Page 13, 8th July 1938

8th July 1938
Page 13
Page 13, 8th July 1938 — Y.C.W. Grows—And

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Y.C.W. Grows—And



A Terse Survey Of

Five Continents

The Young Christian Worker Movement grows and grows. A terse survey of the movement throughout the world is printed in the first number of The Young Christian Worker, a journal for private circulation among members of the Y.C.W. in England.

After the International Y.C.W. Congress in Brussels in 1935, at which more than ioo,000 members were present, the movement advanced prodigiously everywhere.

France ... Membership has increased to 100,000 and is still increasing.

Switzerland . . Twenty-two federations, and 120 sections (at the first congress in September, 1936, there were 15,000 participants).

Spain . . . Here Y.C.W. has suffered terribly. Many members have been martyred, and a great number of chaplains, particularly in the Barcelona area, have been shot. Most members now are under arms; but new sections are already being formed in those places where order has been restored.

Portugal .. . The movement here has only recently begun. The National leaders have just set forth the administrative organisation of the movement. Study weeks have taken plaCe.

Hungary . . . Y.C.W. sections have been founded in the last few,months. Study circles function regularly, and a monthly paper is published which has a circulation already of 3,000.

Yugo-Slavia . . . Y.C.W. progresses favourably in spite of certain internal difficulties in the State. Many sections have been created and good results have been obtained, especially during the Easter Campaign.

Luxembourg . . . The Y.C.W. has begun officially by the opening of ten sections.

A t ...

Ireland . . . Sectit5nr--. ft e'been founded in Wexford and Belfast, and a monthly magazine for members has been produced. 7 England ... Sections in Wigan, Liverpool, Birmingham (SparkhilD, Blackburn, Wellingborough, Leicester, and three sections in London (Camden Town, Poplar and Stamford Hill).

America, Asia, Africa, Australasia Canada . Y.C.W. movement here is

in its sixth year. There are 25 federations with more than 10,000 members.

United States . . . Many sections founded in the North under the direction of the Canadian Y.C.W.

Colombia . . . Great difficulties have made progress slow. There are now 30 sections in the country, and the journal,

which is privately circulated among members, has a circulation of 13,000.

Brazil ... Y.C.W. began here in 1937. It has already spread remarkably, and makes use of all possible means to communicate ideas to the people of this vast country.

Algieria . . . Seven sections are

operating in and about Algiers. Movement only began here two years ago.

Tunis . . . Three sections flourishing. Considerable language difficulties.

Morocco . . In the Belgian colony three sections have been founded. Each week 50 copies of the Young Worker arc sold, magazines and pamphlets are sold also.

Syria . . , The first Y.C.W. group has been founded at Aleppo.

Australia ... Vast movement is being outlined among the different youth organisations in this country, which

favours the Y.C.W. It is expected that soon a powerful Y.C.W. group will be founded.

China ... Y.C.W. founded just before the present war began. Papers and pamphlets were translated into Chinese, and movement began to grow vigorously. War has stopped all that.

Besides these countries the headquarters of the Y.C.W. movement in Brussels is in touch with groups in the Argentine, in Bolivia, Lithuania, Denmark, Czechoslovakia, British India, Ukraine, Philippine Islands, the Azores, Seychelles, New Zealand and South Africa.

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