Page 6, 8th June 1935

8th June 1935
Page 6
Page 6, 8th June 1935 — LETTERS TO THE EDITOR

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Our correspondents are urged to limit their letters to 300 words; other. wise they are liable to be shortened or Ortittted altogether. Letters must bear

a name and address (not necessarily for publication) or they will be ignoroiL—Editor.


SIR,--1 ,St111110.i'1 jr.

LOYlgStliff'S Jlea fur a perillith011t iuoiiunieliL to thin griia [estuILjZII London lis ever produced, Sl. 'laminas More, in the vicinity of V,a-nsttiiinister Hall, and to suggest the immediate iippeal to such prominent personages as the Lora Ma.yor, the Lard Chanel'llor, the lord Privy Seat (whose work St. Thomas foreshadowed) for their support. ‘Vith reference to Er. BOpela letter on the subjeet of St. Thomas's attitude to tiothie architecture, May I point mit that the capitals of the pillars hi More's private chapel ill ChtIçU old ciliird), as restored by our martyr himself, are sald to have been designed by Flulbein and are definitely classit ii style. It is ho disparagement to the Gatlii '. style to it-id lkIare 11105 giving support to the art of the Henaissainee.—Yours. WILFRID 13. FIELDING, 13, Aberdeen Road, Jane 2.

CATHEDRAL ciluoim Fira—May 011P express agreement 'aith the letters which have alretaly deplored. in your columns, the Ten-loyal t cruciiix from its place in 'Westminster cathedral? As a !natter of fact it appears ilea ii. was taPen down to afford a VlOW of the newly completed mosaics over the

sa tin ry. 11 may parhaps he felt that these

have Haw team seer)li sirrlieient iir parse, Blill that the crucillx may 1.4'01 he restozaal 11,) it 1_0411•1'. JIu1110S81C. decOral1011 1101, in any CA se, to he cOnsidered as a pieture; it is a. method or embellishing malls and oilier architerturaI features, and is not meant la receive special treatment ln the matter or the removal, of "ObstrUetiuns.

1f mosaies are in be treated as pietures, the only logical course would be.i1 rind whoa those rsf the etinfir apae. are completed—to remove the Ciborium. Aloanuiii from over the high altar! —Yours, etc., June 1. JOHANNES

SIR,—I am glad someone has exrressed the desire to see the lire erinatlx reinsteted in westrranster cathedral. lhP& ii been 'something missing' ever sinee iivas moved and its absence stirs a feeling almost of n ppreliension, It :s hard enough to ha time to the cross in daily life withina having it taken down from its rightful post Ii(a) in our mereopolite.n. church or the Prertious Mood on the plea of preserving Oat aesthetic sense or the proportious of the building.--Yours, etc., ea, Iliehmond Chambers, Hemmen-en/11a

E. F. WEBB June 1.


Sir,--L am writing to ask whether any Of your readet's can suggest wayS and means for a pilgrimage to Rome on a bedrock botioni basis, linancially speaking. A friend with quite simple tastes wants to go to Horne, but cannot afford more than the bare fare with sufficient margin to allow for food and bare shelter for a few days in the city. Are there, for instance., any monasteries Or convents where one could camp,using one's own travolling rug on the bare floor, if needs be, and fending for oneself in regard to meals in cafes or restaurants? There must be many Catholics who would go to Rome if they could get the Somewhat epartan accommodation I have. mentioned, but who have little hopes of satisfying their wish through hormal tourist channels. Are there any priests or laymen who would lead each a. pilgrimage as this? If sea I hould be glad ta hear of them—Years, 00..


May 30


&rm.! suppose 1VP must be thankful for Small mercies, but .is it possible to discover w-hy the Catholic broadcast Servire$ are IC so frequently from the studio and, then, 12) services which are like nothing ever heard in a Cathobic church. If those who are responsible would only give Catholic services from churches, in the same way that Methodist and Congregational services are broadcast, non.Catholies would gain a much better idea of 'what Catholieism rid Catholies would not be made to feel that they are being. representeit as a sort or upper middle-class SalvatiOn Army.—Yours, etc., F. P. BATES. Coventry.

"BROTHERS KARAMAZOV" SIR,—The let IN' of " .." regarding

the film Brothers has drawn inv atleation. As dietributor of the film, I ideesere ii informing you that it wilt he presented to the various -watch eommittees responsible for passrig fares refused a general eertificate the censor when, if accepted, it Will ...‘= due course he shown to the nubile. 'Hier,. t little doubt Oita this film will pe eleaen i II must ef the leading tovei-js in ilia camitry in spite of it being in a feireitat language with Engtish subtitles.—yaurs, t.

1'11. BeunHan Ennis Ltd., CREED, Managing Director. Mita 30. "TOWARDS A CATHOLIC SOCIETY" ethos me lo take Fr.

Neatetra's delightfully etillgIdening ariate a step further, But first let ine point to a synthesis of the INA,' leepeete of the eiubjeet flee he ientines iwelt While doing Or 11111ILI^A l pnrify caratallsm we eana keep our minds and hearts hen thy by otter-Islam; the natural ideal ur the ittstributist slate.

