle PI, I lam.

Bishop McMahon (Brealsvood) Sun: Rite of Election. Cathedral, 3pm. Tee: Meetingoln.terviews. Cathedral House. Tine Meets with members of Patrimony Committee, Sat Anends Conference of Commission for Justice and Social Responsibility. Cathedral House, 1l/am.

Bishop McMahon Nooingharm Sun: Rite of Election. Si Barnabas Cathedral, 3pm. Wed Briars Trustees meeting, Bishop's House. 10_10am; Cekbrates Mass for National Marriage Week, St Barnabas Cathedral. 7.30pm. Thu: Bishop's Council, Bishop's House. 10am, FM CaTEW, London, 1130arn. Sat: Diocesan Day, Riverside. Derby, Bishop Msdine (Liverpool> Fli Ckags, Study Oay, Liverpool Arehdiocesan Cagle for Evangelisation, 10ant Sat: 'Women Seeking Asylum in Liverpool' Conference, LIFE Centre, West Derby, Liverpool. 10am, Bishop Noble (Shrewsbury) Sun: Rite of Election. Cathedral, 3prn. Mon: Preaching at Lent Lunchtime Series. Cluist the King. Telford. Tan: Open Foram with Deacons. St Wilfrid's. Northwich, 7pm. Pri: Episcopal Vicars, Curial Offices. 930am: Bishop's Board of Consultors, Curial Offices. Ilaan. Sae Eucharist to mark Silver Jubilee of St Margaret Ward's Parish, 630pm.

Res' hap 0•Donoghue (Lancaster) Sun, Visitation. Sacred Heart, Coniston and Ha wkshend. Mon: Education meeting. 9am. Ton: Youth Services Management Group meeting.4pm. Thu: Meeting with Women Together in Diocese of Lancaster. I030ain. Sat. Visitation. Our lady aid St Joseph. Carlisle, Bishop Pargeter (Birmingham) Sun: Visitation, Smethwick and West Indian Chaplaincy. Fn: Archbishop's Council meeting, 9 30am. Sat: Parish Visitation, BaLsall Heath,

Bishop Rawsthorne (Hallam) Sun: Rite of Fleetam, Cathedral, 3pm.Tue: Brumley Deaner,v meeting. St Michael's, Wombwell, I I am: Sheffield Catmints, Omega Sheffield, 7.15pm. Wed: Volt Booby Prison. 10-30am. Thu: Lunch with Reined Priests, B ishors House. 12noon, Sat: Mass, Rampton Hospital. 2pm; Mass. Sheffield University Chaplaincy, 7pm.

Bishop Roche (leeds) Sim Rite of Election, Leeds Cathedral, Spun. The -Wed: Meeting of Deaneries Halilnx,Keiglileyfskipicml reds East, Leeds North and Selby Deaneries, Old Swan Hotel, Harrogate_ Wed Thu: Meeting of Deaneries Bradford North, Bradford South, Huddersfield, Leeds West and Wharfedale Deaneri, Old Swan Hotel. Hanogate. Thu Fri: Meeting of Deaneries Dewsbury, Harrogate. Leeds South, Pontefract MICI Wakefield Deaneries. Old Swan Hotel, Harrogate. .

BirJsop Stack (Westminster) Sun: Rite of Election. Westminster Cathedral, 3pm; MethodistRoman Catholic Dialogue, Pens Woad, 630pm. Mon: Celebrates Mass, Ware Cannel, 11 am_ Thu: Presents BBC Radio Four Daily Service, 9.45am; Catholic Education Service Reception. Commonwealth Club,4prn. P1k Archbishop's Council meeting, 930am. Sat: Cha Lady of Lourdes Mass, Westminster Cathedral, atm.

Bishop Williams (Liverpool) Sun: Celebrates Solemn Mass, Menopolium Cathedral of Christ the King. Liverpool, 1.1 am. Mon: North West Church Leaders' meeting, Samlesbury, I pm.

WALES Archbishop Smith (Cardiff) Sum Rite of Election. Sc David's Cathedral, 3pm. Wed Province meeting„Archbishop's House. I I am,Thu: College of Consultors, Pastoral Resources Centre, I lam.

Bishop (Menevi al Sum RCIA Mass, St Joseph's Cathedral, Swansea, 3pm. Mon: Lenten Skeen Mass.SI Dasid's Parish, Swansea. 7pm. Wed: Province meeting, Archbishop's House, Cardiff. Ilarn. Fri: Lenten Station Mass, Brecon Parish, 7pm.

Bishop Regan (Wrexham) Sun: 12-14 Youth Retreat, Loreto, LJandudno; Rite of Election. Cathedral, 3pm. Mon: Commissioning Mass, Sockets Team, Pantasaph Friary. The: Meeting with Bishop 's Consultors. Bishop 's House, 1030am. Wed, Welsh Bishops' meentg Cardiff. Thu: Regional Cytun, 10.30am INoon. Sat Diocesan Anointing Mins foyer Sick, Cathedral, I2noon.

SCOTLAND Cardinal O'Brien (St Andrew's & Edinburgh) Sun: Rite of Election, St Mary's Cathedral, Edinbiugh,3pm. ilue: Meeting of Bishops' Confeenee of Scotland. Scotus College, Glasgow, 330pm, and overnight. Wed: Meeting with Arca Vicar Episcopal for Fife Deanery, Father Gerry Hand, Dunfemiline, 3pm; Lenten Station Mai, for Fife Deanery. St Margaret's, Dunfemiline, 730pm. Thu: Visit to Carstaks State Hospital, 10am. Fri: Meeting of Viaa'S General, Gillis Centre. 11 um lunch with Polish priests and Filipino priest, Gillis Centre, Ipm; meeting with Trustees of Archdiocese, Gillis Centre, 2pm; Knights of Malta Ball. Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh, 7pm.

Bishop Logan IDuotteld/Dundeel Sun: Mass, St Andrew's Cathedral, Dundee, 11_30am: Rite of Election, St Andrew's Cathedral, Dundee, 3pm. Mon: Lourdes Pilgrimage Mass. St Mary's. Lathier . 7pm. Tue Wed, Bishops' Conference, Scotus College, Glasgow Thu: Honorary Graduation CarmonyAl-Maktoum Institute, Dundee. I130am.

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