Page 8, 8th June 1973

8th June 1973
Page 8
Page 8, 8th June 1973 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS 1

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Organisations: L.S.U. College of Education, Finance Committee, Council of Priests, Catholic Women's League, Dominic's Primary School, Liphnllend College, International AnglIcan/R.C. Commission, Bishop's Education Commission, Sacred Heart Church, Buildieg Office, Vincent's Primary School, Broughton, Council of Administration, Cotton College, Catholic Handicapped Children's Service, Guild of Si, Priests/Teachers Consultative Committee, Dedication Service, Enfield Deanery Parish Council, Croome Court, Social Welfare Commission, Ecumenical Service, Anglican Ecumenical Commission, Episcopal Education Committee, St. John Vianney Special E. S. N. School, St. Edmund's College, St. Chad's Primary School, Lady's Church, Cardinal Langley School, Saints Pastoral Centre Ad Hew Committee, Catholic International Commission, Upholland College, Bishops' Education Commission, Broughton Catholic Society, Oscott College


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Cardinal Heenan of eVeatminster Friday: Visits Poor Clues Convent, Levenshulme: attends Civic Reeeption, Town

Maechester, 8. Saturday: Visits Carmelite Convent. 9.30; opens St. Chad's Primary School. Sa4ord, 10; Concelebrates Mass and preaches. Belle Vue. Manchester, 3. Sunday: Sings High Mass of Pentecost. Cathedral: visits Si. Edward's Curivent, Harewood Avenue, Londoe. 3,30, -Tuesday: Visits Blessed Dominic's Primary School. Grahame Park. 2.15. Thursday: Concelebrates Mass, Priury of Christ the King, Cockfosters, 12 noon, confirms children from Sr. Vincent's Primary School. Cathedral. 7.

B ishop Butler, Auxiliary of WestminsterFriday: All Saints Pastoral Centre Ad Hew Committee meeting, St. Edmund's College, 10.30 Srroday: Confirmation, St. Edmund's College, 9.30; preeches at Ecumenical Service. Wellingborough, 6. Monday/Friday: Committee of International AnglIcan/R.C. Commission, Paringland.

Bishop Gusztelli, Auxilisry of Westminster Saturday: Concelebrates Mass, Safford. Sunday: Visitation, Bethnal Green: Civic Mass, Poplar, 11, Confirniaticre 4.30. Monday: Confirmation, St. Mary's Fulham Road. 7. Tuesday: Visitation, Pottery Lane. 7. Wednesday: Confirmation, Our Lady of Victories, 6.30. Thursday: Attends party at Gowen Street. 5, Confirmation, Warwick Street, 6. Friday: Greater London Churches meeting. 12.30; Confirmation. Eden Grove.] Bishop Mahon, Auxiliary of West-. Master Saturday; Ordinatlon. Mill Hill, 3. Saturday/Monday: Pastoral visit, New Southghate. Monday; Meeting of Enfield Deanery Parish Council's. 8. Wednesday: Council of Administration, 1/: Meeting of nurses and doctors. Holtwhites Hill. 8. Thorday ; Confiirmatiom EInchley Church End, /.30 Friday' Confirmation. Ealing Abbey. 7.30 Archhiishop Dwyer of Birmingham Saterrlay: Concelebrates Mass. Belle Vue, Manchester. 3. Sunday: Blessing of new church halt, St. Canard, Cestle Vale, 11:Adult Coofirmations, St. Chad's Cathedral, 3. Monday: Attends Silver Jebitariane Mess. Oscott College. 11 moaning of New Initiative", 7, Tuesday: Confirmations and visitation. Sc George's Birches Head. 11. Wednesday: Visitation of Schools: Engirsh Martyrs, 5parkhill, 2.30; Confirmations, Sparkhili, 7.30. Thursday: Attends governors' meeting, Croome Court. 11: blessing and official opening, Sr. Peleee School, Broxwich. 3. Friday: Dedication Service, Y.M.C.A„ Snow Hilr, Birmingham. 11.30.

B ishop Cleary, Auxiliary of Birmingham Friday/Saturday. Attends Cotton College Centenary Celebrations. Sunday: Mass and Confirmations, St Joseph, Burslem. Stoke-on-Trent, 6.30 Archbishop Beck of Liverpool Saturday: Interviews candidates for the priesthood. Curial Offices; concelebrates Mass, Bette Vue, Manchester. 3. Friday: Bishops' Education Commission meeting, Birmingham.

