Page 3, 8th July 1938

8th July 1938
Page 3
Page 3, 8th July 1938 — CATHOLIC GIRLS AHEAD OF MEN

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Women's and girls' organisations are ahead of men in their state of readiness for the vast national Catholic Action drive which was outlined by the Bishops of England and Wales at their Low Week meeting this year.

Girls are to start their training as young as fourteen years of age and the kind of instruction which they will receive, it has been decided, will vary according to their way of living, and the

social circles in which they move.

The following memorandum describing the function of these different groups has been issued:—

In accordance with the wishes of the Bishops at the Low Week Meeting. 193e, the " Youth Section " of the " Union of Cathulie Women " has been established. ltb object is: " To prepare and train apostles of Catholic Action for the future and to promote an apostolate oven during the years of youth according as opportunities present themselves."

"The Catholic Action Organisation for Girls " aims at grouping Catholic girls iu a Catholic Action Organisation subject to the Bishop in each Diouese. It comprises three Branches: The Young Christian Workers (Y.C.W.) for the working girls between the ages of it and 30 in Parishes. The Young Christian Students (Y.C.S.) for the students in secondary schools and Training Colleges from 14 upwards. The Young Christian. Groups (Y.C.G.) for girls belonging to the professional or more leisured classes aged between 17 and 30. This Branch to be inter-Parochial. The three Branches have leaders for each local Section working under the parish priest or ecclesiastical assistant. The Diocesan Centres co-ordinate the local Sections. The General (.2o-ordinating Secretary, with the help of the General Ecclesiastical Assistant is responsible for the general co-ordinating and running of the Movement, " The Catholic Action Organisation for Girls " is rapidly taking shape. Many Sectiona of both Y.C.W., Y.C.S. and Y.C.G. are already at work. There are up to the present approximately fifty Sections scattered all over England : London. Liverpool, Birmingham. Bradford, Blackburn, Folkestone, Newcastle. Slough, Wigan, Wellingborough, Westgate, etc., etc. And every week brings the news of the opening of new sections. " It is through our organisation," it is stated, " that we hope to work at the reChristianieation, of our surroundings. Of our factories and workshops, of our professional and social life and of our families remeni

bering the words of our Holy Father in

Quadrogesinio Anno: The first and immediate apostles of the working-man must be the working-man, whilst the first apostle of the business man will be the business man.'

" It is therefore in answer to this principle enunciated by the Holy Father himself that our Catholic Action Organisation for Girls is being launched."

Miss Canny Greville was appointed General Co-ordinating Secretary by the Board of Bishops at the Low Week Meeting. Various Youth Movements have the approval of their local Bishop. It is the sincere wish of the C.A. Organisation for Girls to work in complete harmony and co-operation with any such Organisation.

The following members of the Hierarchy have given their formal and wholehearted approval to the Organisation:

The Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster, 'rho Archbishop or Liverpool. The Archbishop of Birmingham, The Archbishop of Southwark., The Bishop of Middlesbrough, The Bishop of Salford. The Bishop of Nei tingliarre The Bishop of Leeds. The Bishop of Northampton. The Bishop of Slirewebury, The Bishop of Meuevia, The Bishop of Ilexham and Newcastle, The Bishop of Brentwood.

Various pamphlets and a 'monthly magazine will lie issued shortly. For these and any information apply to headquarters: Miss Greville, 1. Gloucester Road. Regents Park, London, N.W.1. Vetil the beginning of September the office will be available for correspondence only.

37 Nations in One College

At the College of the Propagation of the Faith in Rome, where the best students of the mission countries are trained for the priesthood, there are at present 233 students, from 37 different nations.

The most important group is that of the Chinese, which numbers 39; then comes Australia with 33, India with 28, and Japan and Indo-China, each with 14.

Among the old students of this College there are 28 Bishops, 2 Archbishops, and a Cardinal—CT.

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