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8th July 1938
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Page 2, 8th July 1938 — Five

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Locations: Evian, London


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Minute News

More Non-Intervention

• • The full Non-Intervention Com mittee met at the Foreign Office on Tuesday for the first time for eight months. Twenty-seven Powers approved the draft resolution to end intervention in Spain, restore international supervision over Spain's land and sea frontiers, and for the granting of belligerent rights to both sides. All this non-intervention will cost nearly £3 million. Meanwhile Sir Robert Hodgson, British Agent in Burgos, is in London with Franco's reply to our cornplaints about the bombing of British ships. Franco suggests that one port should be set aside where British ships would be free from fear of bombs. Meanwhile it came out in Parliament that the Westcliff Shipping Co. Ltd., owner of the sunk Thorpeness, is owned practically entirely by nonBritish shareholders. Only one member of the Board of Directors is British, stated Sir Frank Sanderson, M.P.

Premier on Home Farming • • Premier Neville Chamberlain has raised some excitement in agricultural circles by publicly stating that should we grow all the food we need at home we should ruin all those Empire and foreign countries who are dependent on our markets, He also said that the idea that we could be starved out in a war was " fallacious." Conservative M.P.s for agricultural constituencies are seeking from the Premier some softening down of these statements to placate farmers and others interested in our farming future, and also the supporters of the idea of national selfsufficiency.

Milk is Best

• • The average Austrian working

family drank only 60 pints of beer to the German working family's 111 pints, in 1937, it is disclosed in a report published by a German state-owned bank. On the other hand the Austrians drank much more milk (358 pints compared with 196). The Germans were also beaten in flour, meat, and sugar. But in butter, lard, and margarine, eggs,-and coffee, the Germans won. Other fairly interesting facts are: total wages in Germany in 1937 were about £3 million, as against £2 million in 1933. On the other hand, the average working class income is still 17 per cent. below that of 1928, when 15 hours longer were worked per week. Grouping employees and workmen together, it is estimated that the average spending income in 1937 was 30s. per week.

Japanese are Scandalised

• • The French have occupied the

Paracel islands, lying to the south-east of the Chinese island of Hainan. The Japanese declare that this is illegal as it "violates the sovereignty and territorial integrity of China." The Japanese are also annoyed that France has lately increased the strength of her army in IndoChina. The French explain that the Paracel islands, and lots of others, really belong to them already, as they are dependencies of Annam, a French protectorate.

Duce on " Demoplutocracies "

• • Speaking from the platform of a threshing machine in the reclaimed Pontine marshes, Mussolini slated the " demoplutocracies " for calculating that there would be a wheat shortage in Italy, with a consequent famine. This year's wheat, he said, was better in quality, and only a little inferior in quantity, to that of last year. " But even if the bread failed, we should never-1 say never—lower ourselves to an extent to ask for help of any kind from the so-called great demoplutocracies."

Turks and French make it up

• • Turkey has come to an agree

ment with France concerning the Sanjak of Alexandretta, a French mandated territory, which is shortly to become independent, and which Turkey means to control. By the agreement the Turks believe they will have the upper hand in the Sanjak, which, in common with Syria as a whole, was a Turkish possession before it became mandated to France. Turkish troops arc to enter the Sanjak, where there is to be absolute parity between France and Turkey to preserve law and order. Meanwhile the British loan to Turkey to buy armaments here, has been ratified by the House of Commons.

Streamlined Steam Speed

9 An L.N.E.R. streamlined engine has captured the British speed record with a speed of 125 m.p.h. The previous record was 114 m.p.h. The world record of 127 m.p.h. is held by the U.S.A. The record for the highest sustained speed is held by the British Silver Jubilee—an average of 100 m.p.h. for nearly 43 miles.


• Germany has agreed to undertake full responsibility for the Austrian State loans. On the other hand interest rates on these loans. and on the German Dawes and Young Loans, are to he reduced. England also hopes for an increase in Anglo-German trade as the result of the recent talks in London.

Pleasing Panoply at the Palace

• • The Yeomen of the Guard,

oldest armed force in attendance on the King, was given its own Standard by the King on Tuesday. Its last one was lost in a fire at St James's Palace in 1809. The new Standard bears the badges of the Royal Houses of Tudor, Stuart and Hanover. On Wednesday the Honourable Artillery Company took over guard duties at Buckingham Palace. On Wednesday the Conference called by the United States to consider the problem of Jewish. and other refugees. opened at Evian, France. It is believed that a asnti al organisation will be set up to deal milt the whole problem.

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