Page 6, 8th January 1965

8th January 1965
Page 6
Page 6, 8th January 1965 — 1 CHOOSE....

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1 CHOOSE....

Publishers make their se/ecfions from the first half of 1965 VICTOR GOLLANCZ of Gollancz ltd.: I choose Mississippi: The Closed Society by lames W. Silver, because its subject be comes more important every day. The terrible acts of violence he witnessed when a Negro was admitted to his university drove him to write this study of bigotry and prejudice. l hope that his book (it happens, incidentally, to read as tensely as a thriller)

will be read and pondered by men of good will everywhere.

J. M. FEEHAN of Mercier Press Ltd.: Our most Important book undoubtedly will be The Theolo,ty of Marriage by the Rev. Dr. Bernard Ilaering, CSS.R. This book is being eagerly awaited by priests and theologians in nil countries.

ROBIN DENNISTON of Hodder and Stoughton


I choose Bishop William Wand's autobiography, Changeful Page. In the Anglican world, and almost the whole of Christendom, he is one of the greatly loved figures of the 20th century, and here is his own story— the tradesman's son who became an Archbishop — told very simply and modestly.

IRiS CONLAY of Geoffrey Bles Ltd.:

In March we are publishing a fascinating biography of a social worker who reformed girls' Borstal institutions after the first World War. The subject of this book, Dame Lilian Barker, died in 1955. She started her life as a teacher, and then organised 30,000 women munition workers at Woolwich during the first World War. She was afterwards made Governor of the Girls' Borstal at Aylesbury, and became the first woman Prison Commissioner .in a revolutionary way. The book has been written by her niece Elizabeth Gore and will be called The Better Fight.


Our choice is the Julian Green Diary-1927-1928. It is a selection made by the laic Kurt Wolff from the sevenvolume French edition, and is translated by the author's sister, Anne Green. In it Green describes how he conceives and writes his novels; he talks of his relationship with contemporary writers, and, above all, about his own interior life.

GILLON AITKEN of Chapman and Hall Ltd.:

My choice is a first novel called Kingdom Of illusion by an American, Edward R. R. Sheehan. It deals with international power politics, and is set in the Middle East at the time when Arab nationalism was beginning to come into its own. It is based on the e. changes between Nasser and the American State Department over the Aswan high Dam project.


Spottiswoode Ltd.: The book on our Spring list of most interest to Catholics is likely to be Pope John and his Revolution by E. E. Y. Hales. It is a serious study of Papal policy from the late

19th century to the present

day and a study of the ways in which Pope John affected it. It is not an inspirational book.

.. * DAVID i.. EDWARDS of S.C.M. Press Ltd.: I believe that the book most likely to interest readers of the CATHOLIC HERALD is The New Reformation? by Dr. John Robinson, Bishop of Woolwich. His new book is based on lectures given in America and Germany, in which the Bishop discusses a remark made to him by Cardinal Bea that "the Counter-Reformation is over". There is a theological revolution going on in Catholic as well as other circles, and the

Bishop explores the conse

quenceS of this revolution for the life of the Christian community in the contemporary world.

TIMOTHY BEAUMONT of Studio Vista Ltd.:

The hook I hJuink that is most l i k e l y to interest CA1'HOLic HERALD readers is called Modern Churches of the World. It is the first survey of modern church architecture to appear in paperhack Porn: and contains about 120 pictures illustrating some of the finest achievements of the last 40 years in church architecture in 12 di$erent



Methuen Ltd.: I pick Rantakrishna by Christopher Isherwood. it is a biography, told with consummate simplicity, of the Hindu religious leader of the late 19th


A. N. HILDITCH of A. R. Mowbray Ltd.:

I have no hesitation in selecting Christ in Christian Tradition by Aloys Grill. meier. S.J. Jr is a new and valuable work on early Christology, s h o w i n g the growth and interaction of the two main types, which stemmed from the Johannine and Pauline languages respectively, and culminated in the Chalcedonian Definition.

RALEIGH TREVELYAN-of Michael Joseph Ltd.:

Conceived as the base of a

trilogy, A Green Tree In Gedde is a first novel by Alan Sharp, a young Glaswegian. Itt is an astonishing literary experience, and it could be said that the book illuminates Greenock as Joyce's

"Ulysses" illuminated Dublin. The book, the author says, is "a celebration of the individual, trying to realise his true nature and his relation to the world and other beings". Gedde is "where the hawk perches with the dove" and where man may take his rest, the hazards of life fading in the certainty of his identity.

LESLIE FREWIN of Leslie Frewin Ltd.:

1, would single out Canon L. John Collins' Faith Under Fire, a forthright declaration of a man of God in revolt, dealing with world-shaking issues of this turbulent nuclear age. It is a personal testiment in which the author fearlessly essays his profound thoughts and attitudes on Power, Government, Wealth. Poverty, The Church, Racial Integration, Morals. Christian Action, Apartheid, The Bomb. CND, Parliament and The Establishment. These, by the way, are only a few of his controversial targets.