However, we havo a supernaterat iiii as M oil, arid iti the efforts tu periled that vision lies Mir only of et/retire action ln the present ernsis.

-sae Leonia iop hi ji.sei, heel-hie

‘vtil uiI ddmii. iluiL

;1, it in-day wini its insectiril y, its, utteinpioyment, it alMoSt complete drsintegration of the human personality is as bad, if not worse. than the ancient Slave state. The Church loierates it as Ow Cr-der:00d that st al e to rnre.ven,, greater evils. But while tolerating slavery the leaders of the early Churelt, hoth clerient rind lay, had a vivid sense of our supernatural cligully i hut they were able to lead their people to accept their elavery not as a, degradation, but as a sharing in the passion Of Christ, by which they could use to their full 6thrure as eraheirs with hire 10 the Hermit promiaea ha Father and their Father.

Siirely we can de the same to-day if we wee only throw off our bourgeois fear of tI e interior life. For now thirty years through the .decree of Pius X en frequent and daty communion we have had the sainn help as 1hey had iii the

early Churelt. In addition, we have bad the stinthlits of our eucharistic eengresses and the help er Mary Daniavitiate at Lourdes. With this support we can emphasize more and more that, our faith is urn. merely niti arid knowledge of the rine true God and or Jesus Christ wheat lie has seht, hut the possession here and now of these the ultimate realities Without whom Olen, is nothing permanent and will) whom we enioy the fraitnran of the grandest dreams ria the human heart.

It may he a difficult way out hut 7 challenge anyone to allow me another,Yours, etc,,

(Tiev.} GERALD FLANAG.aN. St. Mary's Convent,

South LOW csioft.


Stn,-1thank alr. tall for his seceind letter about l)lnirgeotsisint; but, at the risk of being damned to the deepest pit a. by my learned friend, am inyaelf one "-' of 1,110Se who look forward to the " leisure stale," and believe that machinery has (or rather, ought to have) released us for higher things. Will Mt-. Gill please explarti what is the legitimate function of machinery, if not to lighten the tabour of man aild " him for higher things "'? Or does Mr. Gill think we ought to scrap all machinery and go bark to the moue age? His attitude Is quite incomprehens,ible.

Mn'. ()ill goes on In say that everyone

might to rejoice his work, and never, upparently, look forward to retirement. It is tansy enough for one aairtee nwn work hie i I the pleasant flelde of art. and vulture, and who is his OW11 taskmaster, In talk in this fashion; but if Mr. Gilt were, a member of a more prosaic prafession, were he a miner or a dotilalaboarer, for instance, I fanry his attitude to machinery and leisure would he vastly different.

For such people as these, " work " does not. mean creative art—which is what it means in) oar, in Mr. Gill's position—but hard, monototious labour, often unpleasant, and sometimes mortally dangerous. Hundreds of thousands of people in this and other countries are eonclemned to earn their bread by work of an appallingly souldestroying and uninspiring' nature; and machinery (rightly used, and under a more just coninanic system than at present. obtains) will release these, masees and open up to theni those opportaraties fOr Chril I a ii ertncittion and culture of which they posaeas so few at. present. To brine this abnat is eminently a Cathnlie duty, and Mr. Gill's charge of " heresy " is. fantastie.—Yours,

NOEI. I. PERGOLD. Liverprint Univer.sity, June 2.


MeNiehol has overlooked and failed to enumerate the twin activity with the "protocols" for the overthrow and domination of the world "Christianity " by which the Jew-s have conquered the universe. With sincere goodwill to the Herald for its continuous success.—Yours, etc., JEFIEMIAII KILVaRN. 284, Brady Street Dwellings,

Stepney, E.1.

SIrt,—Your correspondent aIr. Murphy in H. letter published in your irsuJe Of AillY ib finds it." highly unreasonable-in dismiss the ' Prol000ls ' as a myth." But a. few daes before he wrote., the president of the Berne court delivered a judgment chararterizing the "Protocols" as a plagiarism 4ind a forgery and as trashy literature. Tee trial of which this was elle conclusion had tamed entirely on the alleged authentieity of the "Protocols " and had lasted more than seven months. 1 Mr. alurphy wilt read the record of the trial, he will find very little difficulty in reaching the conclusion arrived at by the judge.

I may add that Ole .same inevitable conclusion on the "I'rutoeols " wile reached some years ago in [Inge: lid 111id fli recent, cases in South Armed )ifid Canada where the allegattan W.,1s made that the "Protocols '' weie gennine.

There is every P'JI-1014'0 that respon (Continued from preutous column.) siale leaders and organs of all shades Or Opinion, including the highest Cant:an; authorities, have darredited the " Protocols " in terms not less contemptuous than those quoted in the judgment at Iterne.—Yours, ate., A. G. 13110TMAN.

Secretary, Board of Deputies or British Jaws,

Woburn 'muse, Limier Woburn I' lice, arinctun, Waal!,

May :Mk

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