Page 6, 8th July 1938

8th July 1938
Page 6
Page 6, 8th July 1938 — ST. DOMINIC AND THE ROSARY

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Anglican Tertiary " needlessly assumes a contradiction between two of the quotations I sent. I observed the seeming discrepancy myself, but interpreted it as follows: One writer referred to the fact that the Rosary as we now have it is later than the time of St. Dominic; while the other, referring to the more primitive form of the Beads, can find no sure evidence St. Dominic had anything especial to do with it. In the essential matter both writers were agreed, but each one stressed a different aspect of the history.

Our Anglican friend is under the disadvantage of not knowing the relative value of the authors, yet he may have noticed the significant caution of that fine scholar, the late Fr. Bede Jarrett, 0.P., on St. Dominic and the Rosary, in his history of the Saint. If my memory is correct, nowhere does Fr. Jarrett assert Our Lady revealed the Rosary to the Founder of his Order.

We have but to contrast the Church's action in regard to the authentic history of Our Lady's appearance and revelation to Bernadette Soubirous with that accorded to the supposed experience of St. Dominic. St. Bernadette's is signalised by a special feasts while the story about St. Dominic has but a vague and passing reference in the IV Lesson of the Rosary Feast. Fr. Thurston has adequately dealt with the historical value of that reference.

Had there been so resounding a thing as a special revelation to St. Dominic from Our Lady, it had long since received its special feast, and the documents of the Dominican Order would not have been silent on the subject for two hundred years.

Will " Anglican Tertiary " quote one single first-rate scholar who accepts the legend as historical fact? I have quoted a living Cardinal of the front rank of learning, a famous Seminary Superior, a recognised text-book of theology, etc., also the renowned Bollandists.



SIR,—It has been my lot lately to make several enquiries from one of our biggest travel agencies on behalf of others.

I mentioned to the Traffic Manager that any enquiries I sent him would need to be assured of Mass available every Sunday at least, and in return he assured me that they could give details of churches and Masses to every enquirer for any country in which they organise tours and holidays. He said they had also made a note that any enquiry from me, or through my paper. should have full particulars of where and when Mass would be, and I have had very courteous attention from them in every way.

Therefore I feel sure that if your correspondents and readers who are worrying about Mass on cruises would make a particular point of asking for that privilege they would receive. They are the customers of the agencies, and " the customer is always right," for one thing, and for another " he who pays the piper calls the tune." It may not always be so simple as all that, but at least if it was consistently stated by wouldbe cruisers that Mass was essential, they would get the opportunity.

There might indeed be broached some scheme whereby needy priests could be given a holiday by the travelling purveyors, in order that their customers could have Mass.

Alas, your correspondent is right when she says that " The trouble lies with these wretched Catholics who do not pull their weight."


" Silver Ley," Oakley Road, Upper Warlinghatn, Surrey.

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