B ishop Emery, Auxiliary of Birmingham Sunday; Mass and Confirmations. Bralles 11.30; St. Peter, Leamington Spa, 3; Our Lady Wootton Wawen, 6,30, Monday: Attends meeting, London 2.30. Tuesday: Attends C.E.C. Meetings. 11 and 2.3O; Plate( College. Osford, 8. Wednesday: Visits Hethe Parish, 11.30. Thursday: Priests/Teachers Consultative Committee. Friday: Meeting of Bishop's Education Commission, Birmingham, 11.15.

B ishop Harris, Auxiliary of Liverpool Saturday; Concelebrates Mass, Belie Vue, Manchester, bicentenary celebrations Salford Diocese. 3. Sunday: Celebrates Civic Mass and preaches for Formby Urban District CouriCri. Our Lady's Church, Formby, 10.30. felonday: Meeting of Council of Administration. 11; Service for Christian Aid. Anglican Cathedral, Liverpoel. p.m. Tuesday: Attends meeting of clergy of St. Charles Deanery, 10.30. Wednesday: Attends meeting of clergy of St. Anne's and St. Oswald's Deanery. Liverpool, a.m.; administers Confirmation, Sacred Heart, Kirkby Friday/Saturday: Attends meeting. Social Welfare Commission, Lemke).

Bishop Gray, Auxiliary of Liverpool Saturday: Concelebretes Mass, Belle Vue. Manchester, 3. Sunday: Celebrates Solemn Pontifical Mass arid preaches, Metropolitan Cathedral, 11: celebrates Mass and confers Confirmation, St. Mary's HIghfield Street, Liverpool 12.15; Preaches al Ecumerical Service, St Mary's Barrow-in-Furness, 4. Monday: Concelebrates Mass with priests celabreting their Sacerdotal Silver Jubilee, Oscott College, 11: meeting of Covenant Organisers, Our Lady uf Steer-Leers parish, Liverpool. 8, Tuesday: Attends; annual meeting of Broughton Catholic Society, Broughton. 12.30; celebrates Mass arid confers Confirmation, Our Lady of Walsingharn, Netherton, Bootle, 7.30. Wednesday: Ordinations, Upholland College, 5.30 Friday: Ordinations, Liphnllend College, 10; meeting of Buildieg Office. Curie! Offices. 2.30: Attends Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of LLCM., New George Hotel, Liverpool, 7.30.

Bishop Woriock of Portsmouth Saturday: Anreversary Mass end Confirmation. Park Place. Wickham. 6. Sunday: Mass for Lard Mayor and Corporatism uf City of Portsmouth, St. John's Cathedral, 10.30: Mass and Confirmation, St. John's, Andover, 6.30, Tuesday: Mass end presentation to Mr. J. Kirwan, Holy Rood, Oxford, 7. Wednesday: Visite ;jun and Confirmation, East Fiendred, Thursday. Governors' meeting, L.S.U. College of Education, Southampton, 2.30.

Bishop Grant of Northampton Saturday: Catholic Handicapped Children's Service at Our Lady arid the English Martyrs, Cambridge, p.m. Sunday: Confirmation at Cathedral, Northampton, 3.30. Montday/Thursday: Visits Clergy Study Conference, Canacle, Burnham.

B ishop Clark, Auxiliary of Northampton Saturday: Meeting of East Anglican Ecumenical Commission, Cambridge. Sunday: Confirmation, St. John's, Norwich. Sunday/Saturday: Meeting of Sub-CommIssion of Anglican / Homan Catholic International Commission, Peer:eland.

Bishop McGuinness, Coadjutor or Nottingham Saturday: Curs.elebrates Muss. Balm Vue, Manchester, 3. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation. Market Hanborough. Monday: Attends Sever Jubilee Mass, Oscott College Wednesday: Council of Priests. Nazareth l-louse. Nottingham, 11. Thursday: Attends opening of Dane Hills Fair, Leicester, 3. Friday: Meeting of Bishop's Education Commission, isirmingnam.

