Page 2, 8th January 1965

8th January 1965
Page 2
Page 2, 8th January 1965 — thingary arrests

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Locations: Budapest


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thingary arrests

6 priests From STELLA MUSULIN


TT is now known that six out I of nine people arrested recently in Budapest for "conspiracy" are priests. They were I mainly concerned with the pastoral education of young people, and were accused of "influencing youth against the State" by distributing religious pamphlets.

They are Dr. Laszlo Lmodi, Laszlo Rersavielgyi, Istvait Keglevich, the former Jesuit Fathers Elmer Mocsi and Elmer Rozsa. and a priest named Hajdu.

Laszlo Emodi was involved in trials of Catholic priests in 061 when he was sentenced to seven years' imprisonment, but together with many other bishops and priests he was amnestied in 1963. After their release they were not allowed to return to parish activities but were made to earn their living by manual labour or as office clerks.

Another group of "conspirators" has been given the full Communist tiealment. The trial Of Dr. Ferenc Matheovits and others is so typical of the long past Stalinist era that it is hard to believe that this is really the Hungary which, in great need of political and economic contacts with Western countries, is now negotiating with the United States Government.

The Matheovits "group" have been accused of being "right-wing Fascists, former landowners, officers, police and representatives of a vanished society" who organised a right-wing party. • They are said to have maintained contacts with "enemies of the Hungarian State" and to have been plotting to restore Dr. Otto Habsburg to the throne of Hungary. (The Archduke has denied having been in any kind of contact with Dr. Matheovits or his friends.)

Having spoken to a person who formerly knew Matheovits, I believe the facts to he as follows: Dr. Matheovits was never a supporter of the political right-wing at all.

From 1945 to 1948 he was a mei-ober of the Christian Social Democratic People's Party. which came to an end when the last remains of freedom were abolished in Hungary, He was a friend of Cardinal Mindszenty; by profession he was a lawyer, but of recent years he earned his living by heavy manual labotte

He is now a broken and ailing man, in no state or position to organise political resistance.

The trial was carried out in secret, and the general population learned nothing of it until just before Christmas,

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