Page 15, 8th July 1938

8th July 1938
Page 15
Page 15, 8th July 1938 — LITURGICAL SCHOLA Offer to Parish Priests

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Locations: Birmingham, Surrey, Cardiff


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LITURGICAL SCHOLA Offer to Parish Priests

The parish of Effingham was visited on Sunday last by members of the Schola of St. Michael, who at the invitation of the Rev. Francis Bird, the rector, had come to sing Vespers in the church.

Before leaving, the Schola also sang Compline in the handsome Gothic church which looked just like one of the mediaeval country parish churches which abound in England, even down to the flint walls.

The Schola is an association for priests and laymen who desire to celebrate the important feasts of obligation and of devotion throughout the year with Mass and Vespers. It hopes to be of assistance to parish priests who invite its services in introducing liturgical offices to their churches.

A number of times the Schola has responded to such invitations and has shown what can be achieved in the way 'of liturgical worship given good will and perseverance.

The Schola consists at present of about a score of singers (men) and some servers. A Precentor is in charge of the chanting, and a Master of Ceremonies trains the servers. The secretary is D. Allen, The Chesters," Reigate Road, Ewell, Surrey.

Walthamstow's New School Opened

Under the Hadow scheme of reorganisation, the Board of Education recognised St. George's School, Raglan Road, as a senior school in 1933, and St. Mary's Convent School as a junior and infants' school. A new senior school has now been provided at Wiseman House, Shernhall Street, in place of the Raglan Road School, and on Friday last the Bishop of Brentwood formally opened it.

Addressing the assembled children and parents the Bishop pointed out the great facilities the new school offered. He warmly congratulated Mgr. O'Grady for all his work on behalf of education, and especially for acquiring such commodious premises as Wiseman House.

Mgr. O'Grady thanked the Bishop for blessing and opening the school, and expressed his gratitude to the Chief Inspector and to Board of Education officials for their assistance during negotiations.

Ordinations at Oscott

The Archbishop of Birmingham held an ordination at Oscott College on Wednesday, June 29, when the following orders were conferred:— Priesthood: Revv. E. Cook, K. Jones (Northampton), W. Withers, G. PeuIevd, Subdiacortate: Revv. .1. Cleary, P. Cooney, W. Davenport, T. Duffy, A. Emery, I. Kind (Shrewsbury), W. McGann, J. Barr, T. Osbyrne (Shrewsbury.), C. McCabe, M. McCabe.

Last two Minor Orders: Revv. G. Langley (Northampton), C. Brown, J. Devlin (Shrewsbury), A. McNally (Shrewsbury), D. Murphy, P. O'Brien (Shrewsbury), J. Welch, E. Burbage, J. Clancy, M. McGrath.

Tonsure of first two Minor Orders: Revv. N. Burditt (Northampton), G. Gallecher, H. Ramsbotham, D. Toplass, F. Woodward, J. Reidy (Northampton), I. McBrearty (Cardiff), P. Caslin, J. Griffiths, C Adams.

Banbury History

Canon A. G. Wall, Rector of St. John's Church, Banbury, has written a history of the mission to commemorate the recent centenary of the opening of St. John's.

He gives interesting information about the pre-Reformation religious foundations in Banbury and the persecutions.

The booklet also includes a short history of the successive rectors of St. John's.

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