JOHN O'MEARA of Helicon Ltd.:

Our choice falls on a threevolume introduction to the Bible by Wilfrid J. Ilarrin,gton, O.A.; Volume I Record of Revelation: The Bible; Volume 2 Record of the Promise: The Old Testament; 'and Volume 3 Record of the Fulfilment: The New Testament. Fr. fiarrington has made a conscientious effort to avoid jargon, and has striven to make his work self-explanatory. It is his conviction that modern scholarship has opened the Bible to us in a marvellous manner and his sole desire iv to place that key in the hands of those who seek it.

T. F. BURNS of Burns and

Oates Ltd.:

It is difficult to make any particular selection without seeming invidious, but I would like to mention Fr. Bernard Basset's hook on St. Thomas More, Born For Friendship.

JOHN KNOWLFS of HartDavis Ltd.:

Vive Moi! by Sean O'Faolain is one of our most important books for the Spring. It gives a wonderful picture of Cork at the beginning of the

century as seen through the

eyes of a very poor—and very lively—child, and later of O'Faolain's part in the IRA.

HAROLD HARRIS of Hutchinson Ltd.:

1 pick The Discovery Of Time by Stephen Toubnin and June Goodfreld. Man's changing views of time and the gradual growth of the historical and pre-historical perspective are traced in it. Moreover, philosophy and religion are especially relevant for most of it since the authors are particularly concerned with the place and purpose of humanity in the setting of the universe.

GEOFFREY CHAPMAN of Geoffrey Chapman Ltd.:

My choice quite simply is The Journal of a Soul Pope John's spiritual diary. It will be published on Ash Wednesday.

MICHAEL MASON of Sheed and Ward Ltd.:

One of the most important books which we shall be publishing in the Spring is God's Creation: a study of Creation, Sin and Redemption in an Evolving World by Dr. A.

Hulsbosch, O.S.A. It is important because it applies to our understanding of the Faith what is one of the most momentous features of our present revolution -the replacement of a static thoughtmodel of the universe and societyand nature by a dynamic one, which far from regarding change as a deplorable weakness, accepts it as a human norm at the present stage of history. This implies no denial of dogma or tradition, but is essential to any communication with the world of the kind called for by John XXIII and Paul VI.

CECIL NORTHCOTT of Lutterworth Press Ltd.:

We shall publish in late January Dr. D. T. Niles' book We Know In Part, which is an Asian contribution to the present debate about God. I think the hook is important: it is a contribution by a most distinguished Asian Christian leader on "the Honest to God" debate, and is a very positive contribution to the debate.

JAMES MITCHELL of Constable Ltd.: I unhesitatingly pick The True Wilderness, a book of sermons, by H. A. Williams, Dean of Trinity College, Cambridge. It may seem odd that a g e n e r a 1 publisher should have a book of sermons on his list, but these sermons are not ordinary ones: they come from the depths of experience and shed a profound and most moving light on man's religious life and the workings of the psyche. Harry Williams has been described as the modern John Donne.

JOHN HALE of Robert Hale Ltd.: The book I would choose is Greece: A Journey in Time by S. F. A. Coles. The author has been for many years a

devoted interpreter of Spain

and Spanish affairs for which he has been awarded the Knight's Cross of the Order of Isabella the Catholic by the Spanish Government.

JOHN GUEST of Longman Ltd.: Of particular interest, in these times of controversy,

should he Birth Regulation by Mary Barrett. it contains eight plates printed in two colours, and makes completely comprehensible an upto-date medical method of calculating the safe period. Mary Barrett, a Catholic, is the young mother of four children, and although her book carries the imprimatur, it is not necessarily confined to Catholic readers.


The Cockpit is by P a u 1 Bourquin, a young Catholic historical novelist who is just beginning to make his name. His new hook is set in the Low Couulries during the post. Reformation period. One of the chief characters In it is Peter Bruegel the Elder.

JOHN TODD of Dayton, Longman and Todd Ltd.:

I n The Experience of Marriage, edited by Michael Novak, 13 couples tell us what life together in Christian marriage is really like today. This is certainly the most outspoken book yet published on

probably by any religious

this subject by Catholics, and group. The editor writes:

"The Church has nothing to fear from honesty, and if lay men have not spoken sooner they must themselves accept the responsibility ... It would be a mistake to think of this collection as a sign of 'rebellion'. On the contrary, it is a sign of responsibility, loyalty, and trust."

W. J. GHIBINS of John Murray Ltd.: Full Tilt by Dervla Murphy is the story of her bicycle ride to India. She started off from Dunkirk in January, 1963. This highly individual ac

count of her extraordinary

journey is based on the daily diary that she kept while riding through Persia, Afghanistan, over the Himalayas to Pakistan and India. The author is the daughter of the County Librarian of Waterford.

JOHN FOSTER WHITE of Macdonald Ltd.: Tomorrow's Fire by Jay Williams is a major historical novel of the Third Crusadc.

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