Bishop McLean of Middlesbrough F riday/F rlday: Leeds Middlesbrough Diuceseari Pilgrimage to Lourdes.

Bishop Langton Fox of Menevia Saturday/Saturday: Ecumenical pilgrimage to the Holy Land B ishop Holland of Salford Friday: Dinner, Town: Hall, Manchester. 6.30: Reception for Cardinal Heerlen. 8. Saturday; Attends Blessing and official opening, St. Chad's Primary School, Cheatham Hill, 10.30; Concelebrates Mess, King's Hall, Salle Vile, 3: bicentenary dinner, Piccadilly Plaza, Manchester, 7, Sunday: Attends Mass eels:deleted by Apostolic Delegate, St. Chad's, Cheetham Hill. 11: Manchester Whit walks. Albert Square to Piccadilly, 2 30: Mass and Cnnermatinn, St. John's Cathedral, 6.30. Tuesday: Consecrretion of St. Bernadette's Church, Whinifield, 7.30. Wednesday: Visits school and sick, St. Joseph's, Reddish, 2,45, Thursday: Schools Commission, 10.30.

Bishop Burke, Auxiliary of Salford Friday: Dinner 6.30, Reception S. Town Hall. Manchester. Saturday; Opening of St. Chad's Primary School, Cheethem Hill, 10.30: con

'celebrates Mass King's Hall, Belle Vue, bicentenary Dinner, Piccadilly Plaza. Mailer:ester. 7, Sunday: Pontifical Mass, St. John's Cathedral, 10, Manchester Whit Walks, Albert Square, 2.30. Wednesday: Visits schools and sick, Sacred Heart, Caine,

11, Thursday: Schools Commission. 10.30: blessing end official opening, St. John Vianney Special E. S. N. School, Fleaton Mersey. 2; governors' meeting, Cardinal Langley School, Middleton, 4.30. Friday: Episcopal Education Committee, Birmingham Bishop Alexander, Auxiliary of Clatiin Yorerh Day. Uuwnside.

Bishop Rostiaaux of Plymouth Sunday: Mass. Cathedral, 1/; Confirrnetion, presentation of Papal Medal and Benediction, 3. Tuesday: A.G.M. Diocesan Rescue boctety, teeter. 3. Thursday: Junior Schools Music Festival, Bodmin, Friday: Mass for Golden Jubilee of Guild of Si, Bonifeee, Sacred Heart Church. Easter, followed by A.G.M. of Guild at Palace Gate Convent, Bishop Conley of Brentwood Friday: Concelebrates Men e for centenary of Cotton College, 11; Saturday: Concelebrates Mass (Or Salford bi-centenary, Manchester, 3. I uesday. Ordains priest. Louisburgh. Co. Mayo, 5.30.

thshop Lindsay, Auxiliary of lisicham and Newcastle Saturday: Mass for A.G.N1.. Catholic Women's League, Whitley Bay, 2. Sunday: Mass arid visit, St. Thomas, Longhorsley, 10.30. Tuesday: Mass and Confirmation, St. Teresa's Newcastle, 7, Wednesday: Finance Committee, Bishop's House, 2.30. Thursday: Mass and Confir mation. St Sunderland, 7. Friday: A G M Catholic Marriage Advieury Courted, Newcastle Comm.

Bishop Wheeler of Leeda Saturday: Ordination to the priesthood, Ovenden, Halifax, 12 noon. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation. St. Joseph's Hodriersfield. Tuesday: Confirmation, St. John's, Boston Spa, Wednesday: Liturgical Cerninission, Notre Dame, Sheffield, S. Thursday: Meetings, Eltofts, Friday: Schools Commission meeting, I I.

Bishop Foley of Manchester Saturday: Attends Mass at King's Hall, Belle Vue, Manchester. Sunday: Gives Benediction, Nazareth Huuse, Lancaster,

Bishop Pearson, Auxiliary of Lancaster Saturday: Concetabrates at Belle Vere, Salford bicentenary, 3. Sunday: Confirmation, Lancaster Cathedral, 3: Confirmation, Our Lady and St Wilfrid, Warwick Bridge, 6. Tuesday: Confirmation and Visitatiun, St. Thomas More, Lancaster, 7. Friday: Liaison meeting, Harew000 Avenue, London,

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