Page 6, 8th July 1938

8th July 1938
Page 6
Page 6, 8th July 1938 — LONELY CONVERTS Some Remedies

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Locations: Manchester, London, Newcastle


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SIR,—May I draw attention once more to the Company of St. John? This Company was formed chiefly for the purpose of introducing converts and lonely Catholics to their fellow-Catholics.

Social activities are varied, and arrangements are made to meet in town, those members outside the immediate parish.

The Company has been of great help to many lonely Catholics, and we should very much like to see a branch established in every parish.


54, Sunnymede Drive, Ilford, Essex.

National and Parish Activities

SIRS—The fault lies with "Lonely Convert." As a convert myself I would advise joining the appropriate parochial guild or confraternity and also take part in whatever parochial functions there are. Next join some one of the National Catholic societies, Catholic Evidence Guild for preference. There " Lonely Convert " will find all the kindness and interest desired and not only that, but he or she will also get that further education which most Catholics require in order to fit them to take their place in Catholic Action. If there is no branch of C.E.G. where your correspondent lives, then the parish priest will give information of other societies.


79, Nicholas Road, Manchester, 21.

Snubbing Converts

Sna—Nearly 11 years ago I was received into the Church, yet even now I have still to be received into the social and common brotherhood of the faithful! During the past five years my business has taken me to various places as far apart as Newcastle is from Bournemouth. The past two years I have been in London. I find that when I get acquainted with Catholics interest is shown until the " awful " truth comes out —I am a convert! J am at once regarded with grave suspicion. "So you have come home," said one Catholic in a really nasty tone. I replied, " Yes, but you don't seem to be too pleased"! My advice to your writer is to treat all snubs with dumb contempt. The Faith which we profess and the very same which we possess should at all times make us sure and firm in our convictions, no matter what rebuffs we may come across.

Perhaps, after all, these self-same rebuffs are of spiritual good for us.


7, Chesson Road, West Kensington, London. W.14.


SIR,—If Mr. " Irritant " will come and reside in my parish I shall be glad to offer him the following " jobs" without remuneration, provided he is suitable: 1. To give regular instruction to the dozen or more children attending nonCatholic schools.

2. To sell the CATHOLIC HERALD at the Church door, at street corners, and on the doorstep of indifferent members of the flock.

3. To sing in the choir. (Chancel: men and boys).

4. Having qualified as a member of the Catholic Evidence Guild to give outdoor lectures in the parish.

5. To wheel a barrow round the streets to sell C.T.S. pamphlets, Catholic literature and at the same time to be ready to answer all enquirers. (Barrow provided.) 6. To relieve me of the responsibilities of Controlling Authority of the local Catholic Scout Troop.

7. To represent this parish on the local Borough Council.

8. To serve the 10 o'clock Mass on Wednesdays and Fridays.

9. To reply to all pernicious attacks on the Church in the local press.

10. To participate actively in all organised events for the reduction of debt on Church and Secondary School: the total liability at present being £17,150.

—and if Oliver Twist asks for more, he shall have it.


North Finchley.

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