Page 14, 8th July 1938

8th July 1938
Page 14
Page 14, 8th July 1938 — EXAMINING OUR LAWS Work of Catholic Union

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EXAMINING OUR LAWS Work of Catholic Union

The Catholic Union of Great Britain recently surveyed its work during the past year.

It has done much to make satisfactory the Catholic position with regard to new laws.

The new Act relating to the reconciliation by Probation Officers in cases of separation between husband and wife, and the proposed Acts for restricting the number of charity appeals, for restricting the sale and advertisement of contraceptives, are among the things dealt with by the Catholic Union.

There have also arisen the questions as to whether Catholic patrons should be allowed to nominate incumbents to benefices of the Established Church, as do all other patrons. whether Christian or not, and as to the giving of the vote in municipal elections to nuns.

THE WHITE FATHERS British Students Ordained

The following British students of the White Fathers were ordained:—

Carthage (June 11)—Priesthood: Henry Moreton (Birmingham); Thomas Duffy (Glasgow); John Maguire (Portsmouth); John Bradley (Glasgow).

Thibar (June 26 and 27)—Sub-diaconate: Lawrence Smith (Southwark); Gerard Burton (Birmingham); Thomas Moran (Liverpool).

Last two Minor Orders: John Robinson (Glasgow); Antony Hames (Brentwood); John Byrne (Dublin); James Walsh (Leeds); Lawrence Jones (Liverpool): Thomas McGrail (Edinburgh): Thomas Stoker (Leeds); Joseph Britt (Lancaster).

Tonsure and first two Minor Orders: William Devine (Dunkeld); Peter Walker (Leeds); Thomas Tryers (Liverpool); Thomas Mcllveney (Glasgow); James Tobin (Glasgow); Patrick Donnelly (Glasgow); Joseph Murphy (Leeds).

Bringing Youth Together

A means of bringing the youth of Southwark diocese together is provided by the Catholic Youth Confederation which, under the direction of Canon Charles M. Westlake, progresses splendidly. The Confederation are holding their annual athletic sports in Battersea Park on Saturday, July 16, and their annual summer camp is being organised and will last from July 23 to August 6.

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