Page 13, 8th July 1938

8th July 1938
Page 13
Page 13, 8th July 1938 — WAR IN PROGRESS Japanese Combat Floods and Guerillas

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WAR IN PROGRESS Japanese Combat Floods and Guerillas

From Our Far Eastern Correspondent The floods along the Lunghai railway appear to be subsiding. The Japanese Command was caught unawares by the water at the very moment when their troops were about to occupy Kaifeng, capital of Ronan, and the important junction of Chengchow,U Hstained considerable losses in avings men and material (entire mechanised columns have been rendered useless), the Japanese have rapidly altered their plans and are developing their advance on Ilankow from the only possible direction.

The Yangtse, being navigable for warships of considerable tonnage, they are advancing up the river, their infantry and mechanised columns cutting across the country from Anking to Taihu and Kiukiang. The Chinese have shown desperate resistance near the Matang boom which was finally captured by the Japanese

after bitter fighting. It is reported that other booms have been laid higher up the river.


The floods having subsided to a certain extent, the Japanese are again pushing westwards along the Lunghai railway towards Chengchow, the occupation of which is of so great importance to them. Guerilla bands are in their rear, and considerable Japanese forces had to be sent recently to the Manchurian border where the line from Peking to Mukden was threatened by Chinese bands.

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