Page 2, 8th July 1938

8th July 1938
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People: Hinsley
Locations: ANTWERP, Moscow


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Nazis' New Definition in Austria

A lengthy attack on the Viennese newspaper, the Reichspost, which was formerly Catholic, appears in the Osservatore Romano, semi-official Vatican newspaper. The writer in the Osservatore points out that the Reichspost has decidedly changed its mind since the Anschluss, on the question of politics and religion. A few months ago the Reichspost was hailing the dawn of a new era in which priests, and the Church in general, would confine themselves to their own religious sphere, and leave politics alone. But on June 26, the Reichspost published an article which emanated from the Society of Work for Religious Peace, in which, as the Osservatore points out, priests are told they must take part in politics— on the side, of course, of the Nazi angels.

" Not Politics" The priest is not " mixing in politics," the Reichspost says," when he plunges into the great movement that has brought salvation to our people, . . . and, without resentment or laziness, endeavours to collaborate, standing at his post, with joy and enthusiasm in the new order set up by national-socialism . . this is not political activity in the meaning given to the word by certain bitter critics, but is the fulfilment of the most elementary national duty."

On the other hand, the formation of the young in will and conscience, is the duty of the state.

The political opinions which arise from such instruction are nothing to do with the priest-his only duty is to support it blindly.

The Difference " And so," the Osservatore sums up, " the essential distinction between politics and religion consists in the Church not educating, not being on the alert against a possible opposition between political orders and the cure of souls; because to do so would be political action, not to do so is religious action." The Osservatore concludes: " . . real Catholicism is that which will not renounce its religious mission, and refuses to become the instrument of the State and the Party."

"WALLOONIA FOR THE WALLOONS" New Communist Tactic in Belgium From Our Own Correspondent.


Belgian Communists have been guilty of tactical error in duplicity the obviousness of which has made them almost a laughing stock.

This duplicity is displayed by the Com

munists in the racial question. In Flanders, the Communists are " Flamingants." In Walloon centres they are " Wallingants."

This tactic of " Walloonia for the Walloons" is a new one. It burst upon Belgium a couple of Sundays ago at historic Waterloo.

Their manifestation there marked the birth of what I may term National Communism. The Communist Parliamentarians and leaders were present. They pleaded for " entente with France, guardian of democracy " and for the defence of " that regime of high civilisation, to wit, a parliamentary democracy because it assures economic and social order."

The choice of Waterloo by the Communists has surprised Belgians. For at Waterloo the Walloons fought alongside the Flemish against France. Waterloo being the emblem of defeat for the French, it is a strange emblem to rally the Walloons.

This new-born National-Communism masks the Moscow design on Belgium. The Walloons are no more likely to be taken in by it than are the Flemings in Flanders. The lack of cohesion, however, in the Catholic ranks, is an opportunity the Communists try to turn to account.

Pius XI in Sunday Chronicle

The biography of Pope Pius XI, with a foreword by Cardinal Hinsley, Archbishop of Westminster, is being serialised in the Sunday Chronicle.

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