Page 7, 8th July 1938

8th July 1938
Page 7
Page 7, 8th July 1938 — CATHOLIC ACTION COLLEGE "Not Wisely A Cultural Adjunct"

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CATHOLIC ACTION COLLEGE "Not Wisely A Cultural Adjunct"

In a foreword to the booklet giving the curriculum of studies of the Liverpool Catholic Action College (the list of classes and lecturers was given in full in the North-Western edition of the CATHOLIC HERALD last week) the Archbishop expresses great pleasure at the headway which has been made with the scheme.

He regards the college as so important that he describes it as " not merely a cultural adjunct but an absolute necessity " if the Archdiocesan scheme of Catholic Action is to be 100 per cent. efficient.

Mgr. Downey quotes the Pope's insistence of the necessity of training courses conducted by experts. " A little learning is a dangerous thing," he writes, " and never so dangerous as when it is casual and sporadic, but a regular course of learning conducted by a duly qualified teacher is always an asset to the man who receives it."

In conclusion, he expresses the hope that " our youth of both sexes will avail themselves of the golden opportunities afforded by the college to equip themselves adequately to play the part they are called upon to play in the campaign of Catholic Action for the re-Christianising of society and the restoration of all things in Christ."

The aim and plan of the college is explained fully in the booklet which also gives full details of the courses offered to students.

Some stress is laid on the fact that whilst it is hoped that those who already have a good intellectual background will offer themselves as students, but that the absence of such training should not deter those of good will.

The college will welcome and try to cater for the needs of all who feel inspired to help in its work, no matter what previous intellectual training they may have received.

There will be two terms in the session, the first commencing on Monday, September 19, the second on Monday, January 9, 1939.

Further information may be obtained from the Secretary, Catholic Action College, Cathedral Buildings, Liverpool.

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